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Should A Player's Personal Life Indiscretions Matter?
Unmecenfrance (Lille) 6 years ago
The only thing I can add to this is the fact that I am thrilled not to live in England, so that I don't have to see all the tabloids delving into footballers' private lives if I don;t go searching for them (which I don't). So I have no idea what Rooney's offenses (if they are to be categorized as such) or any other player's are. The only thing that lowers a player in my esteem is his performance on the pitch. Rooney has looked anything but inspired on the pitch when he's been given the chance, and it obviously has more to do with than just a bad run of form.... That happens to everyone, bar none. You can see it in his willingness to perform.... He was sluggish, lazy and unattentive; all qualities no one would ever attribute him. That shows a lack of focus, a lack of will and a lack of drive, which is the ONLY thing we as fans have the right to be critical of in a player. What Rooney or any other player does in his private life if off limits to us, and the media's ever present sensationalizing of players' private lives is sickening. Let footballers be celebrities for their on field presence alone. Maybe then they'll cage their egos off of it.

Of course it goes without saying that if a player is engaging in illegal activities anywhere, that is just as unacceptable as if it were me or you; there should be no sliding scale of more right or more wrong. If I were to fix matches, it would be no more or less wrong than if a referee or a player were to do so, and there should be no difference in punishment. (though obviously I don't have shoe deals to worry about, but that's business and advertising, not football.... It belongs outside of the sphere of sports)
Juveseria (Juventus) 6 years ago
It's a hard question to answer. Generally we would say no and I would tend to agree with that. However players have to realise that their popularity brings about a responsibility and that is the be a role model to those in the community. These players have recieved a fantastic opportunity to play football to earn a living and in return they must give something back by staying out of trouble. However if a player is not breaking the law and has simply split up with his wife or the like, then no. I don't think it matters because it is their personal life and the media and public will only make a harder situation for the player to return on. Good question. Cheers
FORZAJUVEPIERO (Juventus) 6 years ago
If any player does anything illegal, repercussive action against the player is warranted. Beyond that, your job should not be affected by off field and personal issues. As long as the player's performance is not effected by them, the club has no business using them as reasons to stop playing a player. That being said, if a manager wants to remove a player's captaincy because he is not behaving like a captain should, he has every right to do so. Corporate sponsors's are buying an image of these players and if they do not want to be associated with them, they can do so. And to go of Juveseria said, players need to realize that their popularity brings about responsibility towards their fans and the people that support them. They need to prove they are worthy of the praise and adulation they receive from their fans. They are representing a football culture that is far bigger than just them so their actions affect a lot of people
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 6 years ago
Gotta' side with Ant on this one. It shouldn't but does. I have always cheered on and respected the " cleaner " athlete more than the " dirty " one.... I do respect talent and ability but I do take in to consideration the off field actions as being part of who they are as well. It does color my feelings for them as someone I admire or look up to as decent person. Maybe that says more about me than them but so be it
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 6 years ago
I will never get this. Do you have the same expectations from musicians, painters or actors?
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 6 years ago
In my opinion, if player is performing on the field and his off field activities do not affect his contractual duties (missing practices and matches), no one should have right to get involved in player's private matters.

Unfortunately we live in a what I would call "shallow" world where athletes (as well as other celebrities) are idolized and put on pedestal, even though they are regular people, and only thing separating them from rest of us is their talent. Why the heck should anyone care or be affected by Rooney cheating on his wife, or does Beckham look better in Hugo Boss or D&G underwear, unless it conflicts with what they really are, a football players
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Its starting to become a joke. This morning I just saw a piece of news on channel 9: " Beckham down under" which really means David Beckham is in Australia....

Why is that a news? Is he Prince William?
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 6 years ago
Of course not. I bet Beckham gets more publicity in many places
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
Yeah, but like I say, if people are interested because he's in town, then its gotta' mean a whole lot bigger news for paparazzi if they have a scope or insight on his or some footballer's private life. Its intrusion! LOL
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 6 years ago
It is a bit sad fact that Beckham is most popular player in the world in past decade, even though there is many better footballers than him. Don't get me wrong, I consider Beckham a good player, but definitely not as good as amount of attention he gets. Quite honestly, there is no bigger turn off but when some girl you just met states that Beckham is a best footballer in the world!
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 6 years ago

I like a player who is honest on the pitch. Who does not dive, does not do dirty tackles. Someone who accepts his blame, who stands up for team mates as well as for adversaries. Someone who doesn't run with his mouth, who takes defeats with grace and is modest in victory.

I hate cheaters, goals by hand, aggressivity behind ref's back and those who fake being hurt.

If they cheat their wives, girlfriends and friends: I don't care. I am a football fan and not a fan of family, love and other relationship drama. I am here to discover great players not honest husbands. Just like in my personal life, I don't look for friends who know how to kick a ball, but for people with integrity and character. I think it is a clear divide and anyone who can't make a distinction is watching too much TV and not living enough his own life
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 6 years ago
The beauty of football is that you can tell what kind of person a player is just by watching him on the pitch. You don't have to be a genious to realize that CR7 is a spoiled brat, Kaka a well mannered guy, Eduardo a humble a guy and Joey Barton an individual with serious mental problems. There is absolutely no need to start bringing their personal life matters into the scope because, if for no better reason, they won't reveal anything that you didn't already know
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago

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