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Project-Youtube Football Channel
[account-removed] 3 years ago
I have been thinking of setting up a project with interested footytubers.

Basically, we will set up a youtube channel, and make vids such as:

1.) fifa/pes match vids. Example:

2.) fifa/pes tactics and formations vid. Example:

3.) Football Stars montage vids. Example:

4.) Football Manager Tactics, Formations and Match vids. Example:


All interested users can get together and setup a youtube channel for this type of content.

All you would need to participate is:

1.) a Editing Software. But don't worry, I can get you some very good ones for free, such as Sony Vegas Pro 12
2.) Fraps, or any other decent recorder if you are on PC.
3.) PVR, or any other decent recorder if you are on console.


If you are interested, let me know in this thread, or on my wall, or meebo. You can also contact me and skype call through skype. My skype username is: khalid7891234

Don't worry about getting initial subscribers, since we have a lot of users in footytube that would be interested in watching vids like this. Also, I can market the vids and the channel on other websites.

Those interested can make vids that they are interested in making, and then upload it to that channel. Let me know if you are interested in this project.

Khalid7 (staff)

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