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Premier League Preview 2009-2010: Top Five
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago

Strengths: There is no doubt in my mind that United have the best defence in the World. Vidic and Ferdinand are in their prime, a huge presence inside the box.
Weakness: Although they have solid players and lots of depth, their midfield, particularly center-of-the-park, isn’t strong. I like Valencia a lot, and the likes of Park and Nani have also looked solid. However, Scholes and ‘Snakehips’ really aren’t who they used to be.
Star Man: I have faith in the newbe, Antonio Valencia. He will score goals, but he is not a goal-scorer. However, he will produce so much on that right wing.
Prediction: Well. They lost Ronnie, but they gained a replacement who ain’t too shabby. Expect to see a faster-paced style of play from them. Title #19. 1st.
Title Odds: 6/4
-Antonio Valencia (£16m, Wigan)
-Michael Owen (free, Newcastle)
-Gabriel Obertan (£3m, Bordeaux)
-Paul Pogba (compensation, Le Havre)
-Carlos Tevez (end of loan)
-Cristiano Ronaldo (£80m, Real Madrid)
-Rodrigo Possebon (loan, Sporting Braga)
-Fraizer Campbell (£3.5m, Sunderland)
-Manucho (undisclosed, Valladolid)

Strengths: Like Arsenal, they are one hell of a solid team. They’re very structured, and Ancelotti will really work them hard. Their defence is good but not great, but at the same time, they have tons of depth at the back.
Weakness: It was really hard to find one, to tell you the truth, but I found one. Drogba scores goals. That is a fact. But the goals have to come from other places, too. If you look over the past five years, he hasn’t been the most consistent of players.
Star Man: Didier Drogba (cringe). I know, we all hate him, but the guy scores goals. They’re usually not pretty, but at the end of day, he is a premier goal-scorer.
Prediction: Ancelotti will piece together this already super squad. I just don’t know if they have enough firepower outside of Drogba. Another defeat at the hands of the Red Devils. 2nd
Title Odds: 9/4
-Ross Turnbull (free, Middlesbrough)
-Daniel Sturridge (tribunal, Manchester City)
-Scott Sinclair (loan return, Birmingham City)
-Yuri Zhirkov (£18m, CSKA Moscow)
-Ben Sahar (€1m, Espanyol)
-Slobodan Rajkovic (loan, FC Twente)
-Ryan Bertrand (loan, Reading)
-Frank Nouble (undisclosed, West Ham United)
-Franco di Santo (loan, Blackburn)
-Sergio Tejera (free, Real Mallorca)

Strengths: It's hard to look past the offensive abilities provided by Torres and Gerrard. When these two play together magical things happen, Gerrard’s ability to pick a pass and hit a long range shot are unsurpassed in the world today.
Weakness: Oddly the strength of Liverpool is also one of their weaknesses, in that if Gerrard and/or Torres are unavailable for whatever reason they lack cover (as most teams would) for them. Also, their options for holding midfielder look very grim.
Star Man: Jamie Carragher, the often underrated defender marshals the defence and is as important to the cause as Gerrards midfield heroics.
Prediction: I can't picture Torres staying fit and being available for thirty five plus weeks. This leads us to think that Liverpool will miss out again on the title and finish 3rd.
Title Odds: 5/2
Chris Mavinga (PSG)
Glen Johnson (Portsmouth, £18.5m)
Aaron King (Rushden and Diamonds, free)
-Sami Hyypia (Bayer Leverkusen)
-Jack Hobbs (Leicester City, undisclosed)
-Paul Anderson (Nottingham Forest, £250,000)
-Jermaine Pennant (Real Zaragoza, free)
-Sebastian Leto (Panathinaikos, undisclosed)
-Xabi Alonso (Real Madrid, £30m)

