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Premier League Big Guns - Possible Loads For Leeds?
LupusAlatus (Leeds United) 3 years ago
Hi avid leeds supporter hre, soft spot for arsenal though. But I like alll football teams in man utd/millwall, I'm jst a friendly guy.
So do any of your fans of the big guns (you know who I mean) have an out and out goal scorer who is available for loan? McCormack is not an uot and out scorer, Matt Smith still needs improvment (he's premier league with his head and probably league 1 with his feet which is better because he was as bad as some league 2 players with his feet, just hope our coaches keep improving him. Domonic Poleon has bags of talent and can run nearly faster tahn usain bolt! He's just very young but he's working hard.
Billy Sharp would be perfect but looks like he's off to Reading.

So any of the big guns have any kids banging goals in for fun in the reserves at the moment?

Arsenal your my second team if I had to have one.... But please god don't send Bentner, i'd rather have Ken Bates up front.

I'm not just posting this I did post in the introduce yourself secion last night again sorry about my grammar not my strongest point! (90%) is typos though i'll use that excuse

Thanks guys, hope the forum gets more active, its great!


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