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Referees - Make Football Fair(ish) Initiative Kind Of Thing
Totaldribble 4 years ago
Ok, so, the thing is, referees come in for a lot of stick. They get booed off all the time and sometimes quite rightly so.

Red cards get wrongly handed out and sometime the get wrongly ingored. For example, Mike Atkinson in the Merseyside derby earlier this season, Jack Rodwell received a red that was correctly rescinded, but to be fair, in that game, Disco Fellaini could easily have earnt himself an early bath, but that goes for most games I’ve seen Fellaini play in. In that tackle Kyrgiakos went in all hard and Greek and bearded, yeah, but Fellaini f*****g stamps on him, stamps on him! But that’s just a drop in the ocean.

It wasn’t just the hottest October since records began that got to Mike Atkinson. In top flight and international football, huge and eternally costly errors are made by officials on a weekly basis. These are the men who know the rules and wave the flags and blow the whistles. But wait. The thing is. It’s not their fault. See, they’re only human, and while you may think you can call a game better after watching it in a pub or on the sofa, well, you’re wrong ok, you’re just wrong.

Although from the sky cameras your hunches may often be correct, unless you’re actually out there running about while it’s zipping around you have no idea what it’s like to call a game. Neither do I, but I had the misfortune of calling a 7 a side game recently after I’d played and the ref had to go, apparently his wife had gone into labour, and the game just descended into kicking each other.

See the thing is, players know the rules too, most of them anyway, not that African guy who charges the free kick against Brazil and belts it away, like a valiant rabbit attempting to disarm the guy holding a shotgun in his face, but yes, players know the rules. But they don’t really care about them.

If Mr Va Va Voom can put France through to a World Cup and in the space of two seconds do more to bring Ireland together in unified hatred of something that wasn’t an integral part of itself than political peace processes ever have, he’s going to isn’t he, and you know why he is. It’s because he’s a clever, experienced, professional footballer trying to get his team through to the biggest competition in the game. Well, maybe the biggest, we’ll go into that another time.

Go back a few decades and find Argentinean deity and coke fiend Diego Armando Maradona forcing a ball passed a prone Peter Shilton with his arm. He has since admitted this in an interview in 2005, the incident of course forgivable in light of his other goal in the game. Fast forward to World Cup 2010 First Knockout round and find offsides that were but weren’t, costing Mexico in one of the largest games in the county’s footballing history against, against South American rivals Argentina, and boasting a damn good side to boot.

You don’t have to travel far to see Frank Lampard celebrating his striking of a ball over the oppositions goal line only to be told his effort had not in fact crossed the line, only it had.

The fact is, they’ve cost teams there places in tournaments, players the chances to win medals, managers their positions of employment, and indeed, the chance for extorted fans to finally be a part of a dream.

Aside from all this the big huge blatant linking thing is that every single one of these incidents were watched by fans everywhere, who all reacted and mentally judged them as they occurred, only to see them played back mere seconds later and have their suspicions confirmed or dismissed, whereas the guy with the whistle who in charge gets to watch it back only hours later at home at go oh, oh s**t, erm, I got that a wrong there didn’t I, what a f**k up, ah well, does that Taylor guy still have a job? What? No? Poor man. Has my check come through? I don’t know dear you’ll have to trawl through all these death threats and hate mail.

The kick is, that football is now a huge international industry, beyond a mere game of booting a ball about and winning and losing, it’s a business in which fortunes are invested. And because of this it costs the guy at the bottom a gazillion to go and watch their team for a season. Half a gazillion a match for most premiership clubs. Careers of managers and footballers alike are swayed by mistakes, the eternal perpetuation of inevitable human error. I mean come on, they’re bound to get it wrong, sometimes I f**k up tying my shoe laces, never mind putting twenty two intense sportsmen zipping around me to make forty thousand people boo at me. I’d f*****g struggle not to just go ape s**t.

But do you know what happens when a top flight cricket umpire makes a mistake? Well the team that has been wronged gets to go no, wait, no no no, that’s bullshit that is, have a look at the f*****g film ump. Then they stand around, the crowd go ooooooh and it say’s out or not out and the game continues accordingly as if the correct decision had been made in the first place.

And when a tennis umpire or lineperson, well when they go OUT and the player is like, well I hit that ball in, and he knows he did because he saw it and he hit it, and it would have won him the match, he gets to go, woah, hold your horses, have a look again, and they do, and he’s right, well he get’s to win the tournament and the acclaim he’s earn. Alternatively, if such a system were not in place, the other player could have stormed back and took the match the tournament and history thereafter changes. All because some guy said OUT when it wasn’t OUT.

It’s not about swings and roundabouts, it’s about common f*****g sense.

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