Strengths: Well, I can’t personally find any clear-cut advantages Arsenal has. They are just one solid team, and that’s it. They’ve got lots of speed out wide with Arshavin, Walcott, Eduardo, and now Wilshere. When you play them you are extremely vulnerable to their through-balls.
Weakness: I’m a little bit worried with the Gunner’s defence, with the loss of Kolo Toure. Sagna and Gallas are solid, but I’m not sure how concrete they are.
Star Man: Well, I hate to not be creative, but this one is a no-brainer. Last season, I thought the signing of Andrei Arshavin was just another youth-team stud. Clearly not. I’m gonna' be bold here, and predict him to be the highest scorer in the EPL.
Prediction: Like I said, they’re a solid team, and nothing more. With the aging of RVP and the departure of Ade, they’ve become a new, faster-paced team. The UCL is where solid teams belong. 4th
Title Odds: 9/1
-Thomas Vermaelen (£10m, Ajax)
-Abu Agogo (free, Dagenham & Redbridge)
-Amaury Bischoff (released)
-Rui Fonte (released)
-Paul Rodgers (released)
-Havard Nordveit (loan, Nürnberg)
-Emmanuel Adebayor (£25m, Manchester City)
-Kolo Toure (£16m, Manchester City)
-Pedro Botelho (loan, Celta Vigo)

Strengths: City have, arguably, the best offense in the world. Not to mention, their inner defence of Toure and Dunne could mean a team that doesn’t give up four goals a game. Also, despite all of the signings, Steven Ireland is a star-in-the-making.
Weakness: Despite the big name back line, they haven’t performed recently. Also, City tried the “let’s buy our way to victory” thing last year, and it didn’t turn out too well. If I were a City fan, I might be questioning Mark Hughes’ coaching abilities.
Star Man: This one has multiple answers, only because of Hughes’ unpredictability. If he plays, Steven Ireland will move mountains for city. If not, I’ll go with Richard Dunne, a center-back who scores, lots.
Prediction: I didn’t want to jump on the city bandwagon, which is really more like a Bentley that drops you off curbside at Eastlands, but I did. It’s hard not to. Ugh. 5th (brag away Gavrazor).
Title Odds: 20/1
- Nils Zander (undisclosed, Schalke 04)
- Gareth Barry (£12m, Aston Villa)
- Roque Santa Cruz (£17.5m, Blackburn)
- Stuart Taylor (undisclosed, Aston Villa)
- Richard Martin (loan return, Burton Albion)
- Carlos Tevez (£25.5m, Media Sports Investment Group)
- Emmanuel Adebayor (£25m, Arsenal)
- Kolo Toure (£16m, Arsenal)
- Joe Hart (loan, Birmingham City)
-Daniel Sturridge (tribunal, Chelsea)
- Darius Vassell (free, Ankaragucu)
- Danny Mills (released)
- Dietmar Hamann (released)
- Jo (loan, Everton)
- Michael Ball (released)
- Gelson Fernandes (undisclosed, St. Etienne)
- Richard Martin (released)
- Angelos Tsiaklis (released)
- Felipe Caicedo (loan, Sporting Lisbon)
- Ched Evans (£3m, Sheffeild United)
- Elano (£8m, Galatasaray)
- Valeri Bojinov (loan, Parma)
Docdre99 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
1 : Chelsea. A good team with a good coach.
2 : Manchester United : A good team but ronaldo will miss to red devils
3 : Liverpool : A good team but no good substitues enough
4 : Manchester City : What an offensive power but a bad defence
5 : arsenal : good and beautiful play but no experience enough !
Yashan (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Great post. I agree on many points but some are a stretch.

I, for one, disagree that United central mid is weak. While there are no clear stars in the center of the park, Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher, and Hargreaves(fitness willing) are good enough to be in the first 11 of almost every team in the world. I say almost because some teams require you to have a marketable name before they consider your football playing ability, yes you Real Madrid. With Scholes and Giggs having their uses and Gibson pushing for a spot in the first team I would say that United would have to worry more where are the goals coming from because now the team can ill afford to play bad and hope for Ronaldo to, sorry guys you know he does, dive, get a free kick and score in the dying minutes of the game.

For me, Chelsea lacks the exciting spark, the truly creative player like Arshavin, Torres, Berbatov(yes despite his other shortcomings he is creative), Robinho and so on who can create something out of nothing. It seems that Chelsea grind teams down ruthlessly and methodically and as good as it is on the paper I would put them third come the end of the season with Liverpool above them.

