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Official Footytube Podcast (Europe): The Bundesliga
Cloudst (Footytube Mod) 3 years ago
So the first podcast is coming out soon and with we need the footytube community's thoughts on a few questions on the bundesliga season this year. Some of the well written responses will get a shout out on the podcast so make your responses count!

So these are some of the topics we are covering:

-who is performing well?

-who is over performing?

-who is under performing?

-who is rebuilding?

-who is destined for relegation?

-the best players of the league?

-the worst players of the league?

-the best transfer this season?

The worst transfer this season?

We look forward to your responses!
Fabregas4i (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Who is performing well?

Well I think without a surprise Fc bayern, in this season they are playing in their own league the concistency they have game for game is just tremendous, everything is working in their way.

They made good transfers with Mandzucic who is scoring and scoring, with pizarro they bought another good striker which is very experienced and is always relieable when you need him, dante is IMO this season one of the best defender in the bundesliga, and got as a reward the call for the brazil team(some days earlier), and shaqiri is doing well too always looks "fresh" when he is on the field pacey and good technique. Summarized they made brilliant transfers.
Which makes for me the change between this and last season is the depth not only in quantity but in quality, as I said transfers were brilliant, and heynckes really knows how to rotate with his players that's what makes for me the big difference between bayern and the other teams this season, it doesn't matter who plays, it seems like bayern is always playing good without a weakness, even when they are rotating the whole squad.
As a result they have with 46 goals by far the most goals scored and with only 7 goals received the least goals this season. And now have 8 point more than the second placed team in the bundesliga.
Keyplayers this season are for me : -Ribery nearly every game he plays on his best, very consistent
-Thomas Müller: 9 goals and 10 assissts, more effective is not possible
-Mandzucic: making the goals when "needed"
-Toni Kroos: plays well scored many goals, always look dangerous reads the game brilliant, and knows, in simple words, how to play a pass
-Dante: well he is just a rocket in the defence case-hardened, doesn't makes much mistakes

When nothing surprisingly happens now, they will win the bundesliga without a doubt and in a comfortable way, but well the season is not over till now
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 3 years ago
I think Dante has been one of the best defenders of the season
Lfcguy69 (Liverpool) 3 years ago
Bayer 04 Leverkusen has done wonders with their new coaches Sami Hyypiä and Sacha Lewandowski. Currently 2nd in the league and the have top scorer of the league in Stefan Kiessling even though they have a really narrow squad. The way Castro has been playing this season has been a joy to watch and the partnership of Hyypiä-Lewandowski seems to be getting everything out of their small squad. They even beat Bayern at Bayern's home stadium, it's their only loss this season in Bundesliga.

Leverkusen and Frankfurt are clearly over performing, how long will it last?

Though as long as other relatively big clubs are under performing (Hamburger SV, Stuttgart, Bremen, Wolfsburg) are Leverkusen and Frankfurt over performing after all?

What is wrong with Schalke?
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 3 years ago
-who is performing well?
Bayern, and Dortmund has been performing well.
Bayern made great transfers, became a more complete team and is cruising in first place.
Dortmund did slip up for the first few games, but they are back on track now. Maybe at this rate, in case Bayern slip, Dortmund might snatch back up? No one knows, but it seems possible.

There are two overperformers this season....
Leverkusen now look again like UCL contenders for next season. Lots of improvement, especially Kiessling's regain in form.
Frankfurt on the other hand is doing the best, considering they just got promoted. The football they play is also great, unbelievable considering they were playing 2nd division football last season.

Schalke is being quite disappointing knowing what they are capable of. Also Stuttgart, don't know whats happening. They have the best attacking chemistry from last 2nd half of the season.

Wolfsburg has been rebuilding. I think they can be contenders of a Europa League spot. It was about time Magath got sacked.

Greuther looks most likely to relegate, but I don't about the remaining two. Its really hard. Hoffenheim and Nurnburg really seem like they will bounce back.

There are so many great players in the Bundesliga, but I guess I can name 10 if I had to pick the best....
Marco Reus - Definitely, this guy is a monster
Frank Ribery - Only difference between him and Reus is the age and the face
Robert Lewandowski - True Goal poacher (I'm sorry Gomez fans, but I still find him overrated)
Jakub Błaszczykowski - Underrated. Polish captain is capable of playing at the highest level.
Mario Goetze - Just can't imagine how good he will be in 3 years, he's already great!
Jefferson Farfan - He may be off form this season, but he deserves to be credited.
Claudio Pizzaro - Still got the touch, he might win a crucial game for Bayern later on when he plays.
Mats Hummels - What a great Centerback he is....
Phillipe Lahm - He stopped Ronaldo, what more to say?
Manuel Neuer - One of the world's best. Probably be contender for number 1 in the world against Joe Hart once Buffon and Casillas retires

There were many great transfers, but some are just pure excellence.
Marco Reus - 17. 5m. That is such a bargain for his quality. BVB don't miss Kagawa anymore.

Dante - 5m. Bayern's problem was their defence. This man fixed it, but he only cost 5m. Wow.

Takashi Inui - 1. 5m. Along with Frankfurt, he came from Bochum to the Bundesliga. Great dribbler. One of the top performers at the club.

Hiroshi Kiyotake - 2m. Probably the only light in Nurnburg's campaign. They better step up and stay or they will lose Kiyotake. Already been scouted by many European clubs including BVB.

Mario Mandzukic - 13m. Just like Reus, what a bargain for his quality. Surprising why no other clubs especially chelsea WHO needed A striker didn't snap him up. Class.

Arjtoms Rudnevs - 2m? Not sure. Latvian shows that even a Polish league top scorer can score alot even in the Bundesliga.

Kevin De Bruyne - Loan. Doing better then Marin at the moment

The worst transfer this season? Hard to tell.... Maybe Elijaro Elia?
Fabregas4i (Arsenal) 3 years ago
I think Eljero Elia was definetly one of the worst transfers, when he was at Hamburg he was a great player, very very fast, good technique and always good for a goal or an assisst, he was just that kinda player some people want to go to the stadium to see him outdribble some opponent and ddoing other spectacular stuff.
Well since he plays for bremen I didn't see that much of him when I saw him playing it looked sometimes as if he was invisible no connection to the game and really ineffective only two assissts this season and 0 goals, from a left winger with a stronger right foot you can expect some more goals I think, and in general some more influence on the field, till now he really plays under his great potential
Robbery69 (Bayern München) 3 years ago
I agree with almost everything you wrote but please don't place ribery and reus on the same level reus still has a far way to go to reach riberys level
ColonelBX (Chelsea) 3 years ago
@Robbery Hmm I guess. Idk I find them both equally scary
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 3 years ago
So much writing in the replies.... Ahh.... Oh the horror....    Good thing there is a podcast

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