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Is Ryan Giggs Past It?
Jimmybreeze (Manchester United) 5 years ago
He has been awarded the highest of accolades in the past two seasons and praised to high heaven by a lot of commentators and pundits; for his endurance and his longevity. I think it's deserved because it is refreshing to see a player so late in his career still playing at the highest level and defying the precedent set before. But I have watched full Man Utd games and in the last game particular he seems to be past it. Having completely miskicked a couple of shots with them going well wide of the goal, he got a simple tap in in the end and this was the only thing talked about by the media and commentators alike, not a word of the awful dragged shots. Is it his delivery then that should be praised, as his pace is long gone and isn't an ace card he can pull out? I don't think so, I haven't seen anything of real value. Is it his general passing? Perhaps. But that shouldn't be enough to warrant a place in the Man Utd squad. Everyone knows Man Utd have a shortage of quality in the center and maybe this is why he is getting the playing time he is getting. He can be relied upon to not make too many mistakes. Or maybe he used to be. His experience is lovely to have around, but that can be passed on off the pitch. He isn't the loudest of characters.
It's clear to see everybody in the Man Utd squad loves him, he is a father figure in a sort of a way for many of the youngsters, but should he retire and end his career on a high, rather than let his age get the better of him, and let past praise rule him now? My opinion is yes
Somere (Portmore Utd) 5 years ago
Esta loco?

I bet your the only united fan in the world who thinks he should retire. He is no longer a winger so there are certain qualities that you will no longer see from him.
And talking about missing chances, everyone does that just ask torres or drogba. Giggs is a fantastic player, who make me feel more confident every time he is in the line up.
I agree with you that he should retire while but that the same thing people said in 2005 and 2006 when he wanted to retire and look at him now. Sir alex will let him know when the time is right, just like he is telling VDS that now is the time.
WhatAgoal (Manchester United) 4 years ago
What are you talking about saying he must be the only United fan who thinks Giggs is past it? Giggs is awful now.... The only thing that can improve when you’ve played for that long is your football brain and Ryan Giggs doesn’t have one.... Hence he shouldn’t still be allowed to play for ManUtd. How many times do you see him cross it in with his left foot on the right hand side and as expected it annoyingly curls straight into the goalkeepers arms. Also he’s made so many other ludicrous mistakes for someone that’s played the game for so long I. E when he jumped over the ball when he was suppose to be blocking a Steven Gerrard free-kick and Liverpool scored from that.... How can you defend these mistakes? And he also did some really poor passes in what were promising attacks for Utd in that game yet the pundits still probably said it was an amazing performance from Giggs yet again and we are running out of superlatives for him etc.... Etc.... Etc.... He was terrible against Wigan away and ManCity away and I didn’t understand why he was even in the team in those games which we didn’t get anything from and could cost us the title so I hope Alex Ferguson has learnt that he can’t continue to play Giggs.... Paul Scholes is still a great footballer who’s actually got a good footballing brain which still makes him a very useful player but Giggs simply isn’t good enough and he gets picked in so many of the big matches in the league and Champions League finals etc.... Supposedly because of his “experience” yet he still plays bad and the team lose those games so it’s a waste of potential experience for a younger player who could’ve done a better job.

But people like you just won’t accept that he warrants criticism but just because he’s played for a club his whole career doesn’t mean he should be exempt from criticism and it’s not like he’s been loyal to a team in league 2 or something it’s ManUtd and he’s on at least 80k a week, he doesn’t have to learn another language which is 1of the things you’d need to do whilst playing for a team abroad and he still plays at his age because he’s not been told to leave yet for some unknown reason but it’s not remarkable loyalty, you wouldn’t want to leave a massive club on big wages especially someone like him who I don’t think has many other interests other that football.... There’s nothing too special about that. He’s not that loyal he’s not even loyal to his family yet people still say he’s a role model.

How about when Beckham got a boot kicked in his head by Ferguson just after a Utd defeat even though he actually set up Giggs with a great chance in that game at 0-0 in which giggs missed AN OPEN GOAL and ManUtd ended up losing 0-2 and going out of the FAcup to Arsenal at OldTrafford.... And why did Beckham get a boot kicked in his head? Because 1of Arsenal’s goals was a free-kick that took a deflection off Becks and went in.... So what? What did Ferguson do when Giggs at age 37 or 38 forgets the purpose of a wall and jumps over the ball when that was the side of the goal that needed to be blocked which the goalkeeper was never going to get to.... Ferguson didn’t even tell off Giggs though did he? Just because it’s Giggs.

I’m not saying he hasn’t ever been an important player for Utd but I seriously don’t understand people who only ever praise him whether he’s played good or bad and think he’s exempt from any criticism?
Varun619 (Arsenal) 5 years ago
I actually agree. His reputation precedes him, and I think he's getting a lot of praise in current matches because everyone has knowledge about his illustrious career.

I think he is primarily on the squad due to the match-winning assists he makes here and there, and also due to the fact that he's become a legend at the club. The players and fans look up to him.

