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Liverpool Sacks Dalglish
Peteko 4 years ago
Liverpool sack Dalglish

I just saw it as a flash news in The Guardian.

There were a few hints to this but I refused to believe it.

It takes some balls to sack a legend but it easier for non-English owners, pissed about their threatened investment.

I wonder how the fans will react to it though. They have been very patient with Dalglish, in ways they would have not been with some other people.

2halves (Liverpool) 4 years ago
It's understandable but he deserved another season.    He certainly could have turned things around.
Sergio 4 years ago
Its a hard to accept seeing such a great former player and icon at liverpool get sacked but in truth from a from neatral position. Its probobly the best for both kenny dalgish and liverpool. In my opinion he is still the greatest player in liverpool history and will still be remembered as a legend.

I believe he started off his campaign reallly well with liverpool, he brought the best out of all the players except a few indivisuals like Maxi rodriques. But in the january transfer he let go off both raul and aquallani which in my opionion was a terrible descision becouse his prefferd midfield man was charlie adam who still hasn't showed enough class to be a liverpool player.

With the addition of suarez and carrol, I don't think the transfer went too bad. All the players have had very good spells at the club and both look to have finally found some form togethor. So in transfer aspect I don't think he did too bad.

I would love rafa benitez to take the role as liverpool manager once more 'cause we all know how passionate he is about liverpool and how long he has been waiting for the job. My dream was both kenny dalgish and rafa benitez to work togethor but I guess that won't be happening
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
That's why I never like to see club legends become managers, it taints their legendary status somewhat when they fail as a manager, I thought they might have used the "hes moved upstairs" approach rather than sack the guy
Sergio 4 years ago
I like what the management have written on behalf of dalgish's contract termination.

" Kenny came into the Club as Manager at our request at a time when Liverpool Football Club really needed him. He didn't ask to be Manager; he was asked to assume the role. He did so because he knew the Club needed him. He did more than anyone else to stabilize Liverpool over the past year-and-a-half and to get us once again looking forward. We owe him a great debt of gratitude"

I don't think his status has been tainted too badly
Peteko 4 years ago
Tony, I thought the same thing, but maybe Dalglish refused the offer to remain in the same quarters
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
That being said shorif, you must admit he a had a pretty bad season for his legendary status
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
Could well be, he's a proud man
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Yea, I wouldn't be worried about Kenny. With the Champions League medals, League titles, and money…I think he'll be okay haha
KingHarryKewell (Liverpool) 4 years ago
When I read this morning that Kenny Dalglish was sacked, I was disappointed in FSG, for not giving Dalglish enough time or patience to rebuild a squad that was horribly low on morale, not to mention for some players (especially under Hodgson) low on skill. I'm going to see this from two viewpoints.

On one hand, it's the wrong call, as FSG didn't give the time for Dalglish to develop the squad that Benitez in his later days and Hodgson has messed up. In his first few months, Dalglish had turned around Liverpool's hopes and fortunes by charging back up the ladder, after Liverpool were in the threat of relegation. Dalglish also had the vision on rebuilding the squad (and how) and we as Liverpool fans knew that it would take some time to redevelop the squad. Add to that that Liverpool tasted success trophy-wise since 2006 by getting the Carling Cup, and almost getting the FA Cup as well, as well as getting back into Europe, albeit in the Europa League. It was a start to getting back into where Liverpool rightly belongs, and we all knew that it would take time. Just sacking managers Abramovich style is no way to repair the damage that has been done, it will instead make the recovery process go on for longer, thus making us as the fans more frustrated.

On the other side, finishing 8th, only 47 goals scored in the EPL, finishing with 52 points (37 points behind both Manchester sides, 13 behind 4th spot), a horrible home record this season, finishing under Everton, not to mention failing in getting back into the champions league, which was the ultimate goal this season. That in view for FSG is obviously not acceptable, as they seek to restore Liverpool to their former glory. The signings that Dalglish made were, for the most part (Bellamy, Coates, Suarez and maybe Carroll based on his recent form are excused from this) failures, and expensive ones at that. Henderson can improve as he's young (and for some reason, he was constantly being played out of position) but Downing and most certainly Adam were spectacular failures (I for one hope that Adam gets sold, he's been really rubbish) when players like Juan Mata could've been brought in instead (and losing him to Chelsea too!) was a big oversight for Dalglish.

