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Ronaldinho Takes His Skills To Flamengo...your Thoughts On His European Career?
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
It is over. The unbelievable career of El Gaucho in Europe is done. This man is one of the few players in history that actually changed the game. Named twice the World Player of the Year.... His moves have been a thing of beauty for as long as we can remember and they are still admired and copied today. Few players are revered as Dinho, with that smile and love for the game and love for life. Your thoughts on his years playing in European Leagues for PSG, FCB, and AC Milan?
Lhk0013 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
I believe ronaldinhno changed the way of the game with his effortless style and passing play. Also I wanted to point out he was one of the first to strike a freekick under the wall on purpose. That was sick. Prosper in brazil 'dinho!
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
That was amazing.... He would try things no one would even think about.... His cross over footwork and heel work is still the best I think. Just his overall creativity on the pitch is the thing we will remember.... It's like watching Jordan.... You never knew what he was gonna' do!
5 years ago
He was the best in class for a 2 year period, 04/05 but then personal distractions, injuries and off field problems let him down and he never recaptured that sparkle. He did enough in those two years, however, to ensure he will always be remembered as one of the greatest of his time
JustGary (Manchester United) 5 years ago
There are a few sports persons, and I mean a very, very few, who through their incredible skill at the top level of competition, make their sport more thrilling and exciting for all watchers, participants and fellow competitors regardless of the differences between those watchers, participants and competitors. Ronaldinho was one of the few! The smile, the entertainment, the outrageous skill, the even more outrageous skill and the constant smile again. No one footballer has provided more highlight footage than Dinho. He played fantasy football in the real game and WON.

If it were possible to measure, I am sure that he's brought more children to love the game than any other player! He championed the childhood notion of football - that football is fun, full of skills and sexy to watch. Normally, this dream is quickly destroyed by the competitive professional football reality of 'needing to succeed'. But Dinho showed that sexy skillful football can triumph.... Even over the juggernaut, that fettered by fear of failure, is functional football !
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
Dude.... A veritable festival of fantastic and formidable free-form formations worthy of a future full of fame and fortune! Nice post!
Jeroen (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Very well said Gary. His ridiculous skill combined with that immortal smile made him a personal favourite to almost every football fan in the world. Even Madridistas at the time loved him, except when he was playing against them. But even then, they had to admire his fantastic skill, goalscoring abilities, strength, vista and pace:

At 8:25, the Madrid fans applaud this football God after having scored his second goal, taking on everyone in front him yet again. That was an awesome moment as a Barça fan, and imagine just how it must have been for Ronnie.

I'll miss him a lot, and I wish him all the best in Brazil
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
He is the only legend that when people talk about him.... His smile and fun and zest for the game and life are always mentioned.... That is not the case for any other " Legend " I know of. Dinho will forever be linked to the "Kid " in all of us.... And that is truely a great legacy!
Yoh64fr (Bordeaux) 5 years ago
I remember when I first saw him playing for Paris. Every weekend on TV you had highlights and skills that you had never seen anywhere else. He also had this fresh attitude, he was just there to play football and he had a way to play with the crowd, such a charisma.

However Ronnie the party boy was already there and it got in the way of his football.

But what I'll rember the most is that he thrived under pressure and you could always count on him when the game was on the line
Pragathish (AC Milan) 5 years ago
He had a chance to reach the peak again this season, it all spoiled with a single late-night party, which Allegri couldn't tolerate.

I bet if he had a work ethic half that of, say, Beckham, or a quark of that of Paolo Maldini or Super Pippo, people would have been building him temples all over. He was that godly.

Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
I agree Prag.... However that is what Dinho was and is.... He will always be the happy go lucky kid of Footy.... And I have no problems with that.... In my book he is in the top 10.

Btw: " Quark ".... Lol.... Awesome! I bet that word has not been used on this site in like forever! Well done my friend!
Pragathish (AC Milan) 5 years ago
I'm a science student
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 5 years ago
Yeah I was scratching my head with that one, but moved on thinking that it was probably a type. "Maybe he meant a quarter.... " lol
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
I believe he used his talent just enough to win everything possible in football, which was about 70% of his potential! If he was a "professional footballer", he would last much longer. Anyway, all footy fans should thank this guy for entertaining us, cause when it comes to having fun on the field, no one is better than one and only Ronaldinho!
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 5 years ago
Well life is larger than anything else, including our professions. Dinho was lucky to be able to put things in perspective and enjoy rather than suffer through the high years of his career.

Of course his talent came handy, but it was not everything. Some may claim that he enjoyed life because he had plenty of talent and could afford to stray. Maybe. But talent is not enough. I am not naming names here but I can count quite a few current players of great talent who seem like the picture of suffering instead of displaying joy at being who they are.