I think you have Arsenal spot on. They are a very exciting team to watch when they are playing well. Not sure if Arshavin can live up to your scoring expectations though.

As for City I see them lower in the table than that. I do not think that Hughes will be able to live up to expectations. As a result he will get sacked and their season is going to be in turmoil
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
"isn't strong" I think you'd agree with that. It's just some of those players are not consistent at all...
Yashan (Manchester United) 7 years ago
In which sense. Pretty much all of them are inconsistent going forward and scoring the way Scholes did earlier in his career but what else are they inconsistent in I do not know? Carrick seems to be very good at directing traffic and distributing, Fletcher on his bad day will drop deeper to defend and run down the paces that he does sometimes misplaces, Anderson is developing nicely with a great range of passing. I guess I am not sure what you mean?
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
It's just none of them have a real role, because they don't play enough. Carrick plays the most of all of them, and is a defensive-minded holder. But many of the other mids really seem lost as to what they need to be doing
Yashan (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I have never noticed it and as a result I have no arguments pro or con. I guess I'll postpone my rebuttal till a few weeks into the season. Going to pay attention to their roles then. Get back to you then
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Agreed. I'm putting my sword away.... For now....
Thomas1978 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Top 5 for 2009/10

1) Chelsea

I do think if CHelsea do not win it, they will certianly be really close.

Anchelotti is a great coup although Hiddink staying will be equally great.

I may not be a Chelsea fan, but I do love the team spirit and togetherness the team has. Great work ethich trough out the team as well. They had 2 very disruptive seasons with managerial changes, still they did pretty well. Malouda did real great after Hiddink's arrival last season. Lampard and Drogba will again be crucial.

I do think the hunger they have will win them the title. If Anchelotti does manage to bring in more players, that will be great for the team.

2) Man Utd

Losing CR7 is a great loss, 67 gaols in 2 seasons is hard to replace. Losing the fight and energy of Tevez is also a great loss.

Signing of Michale Owen is a great great coup. One I really think might be the tranfer of the summer. Valencia may take time to settle, but I am sure he will be a decent signing.

Man Utd really need players like Nani, Anderson and especially Rooney to have a great great season to buffer for the loss of CR7, who all Man Utd fans will agree is a real loss.

Do expect Man Utd and Chelsea to really slug it out this season. Will be real close.

3) Liverpool

Pool will not have such a season as the one they had. It will be difficult to replicate the double over Man Utd and Chelsea lst season. The news of Alonso's departure is not great either.

Signings to cover Alonso will be crucial. If Gerrard is force to drop back and cover Alonso's position, it will be detrimental. He needs to be the support man to Torres as proven last seaosn.

4) Arsenal

4th for Arsenal again, although they could be real dangerous when nobody is expecting anything from them. The return of Rosicky and Eduardo will be great. They must keep Van Persie fit in my opinion.

If they can find a good partner for Cesc in midfield, they could be great. Do not be surprise if they run Pool real close for 3rd.

5)Man City

I do not expect city to break into the top 4 just yet. It might take another season and more stability to do that.

A 5th place finish will be a great feat for them this time round. They need more strength and leadership in defence. Kompany in defensive mid is not fantastic either. And how Huges manages to keep his strikers happy is also one to watch.

If they have a bad start, we could see Huges out of the hotseat by Christmas.


Yashan (Manchester United) 7 years ago
You made some good points I am however confused. I says that you are a Liverpool fan. You say that Chelsea will win and Liverpool can drop to as low as 4th and your picture is that City Tevez poster Nice blog though
Thomas1978 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Thanks for your support for mu blog.

I am a Pool fan, but objectively I really cannot see them winning the League.

I have doubts that Rafa is the one to handle all the pressure. He is too one dimensional a manager for me.

