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Referees - Corrupt Or Incompetent?
Gunning4Glory (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Be very interested to hear peoples opinion on the following two links:



And a site that reviews refs:


I realise this a subject that people can get carried away about, so try and remain polite and respectful at all times
Prophet88 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Here's my response to your first link....Just had to clear up something. Also before you consider the following link would you believe some bloke who writes a blog or a credible source of research from a reputed newspaper.



Now back to the issue of referees as a whole. I think it is widely understood that Bundesliga have the best referees. The reason for that is that they have a relegation system for Refs there which means if a ref is constantly under-performing they get relegated to lower leagues.
In PL we have a fix set of refs and most of them tend to stay in the PL irrespective of their performances.

One other thing is that leagues should not have a hard and fast rule to employ ref just from their own country. It narrows down the pool and doesn't give opportunity to the better officials.
The appointment of refs should be strictly based on merits and not nationality when it comes to league games. When it comes to champions league games or any other game where teams from different countries are playing, its only then when nationality should be considered and a neutral referee again based on merit should be appointed
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I'll never exclude fraudulent behaviour of some referees, organisations or clubs, but I think referees are indeed simply incompetent. And the fact they favour other teams more, has to do with being under the influence of the loudest fans, who will boo every decision that goes against them, the influence of the media, who will over-scrutinize every mistake of the refs, and the influence of coaches, who blame referees whenever a decision does not go their way.

Some coaches show common sense and respect for the referees and will simply say a referee had an off-day when a few bad decisions favoured the opposition, but many others will completely blame the referee instead. A number of the latter coaches are great at influencing them before the game has even started. They play it so, that what they say at press conferences will result in a referee fearing to make decisions that go against that particular coach, as to not be stigmatized afterwards. A coach might say he thinks the referee has been targeting his team unfairly in the past, and that he hopes the ref will be more fair this game. The referee will then be afraid to make any controversial decisions against that team as to not become the headline in the newspapers afterwards. We all know which coaches do this, and I think they are a big part of the problem and should be forbidden to talk about referees altogether. If they do: ban them from attending the next match.

The media are another culprit; most newspapers and TV-channels only really care about money, so they want spectacular headlines people will want to read. Football controversy is probably the most popular topic along with royal nudity.

I'm not exculpating referees altogether here though. They are incompetent because they fear negative attention, which is magnified by the media and the coaches, but they are incompetent anyway. Some of them are simply not good enough in their decision-making or are very inconsistent. They might give a yellow for celebrating too long, while not carding a player for a vicious foul. Whether it's because those referees are too slow, do not see everything or are simply not perfectly objective, it doesn't matter. The result is that they often are not fit to lead a game. I think they could use more assistance to lift part of the pressure. Not assistance with another redundant referee behind the goal, who only complicates matters, but assistance with video footage that can be used not just for goal-line stuff, but for major decisions too. Basically, a ref sitting behind a computer watching the game up high in the stadium. Much like in hockey, where a team's captain can call upon that ref in case they think a decision was unjust. If that ref watches the footage again and agrees, the foul is lifted. If not, the team loses their privilege of calling upon that ref
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
How about the system sucks and is made for referees to fail. Football is way behind all of the other sports in terms of officiating. You are expecting a referee to see a minor touch from a couple metres away after only being given one chance to spot it out without replays?

If you on TV need to watch it more than two times to see what the correct call is then what are the chances that the referee is going to know as well?
MancYank (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I think Prophet88 has got it: there is no accountability for EPL refs. I didn't know that the Germans had a referee relegation system. This means that the ref's performance impacts the league they work in and the size of their paycheck. I fear that once these top refs make the "bigtime" they assume a sort of infallibility. I know they face a huge amount of pressure from the media, fans, and their employers, BUT if your blundering mistakes don't have enough consequences then you won't be properly inclined to change/improve. It seems like all carrot and no stick

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