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Racism In Football
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
As a Serbian (with no criminal record for hooliganism) I would just like to point out that it was strong reaction from English government led by Margaret Thatcher that kicked out hooliganism out of football in England (triggered by Heysel incident), and off course efficient justice system which punishes anyone causing problems on the stadium by serving jail time and being banned from stadiums for life.

The issue in Serbia (and most eastern European countries I would say) is corrupted justice systems, where we have so called "fans" publicly bragging about have 20 criminal charges for hooliganism against them and still walking free and visiting stadiums. That type of idiots are the ones who acted disgracefully at the match against England. Until we get our own Margaret Thatcher (and there is no site of person like that over here), Serbia as a country will have a huge issue with shrugging off "bad boy" image because of our uncontrolled hooligans.

The only way for FIFA and UEFA to efficiently "motivate" FA's to fight this issue is suspending countries from big competitions. What is a 30. 000 euros fine, when one FA earns millions for participation in big competition. It is much easier to pay the fine than fight the serious problem that takes a lot of work. But if you threat someone to take away millions from them (banning them from competitions), that would make a huge difference
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
During and after Tuesday nights under 21's match between Serbia and England the Serbian fans are accused of racist chants the match was also marred by violent scenes on the pitch after the whistle went.

UEFA have now charged both football associations for the violence between the players and also stated "Regarding alleged racist chanting, Uefa will instigate proceedings against the FSS over the misconduct of their supporters during and at the end of the match. ".

Now anyone who has seen the footage or read the eye witness reports can be in no doubt that the allegations are more than founded so finding Serbia guilty should be relatively quick and simple. Finding them guilty is not the worry what happens after is.

During Euro 2012 both Russia and Spain's fans were found guilty of using racist abuse, the result? Russia was fined 30,000 euros whilst Spain received a 20,000 euro fine*. To put this into perspective during the same tournament Nicklas Bendtner was fined 100,000 euros and banned for one match for showing the top of some branded underpants**.

The fines issued for racist abuse by a teams fans are paltry and insignificant and do nothing to combat the problem.

Back in the 80's the English game was rife with hooliganism this and English fans were dragging the game down with them. The situation reached a head in 1985 with the Heysel tragedy which saw all English teams banned from European competition indefinitely*** (the ban was eventually lifted in 1991).

The sanctions were so severe that to move forward nearly every aspect of the game had to change and through theses changes football in England turnaround to the point where people have no second thoughts in taking their whole family to a game in safety.

Just to reiterate the point it the clubs themselves had to put systems in place to re educate their supporters those that could not or would not change found themselves no longer welcome at the ground.

I feel that racism should be treated with the same disdain. Serbia and any other team should face not only fines but also bans from competitions. I dare say if Serbia was kicked out of qualifying for the World Cup their FA would not be so blind to the issues that plight their stands.

Yes it would be harsh on the majority of fans that are proper and decent human beings but as we learned in England the long term gains far outweigh the short term disappointments.


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