Tevez was one the my faves although he played for Man Utd. Sad he did not choose to consider Pool when he moved. I love players with lots of entusiam and energy like him
Bhawk11 (Bayern München) 7 years ago
I don't think that Man UTD will be first place I say they will finish in 3rd or 4th
Chelseafc8 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Ya, I agree by the looks of them in the first few fixtures I wouldn't be surprised if they finished in 5th or 6th. I think Sir Alex made a bad choice of selling Ronaldo.
But they could do well if a they don't rely on only manu's key players to slot in the goals
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Man City won't go in the top 5 maybe 6 but not top 5. Aston Villa on the other hand have great players on all positions, great prospects coming up, and more importantly team chemistry. Aston Villa for 5th place or maybe even fourth or third
Yashan (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Agree. Or who knows maybe David Moyes can pull another rabbit(Fellaini) out of the hat
Chelseafc8 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Well I Don't know if A Villa will finish 3rd or 4th, with the loss of Gareth Barry. But I do agree that they, ve got good chemistry and that will surely get them somewhere.
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
Quite different from my prediction actually.

I predicted that top 5 would be:

1. Liverpool
2. Man Utd
3. Arsenal
4. Chelsea
5. Everton

Liverpool will win the title this year, Manchester United are without Tevez and CR7 so they won't do as well as Liverpool.

Arsenal have wide variety of wing choices, they also have good strikers so they would beat Chelsea to the 3rd place as Chelsea's striker lacked inconsistence. Drogba and Anelka both are good finishers, but other than finish, what can they do? Except that Drogba scores a few of some long shots. So Chelsea would be 4th.

The competition of 5th place is between Everton, Villa, Spurs and Man City.
Villa are without their holding midfielder, Barry, and their defence looks quite tore apart. So they are out.
Spurs have good front man, good wingers, but they don't have a lot of good and excellent midfields. So out.

Fight between Everton and Man City. Poor v Rich. Defence v Offense.

Everton has good and solid defenders such as Lescott, Jagielka, new singing Senderos, Baines and others.
Man City has inconsistent and mistake-prone defenders such as Dunne, Richards, Zabaleta and such....
Everton has good defending midfields such as Fellaini and Neville.
Man City has only a good def mid which is Barry
Everton has good wings such as Arteta and Pienaar
Man City has erm.... Ok wings eg Robinho and such....
Everton has good attk midfields such as the boxing aussie Cahill and the speedy Osman
Man City has also quite good attk midfields such as Ireland and Santa Cruz(he can play in that role)
Everton has a not so good and inconsistent front line such as Yakubu, Saha and Jo
Man City has super duper money strike LINE such as Tevez, Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Bellamy and such....

Conclusion, Everton would be 5th.

StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
I'm not surprised to see people have Liverpool winning it. However, Chelsea at 4 seems real odd to me.... [note: if not for a third minute of stoppage time, they might be the UCL champs.... ]
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
I'm not sure with Chelsea being 3rd or 4th. But I know that Wenger's young lads would definitely work hard next season, Arsenal also has Arshavin, Eduardo back from injury, and Van Persie as the strike force. It's quite strong actually. Arsenal also has lots of wingers so they can work alot of goals out wide.

Chelsea may look strong in pre-season, but as I said in the post, they have inconsistent strikers that may pull them down anytime
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Let me ask you this. You say that no one can feed Drogba and Anelka. Do you know how many chances Drogba had last year (may not have mad them all, by mad a lot)? You see, I can't really pinpoint how they are fed or where it comes from, but Chelsea somehow does it
Thomas1978 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Good shout for Everton in 5th. I think Moyes is the best manager in the league by a long shot.


Chelseafc8 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I think that Moyes is an awesome manager, no doubt, but how Everton has been playing in the bigginning of the prem. Everton could end up in 6th or 7th.

This is how see the final positions.

1. Chelsea
2. Arsenal
3. Manchester United
4. Liverpool
5. Tottenham
6. Manchester City
7. Everton
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Okay, my turn.... I'm sure it won't be a surprise who I put at first place.... But I have good reasons for it....