I say let him play, he's doing more good than harm. But I honestly think there shouldn't be this starry-eyed worship of him that's done by commentators and announcers alike
GB3esty (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Srry mate you could not be more wrong, he had a couple of miss ques I guess.... But the man is playing in a central role that he dosnt really play. Also some of his performances this season have been unreal. Against chelsea (and that is a recent game) over both legs he was possible the best united player setting up all of our goals. As for his speed at times its fantastic, he constantly shows up younger players by blowing by them with a quick change of pace. I mean yea sure he losses the ball sometimes but so does every other midfield player. And finally United are a different team with him on the field.... A better team. If any thing you should have written an article about how scared we should all be after the welsh wizard leaves us!
Eric (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Agreed. He's not past it, he's just a little more spotty than he used to be. He's still capable of greatness and beautiful passes as shown in recent matches where he didn't miss his finishing. Just because he has a match here and there where he doesn't show up like he can, doesn't mean he's past it. It just means that he's on an off day, which happens to everyone
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Didn't he set up all the goals against Chelsea? I think he also gives United a balance being left footed, when he retires they will have to go on the market for a left sided player. Plus he gives them something in terms of motivation and pedigree that wouldn't be there if he leaves. I mean how many titles has United won with Giggsy out on the wings? It's more than 10 isn't it, so we will see if United win the title with him in the side, and perhaps the champions league I don't think so
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
The man is a genious on the ball, his first touch is exquisite and then his ability to find a pass is brilliant and always dangerous, nowadays his pace is long gone but his ability to run into space and know where the ball is going or should go is vastly due to his experience and lets face it, when your at that level of experience in your career the only thing you need to do is stay fit. You can just ask klose, or raul
Nothingxs (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I'm going to agree here with Georgio and Donnchadh. The fact of the matter is that Giggs is simply excellent on the ball, and while his pace may not be quite the same, he is still able to turn it on in short, well-calculated bursts and his experience and ability to properly move into space and create chances for the United attackers simply cannot be understated. The man is a force, and if he can turn in a performance next year anything close to what he's turned in this year, it's almost certain that we'll be seeing more of the man than less.

As an example: look at how the team played against Arsenal when he was absent with the flu. It almost seemed like the midfield was lost, and most of United's possession felt pointless. Giggs brings with him not only the constant threat of his excellent passing, but he also constantly threatens the goal himself
Hill (Arsenal) 5 years ago
No. He'll be playing until he's in his 40s. No pace at all to speak of (comparably) but he still has the touch, vision, and technical genius to play
BigD123 (Wolverhampton Wanderers) 5 years ago
Giggs is proven quality we all know that, if he was an out and out stiker I don't think this debate would be for a couple of years yet but becuase he is a winger it makes sense that this is a divided issue.

I personally think that giggs is a great bench player now that he is 37 he still has great fitness for his age but I don't think he is able to play at the highest level any more week in week out. You have to hand it to giggs though becuse when he goes on for united the respect he is given motivates the players around him to play better. His experience and positioning out weights any pace that he has now lost.

Sure he can't score goals like the one he scored against arsenal in the 99 FA semi final but then not many footballers ever could at the hieght of their fitness.

I think that while giggs is still igniting debate like this from people he still deserves his place at united. I'm sure when the time comes he will join the coaching staff or go and play lower league, but that time is not now
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Giggs shoulndt start every game, but when experience is needed, lol, well Young, Nani, Valencia should be the ones warming the bench
Kimaway17 (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Giggs is still for me one of United's important players. You saw last season set up all the 3 goals in the quarter finals and scored in the semi against Schalke. He also set up Vidic important goal against Chelsea. So I think he will still play a huge role for united next season
Roo10ney (Manchester United) 5 years ago
He still has a good year or two in him.... Don't you worry
JulioFC (Inter Milan) 5 years ago
Maybe. I mean if Zanetti can still do it at 38, then theres no reason that Giggs can't. I think spending too much time on the bench decreases a player's performance and fitness. As a Starter, I think that Gigg's might not be able to last very long
JustGary (Manchester United) 5 years ago
If you know anything about Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF) you will know that he doesn't choose players based on their past achievements or for any other sentimental reasons. He only chooses players based on what they can offer to the team based on their recent performances in matches and in training.

Naturally, Giggs offers experience, focus, calmness, a winning mentality. All of these are legitimate but secondary considerations when SAF is picking a team.

Using the argument of forgetting about his numerous trophies and achievements and these secondary factors and instead just focussing on his current skill level, class, effectiveness and most importantly his form just like GB3esty above has done it is fair to conclude that Ryan Giggs is currently one of the best players in the world! If you have any doubts on my analysis ask Chelsea.

If his performance level is good enough to help knock out a side of the quality of Chelsea then it seems to make an absolute nonsense of your question. Currently there are few, if any, players in the world with a higher performance level than Ryan Giggs. I too sometimes tire of talk about his longevity and age. Just concentrate on is performance level and you will see he on current performances one of the best in the world!

Giggs is more skillful than Messi!

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