So in the end? Well, although Dalglish was a legend as a player and as a manager for both Liverpool and Blackburn, as well as the respect he gave during the Hillsborough tragedy, he was, in essence, a man out of his time. It's sad that a legend has been brought down to this level, and I sorely wish that he was staying to help Liverpool back to the glory days, not to mention that Liverpool are in a crisis staff wise at the moment. However, what's done is done, and we can only look to the future now
2halves (Liverpool) 4 years ago
What bugs me about this whole thing is that Kenny brought a sense of stability.

Yes, Hodgson screwed up, but frankly he wasn't given much time either. I can understand the sentiment at the time though to bring Kenny in.

But he stated from the beginning it was a building process. I thought FSG understood that.

Despite Kenny's failures:success ratio being poor - that stability was necessary.

Fsg better have an ace up their sleeve
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
I thought hodgson was harshly treated to be fair, and I reckon you would have done better this season had hodgson stayed on at liverpool, but the fans wanted him out and thought the grass was greener on the other side, and it cost them a fortune to do it.
Did roy even get to spend any money at liverpool?
The man deserved more credit than was EVER given
Peteko 4 years ago
The only hint that I had was strangely (or not) related to Everton performance. I said if they end up above Liverpool, Kenny could feel the heat.

Everton started the season without any money at all in the kitty and even having to let go a couple of their best players.

However, it shows that it is more important to have a well blended team, than to have just brought a bunch of good players. Kenny's Liverpool may have suffered from the good luck of the new exciting additions. The team needed at least a season to gel and become competitive. Now we can only imagine what Kenny would have been like in the following season.

Of course, another disappointing year, would put Kenny in the difficult position of being booed by the fans who idealize him, so he may have been spared of that. At least, now he can still claim that he was just not given enough of a chance
2halves (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Some might call that a Kop out!  
Peteko 4 years ago
Ruskin (Liverpool) 4 years ago
As a player and manager, through Hysel, Hillsborough, and Hicks and Gillette venture in to premier league football it wears heavey on the Man. Just imagine the toll on Mat Busby after Munich and the rebuilding of Utd, had to go through. Hodgson and later Daliguish where both brought in to solve the fall out from bankrupcy. Every team wants instant success. Like Busby, Shankly, Paisley, Stein, Ferguson and many others. Liverpool are deficit free 4 players 1 captain and possible olympic players, he has done alot in one season and as a family manhas been there for Liverpool, bringing players through to relalise thier full potential a man manager at his best. My bet oh Niel will be heading for Utd. To the Liverpool fans who booed him stick to your fantacy football picks and let see how you do. Respect and learn from your history, not just sections of it and look too the future
DutchReds (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I posted this topic 2 weeks ago on the Liverpool fourm.... However lets get doem to the bras tactcs of the issue....

It may well work for Baseball and other American sports but NOT FOR football.... Note I did not say soccer.

Football has it roots in English history ever since sheffield FC wrote the rules for the modern-day game as we know it today. 

Maybe the experts to Liverpool's board all have big red nosies and red hair and all them selves ronald Mac. STOP THE Mac Donalds Drive through mentality to football management.

Sir Alex was given 5 years before the team started to make a mark....
Rednapp has had more time at Spurs.

The red-sox management team also sacked the coaching staff after wining the title in baseball, the following year when they had a bad season.

So the question is if JH was in charge at MAN you would he Sack Sir Alex?

Football is not a business where you can contribute to individual bad sales performance. And it is not a business where you can conner the market with a new product like an iPAD. Football is a game of Skill chance, Luck AND in most cases years of work.

Fsg HAVE MADE A BIG mistake!
BeefCurtains (Limerick) 4 years ago
Dalglish should never have come back. Great player, crap manager, appalling human being
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I'm sorry. 110 million spent 8th place. That is embarrasing. We are not going forward but backwards. Yes we did well in the cups but in truth this was a crap season and everyone knows it. And we do not have players who will take us back to the glory days. So I think we need change

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