1. Liverpool
Although most will say we cannot replicate the feat we did last season, it is easy to forget about what we still have to offer.... We have a very threatening attacking "partnership", that can break through any defence, and what most of you have forgotten is that Gerrard and Torres only started together 9 times.... And still we made it up there.... If we can increase that number, it would do us much good....
I do agree that without Alonso, our midfield will falter a bit, he was very important to the system of the squad.... But that doesn't mean that Rafa can't find someone to replace his role.... If Rafa can truly find a suitable replacement, it's going to be fine.... We still have to keep Masherano as well.... 'cause he is avery important player to us.... Woth so much energy and able to read the oppositions play, he is crucial at intercepting their's and starting ours.... As for Babel and Lucas, hopefully, they step up their game.... As always, Kuyt and Riera will give their everything in each match, both very reliable to play well.... Kuyt will also have chances to score when possible, hopefully his finishing improves, but as we have seen in pre-season mathces, he prefers an assist rather than a goal.... This un-selfish behaviour will really help Torres's scoring record....
Defence is always getting stronger in my view, we have got ridden of Arbeloa and introduced Glen Johnson.... This in my opinion is a great buy, he can defend, run at high speeds and cross well.... We still have 3 very solid centre-backs, Carragher, Skrtel and Agger.... But probably the left back position is most concerning, i'd prefer Aurelio instead of Dossena....
And Of course our keeper is always highly rated....

2. Chelsea
If Liverpool really doesn't take the cake, I'm very sure that Chelsea will.... Like some of you said, because Chelsea have had too many managerial changes in the past 2 seasons, the club and players couldn't really focus on the game well.... But now with a still un-beaten Ancelotti, they look very ready and very confident....
I do agree that Chelsea's squad is an ageing one, they have only a few young players, and they arent really up for the big leagues yet.... Mikel and Stturidge I believe can, but mostly, the older players have to play at their best....
Their front line is very dangerous, as we all know Drogba is a natural scorer and Anelka was presented a Golden Boot last season.... And especially with them getting better and better at playing with each other, they are undoubtedly a scare for defenders.... Sturridge and Kalou is proving to be very decent young strikers.... And hopefully, because they've known each other for so long, Ancelotti can bring back the best in Shevchenko....
With the new signing of Zhirkov, it feels like Chelsea's Midfield is bolster even more heavier.... Lampard will of course play a huge role in their season as always, while Ballack will also have to step up his game and score more like he did before.... Deco is getting more playing time from Ancelotti, and if he can repeat his form when he just arrived, they will be a mean midfield to play against.... Essien will also be a driving power in midfield with his energy and spirit, he will keep the team pumped up.... Mikel still has lots to learn.... Malouda seemed to regain his Lyon form at the end of last season, but can Ancelotti continue that is a mystery....
Chelsea's defence has always been tight.... With the England captain in charge of the back four, they create a complete wall for strikers.... Alex will play more matches than Carvalho will, and that might be a good thing, especially if he gets to take freekicks.... Ashley young and Bosingwa will always be important, as they do well in defence, but even better in offense....
Cech has lost his past form in recent seasons, maybe this will change, nevertheless, he is one of the best keepers around....

3. Manchester United
With the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez, their offence will take a blow I believe.... I personally think Owen can't live up to the expectations of a no. 7.... Valencia will do well I trust, but is no replacement for the Portuguese.... Neither is Nani yet.... But on the bright side, I expect Rooney to do very well, as he has matured over the seasons and has become a great goal-scorer and goal-creator.... As long as Sir Alex doesn't force him to play on the left flank he should score lots of goals.... Berbatov on the other hand, seems doomed to repeat what he did last season.... "not much".... He may have the skill and technical ability, but it doesn't seem like he even fits the play of United's....
As i've said before, midfield looks weakest.... And I know you will disagree Yashan, but I do feel that misfield need some changes.... Anderson might do better next season, with actually some goals to prove it.... Giggs and Scholes will always be important to United, but they arent getting any younger.... Carrick seems to be just there.... And although Park is always under-estimated, he is actually very handy for Man Utd.... The youngsters that they have are very talented, and I won't be surprised if they played more games, they could make the difference....
Also one of the sturdiest defences in the world, the goal seem to be guarded like Fort Knox.... With Vidic in great form and being very powerful in the air, he looks to do even better than last season.... And if Ferdinand can regain full fitness, he can also destroy the oppostion's play.... Evra didn't have a good season in my opinion, he didn't do much for defence or attack, that may change but if it doesn't, the left flank seems to be vulnerable.... But the right-back, seems even more endangered, as Neville is nowhere near the player he was before and the 2 Da Silvas are still maybe a bit too young....
Van Der Saar in my opinion was the best keeper in the world last season.... But he's getting old, really old, at 37, his reflexes may start to slow down....