I think we can all take a page from Dinho's book on how to put things in perspective in life. (Of course, I do suspect that he will end up missing the days when he could still play, but I'd take him fatalism over Beckham who refuses to "die". No matter which one you favor, I bet Dinho sleeps better at night (when the party's over of course.)
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
Nice post man
BIJACK (AC Milan) 5 years ago
As far as I can remember, he is the only player who can smile at intense games
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
He was amazing. When he was at Barca he was truly the best player in the world. The things he did was unbelievable. I think the Ronnie of 2004 and 2005 and 2006 was better than Messi of 2009 2010
Zian6 (AC Milan) 5 years ago
This man, Ronaldinho.... Is what we call legend for now on. He is the or was the best player in the world...
Thank you for everything you have done Ronaldinho... Thank you!

Zlatan94310 (PSG) 5 years ago
Ronaldinho is back to Brazil! I'm quite surprised with the fact that he won't be playing for Gremio Porto Alegre ^^

Technically, Gaucho is a Beast. I mean, what I like about him is his ability to come up with unpredictable skills coming out of nowhere. Every minute on the pitch was like gold as a PSG Fan, especially during warm up or training sessions. Always performing some craziness ^^
During his spell in Paris he was The Attraction, not only thanks to his talent, his tricks and stuff, but also thanks to his consistent "Alegria" attitude, always smiling at training, his style. He's unique! We've never had such a player like that before.
Ronnie is so popular!

When he moved to Barca he reached his PEAK.
- he was very fit, quick and agile (I remember that overhead kick against Athletico Madrid)
- scoring cracking goals, decisive goals, Free kicks, winning trophees. Ballon D'Or winner
I really liked the way he rapped Real Madrid and Marseille (Home and Away) ha ha
He really made them look like right mugs

The transition to Ac Milan: his 'silly' attitude put a strain to his performances and prevented him from getting back into proper fitness which is very sad to see. Especially when you're playing for a Top Club like Milano. That is unacceptable. However as a Rossonerri player, Gaucho managed to prove his ability to be a good player on the pitch by scoring and making goals, but that wasn't really consistent unfortunately.
It is quite a shame that he left, because Ac Milan are solid this season, I believe they'll win the Scudetto.

Anyways, cheers mate!

Guys, what are your 5 favorite Goals scored by Ronaldinho during his career? (including Gremio of course)

1. Brazil v Venezuela (Copa America)
2. Atletico Madrid v Barca (Liga)
3. Internacianal Porto Alegre v Gremio (Brasileirao)
4. PSG v Bordeaux (French Cup Semi-Final)
5. Barca v FC Sevilla (Liga)

Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
Thanks for the Vid! Sweet.... We kind of forget the power he had. Also he could score in every way possible. There are very few palyers in history that can score any type of goal from any where on the pitch in any situation.... He is one of those players. I like what you said about watching him during warm ups.... All eyes would be on him the entire time.... Once again very few players have that rep.... To be going to a game or getting ready to see it on TV.... And the discussion is " What is Dinho going to do today.... Or what is Zidane going to do today.... Or what is Messi going to do today? ".... Or what is Jordan going to do today? That is the true mark of a legend
Numaan75 (Manchester United) 5 years ago

I think ronaldhino was good in barcelona but in ac he started slacking I think he is too old to play now and can't keep up with fast paced games I think its good he went back to brazil the premier league is to fast paced for him but overall he is still above the average footballer
Pragathish (AC Milan) 5 years ago
The Samba resumes in Brasil!    
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
On his best day he great to watch and from 2004-2006 he was the top player in football. It's a shame he couldn't end his European career on a high note by winning the serie a since he left in the winter market. But I hope he does well in brazil and continues to wow people with his skills
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Too bad to see him leave europe. Ronnie was the player that made me really want to improve myself as a player, and was always the model that I followed (at least when I was younger). He made the game so much fun to watch, and always provided a challenge when he would show off a new trick practically every week that I would try to emulate. He really did make the game more fun for me at the time, as I had always been a poor player, and watching him always inspired me to reach new heights, and I would not have the passion for the game that I have now if not for this man. Good luck in brazil, and hopefully you get one last call up to the national team for the copa america.... He deserves one last shot in the yellow shirt
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 5 years ago
I agree.... There are Iconic players in every sport.... They are the ones that inspire millions of kids to follow their lead or emulate their style.... El Gaucho is one of those
BagiK (FC Seoul) 5 years ago
Ronaldinho is actually an alien form outer space who's species has god like powers of footballing, and the reason he got injuries is because he's home planet has a lower gravitational pull. but srly he sometimes made me stop and wonder how? He was more of an artist than an athlete. He's good at everything Fks, PKs, ball control, shooting, passing, and making people smile

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