4. Arsenal
They will still be a part of the "Big 4".... Although they have sold 2 key players, they also have 2 key players coming back from injury and a lot of youngsters starting to shine, namely: Jack Wilshere....
The front line is not devastating, but it is healthy enough to grab goals.... Van Persie and Eduardo have to stay fit in order for any striking to be done.... If they do, the Dutchman's left foot will do wonders and the Croatian genius will provide goals galore.... Arshavin, in my opinion, is Arsenals best player at the momment.... He is a fantastic footballer, with pace, dribble, creativity, vision, good passing and a strong finish, he is truly the whole package.... But Bentdner is no Arshavin.... Vela might also come up with some large surprises if he gets more playing time....
There are absolutely too many players that play in midfield and wing.... 90% of the lot, are younger than 23.... This can be good and bad.... Good, as that, if one get injured, you have lots of replacements, bad as in, they are all so young and pretty much all play similarly.... Fabregas of course will always play if he doesn't get injured again, and I trust Wenger will play Rociscy in most games.... The sheer pace of Walcott will also be crucial for Arsenal's counter attacks....
The defence is the weakest, it's almost like you could walk through it.... Cliche and Sagna are both good fullbacks, but sometimes can make silly mistakes.... With Toure gone, they have the over-reacting Gallas to lead the back four.... Vermelaen and Djourou are the other 2 centre-backs, and they arent really impressing.... Headers are a problem for them.... As most of the squad are so short, aerial threats will be very dangerous....
Almunia, in my opinion is yuck.... Absolute yuck....

5. Aston Villa
It maybe a surprise I put Villa here despite the like of Spurs, Everton and City.... But I believe with some luck, they can make it to 5th.... Spurs arent always very consistent, Everton have a good all-round squad, but they didn't do much in the transfer season.... And Man city will take more than a few big name signings to clinch a top 5 spot....
Agbonahor started the season with a "Perfect Hat-trick" and lots of goals.... He went on to have a goal drought and didn't really score in the next 20 or so games.... Let's see if he can actually keep his consistency up, scoring more all around the season.... He will become a dangerous striker, with so much pace, he will be elusive to defenders.... Carew will always be the big man that you can find in the box, his heading ability is almost un-matched.... And can use his size to power his into the box.... Other than that, Villa don't really have another striker, this might be their draw-back, O'Niel might want to think about getting another one....
Villa may have lost Barry, but they have just bought Fabian Delph.... A youngster who has the potential to far exceed Barry.... He can take up this role, although very young I trust O'Niel will play him most of the time.... Now with the addition of Stewart Downing as well, both flanks look prepared, Downing on the left, Young on the right.... 2 very pacy and marvelous wingers that can provide good crosses in for Carew and can also dribble into the box and create havoc....
Martin Lausen has retired form playing, and that would deal a large blow to Villa's defence.... They still have the reliable Carlos Cuellar and the young but good Curtis Davies, but the experience of Laursen is gone.... Full-back might be a problem as they don't seem to have any solid full-backs....
Brad Friedel is always a fabulous keeper.... Alway giving lots of effort.... But despite that, always conceding, he would want to be a little more consistent, then he will do better....

*All this is in no offence to any club or supporter....
Santillanavila (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
I agree with yamsy on almost everything. I think Manu will be in second
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Andy and I thought long and hard about this. The reason we didn't pick Villa is because they got rid of a player that they didn't really replace. Downing is good footballer, but he won't replace what Barry meant to this team
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
True, Downing can't really replace Barry, and Delph will take more time to develope, but they're also targeting Sneijder.... Hopefully he comes and he will surely make the difference...
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Given Liverpool's slip up recently, do you still have them as #1?
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Does it matter if Torres is fit for 35 plus weeks. We have Gerrard who can get the goals. Benayoun can get the goals. Kuyt can get the goals Voronin. We can get goals from most people. So if Torres is out we have a replacement
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Well, it's always better to have the Spaniard in the line-up...
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Why. Well I think Liverpool can do without Gerrard or El nino but if they are both out for a long time then that bad
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
Ooooo, that's debateable. Like saying Chelsea could manage 2nd without Lampard and Drogba. It's not so much the goals as much as the assists. Last year, Gerrard was the highest point getter in the EPL fantasy league(most assists + most goals + least cards)
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Well, right now, the only one we can test is if Man Utd can manage without Ronnie and Tevez...
Benaldinho (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Good post, but there are two things I would change. I'd have Man you, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool. I'd put Liverpool out of a UCL spot because they lost Alonso, and without him, who'll be able to start 25+ games during the season? Torres and Gerrard are great, possibly the greatest, but how can you expect to win when your star striker is out half the season with injuries. If Liverpool could keep him healthy, that would be a different story (possibly title contenders) but how can they expect Gerrard and Kuyt to carry the whole team by themselves? As for Man City, I think they might have too much firepower and depth. With the 9 forwards they have, how can they expect a constant pair of even trio of them to start strings of games in a row? They'll all be worried about starting and not be focused on their games on hand, however if that can be eliminated, they'll be a force to reckon with! Maybe start, Given-Toure-Bridge-Dunne-Lescott(if they get him)-Tevez-Robinho(both on the wings)-Barry-Ireland-Adebayor-Cruz? Well, no matter who wins, it'll be a great season this year, with a very tight finish and possibly a last day dramatic victory to seal the title!
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
No offence.... But I'm sure even some of the other United fans would disagree on putting Liverpool in 5th.... ! I agree that without Alonso, we will struggle a bit.... But we do have Aquilani and Lucas who can at least fit the role.... And who says Torres is gonna' be down and out again.... He might have some injury worries, but I'm sure we can handle ourselves even if he's not here....

As for Man City.... I don't believe, that in one season, they can buy themselves in to a UCL spot.... Enough said....
Xybati (Manchester United) 7 years ago
1. Man Utd
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Man City
5. Arsenal

Golden Boots:

1. Torres
2. Rooney
3. Drogba

Season Best Eleven:

1. Cech
2. Johnson
3. Vidic
4. Terry
5. Evra
6. Kyut
7. Gerrard
8. Lampard
9. Malouda
10. Rooney
11. Torres

Player of the year:
Wayne Rooney
StrikersMT28 (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
I don't know about Cech, he seems to be lacking luster as of late. Same with VDS
Chelseafc8 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
That's an accurate post but instead oh f D. Kuyt it would be someone more like Shaun Wright Phillips or Aaron Lennon
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I might put Lennon instead of Malouda. I think Defoe deserves a mention, he's off to a great start
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Nice pics. Those top three are gonna' be very very close this season and I don't think anyone can really be 100% possitive of which order they will come in. But as a chelsea fan I still think my blues will over come united this season
Adebayor (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
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Gavrazor (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Impressive post, can't beleive I didn't read this sooner, predictions I think will be accurate as long as city don't buy Lescott or a better centeral defender
Aussie1991 (AC Milan) 7 years ago
I doubt that City will sign Lescott he's too average.... I really think that if they were to sign another defender it would be a higher profile player or a younger talent...
Dantheman244 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Nice Post good. Man utd might not win 2nd 3rd liverpool or chelsea will win man city 5th or 6th the gunners 3rd or 4th
Chelseafc8 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
That's an accurate post but instead of D. Kuyt I think it would some more like Shaun Wright-Phillips or Aaron Lennon
Adebayor (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
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