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Is Football Boring?
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 4 years ago
Saw this video the other day about what would make football "more interesting" to people to watch. I asked myself, why do people think football is boring in the first place? I mean - the rivalries, the players, the competition, its all the same elements that other sports have. So why do people call the Beautiful Game... Boring?

Here's the video

Goal Celebrations FX

From the video:
"If this is what football actually looked like, we reckon more people would watch it. Who wouldn't want to see Wayne Rooney on fire, Stormtroopers on the pitch or a giant bit of celery? That's what we thought!"

i get it - the video is humorous, but the general consensus is that its a dull game where 11 men aside get payed way to much to kick around an air inflated round object for 90 minutes with too many games ending in 0 - 0.
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
If everybody thought football was boring it wouldn't be (by far) the world's most popular sport.

Most people who think football is boring are just ignorant, and are fed up because they keep searching "football" on youtube expecting to see men running into each other with eggs in their hands. Only to find people kicking a round thing towards a net.

I thought the video was funny though. It would certainly be exciting (seeing rooney exploding and all) but the game I love would no longer be lol

Redpowerranger (Aston Villa) 4 years ago
It is only so popular because it issuch a simple gamewith not many rules and you don't need much to play, a spherical shapeof some sort not too heavy and hard so you can kck it and two jumpers for goalposts. This is why so many people around the world play football.
Football is at least 90 minutes long but normally longer because of the f****d up extra time system (really needs to be sorted out).
It's rare you would go to see any other sport and after full time the scores are still the same. Even just 1-0 or 1-1 is quite boring. Other the years I have tried to keep watching football but it bores me too much these days. Don't get me wrong there are good players who make the game superb but it doesn't happen enough.
This is Why I watch and play rugby these days
Footymasta (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Must be the other "football" their refering to, bunch of big blokes running round in armor, lol watta site
Footymasta (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Sick video
Unmessievable (Barcelona) 4 years ago
This video shat! Lol
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Dull game where 11 men aside get payed way to much to kick around an air inflated round object for 90 minutes with too many games ending in 0 - 0.

You can say that about all sports

'dull game where 11 men aside get payed way to much to hit around a small plastic circle for 60 minutes with too many games ending in 0 - 0 (Okay I don't know about that last part)'

But if you look at sports like that, your better off watching movies, imo every sport has their beauties hence why they watch it, in the end, in it's simple form football is dull, but it's not simple, there are tactics, passing games, counter attacks, transfer sagas, Balotelli's, and fast paced electrifying battles of athleticism and technique.

I wonder what sports that person watches
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Firstly, brilliant video. For someone who probably did that as a project, that was awesome work!

Coming to the actual part where we discuss football, it is actually something quite interesting to discuss. How do you bring in people who're new to football to like the sport? Me and my dad love watching sport together, and he's sat down beside me to watch Cricket and Tennis when I was growing up, and even Formula 1. He sat through the monotony of F1, but when it comes to football, the only thing he'd be remotely interested was a goal. Defensive work is almost unappreciated by the general populace. As a kid, I myself couldn't bear to watch a football game, but I played my fair share.

A lot of games end at 0-0, but with 18 shots on target by your team vs the 4 by the other (As a spurs fan, I know that pain). I think the one reason people really fail to get into the game is the lack of clarity with regards to some rules. The offside rule in particular. A goal's scored, and is disallowed, with even the commentators never coming to an agreement on what's offside, or if the tackle is worthy of a red or not. Everyone's got their opinions, and people usually just take the commentator's views on things instead of making up their own minds.

Its a matter of introducing the game to them slowly, and making them understand its ins and outs. It took me 2 years to pick a club, and I already knew all the rules. To understand the club importance, transfer ethics, footballing styles.... Its a very time consuming sport. I'm not sure what needs to change in football apart from the refereeing and proper explanation of the rules in general. The rest has to go down as people preference
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Hahaha, that was one of the best videos I've ever seen about football, genius!

But if you consider the world's most popular sport to be boring, no matter what, you're not suited for it. I don't think football needs advertising, or needs to be made more attractive in any way.

I became addicted to watching the professionals do their thing rather late too, as I preferred playing the game rather than watching it. I still love playing football, but about 8 years ago I started watching important games with more care, not like your average fan who just likes to see the spectacle, but as the fan who likes to analyse and scrutinize the details, the underlying grid of the game, and marvel at the individual brilliance of players. The fact I love watching footy so much now, is something that evolved, as I've been watching it my entire life
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Sometimes it comes down to just giving something the time to fully appreciate it.

I consider myself a fan of sport in general and will watch almost anything from football to tennis to certain forms of motorsport. This past weekend alone I will have attended an AFL match (a football code unique to Australia), watched an international football friendly, watched French Open Tennis and am just sitting down to watch the Catalunya Moto GP.
I find each of these sports interesting in their own way and I have watched enough to gain a vested interest in all of them.

Despite this though, sports like American Football or baseball I find boring. Billions watch the Superbowl but I couldn't care less. I have no doubt though that if I were to be exposed to the game on a more regular basis I would develop an appreciation of the intricate parts of the game, form likes and dislikes of teams and probably become a fan. It could very well be the same for a lot of the people that denounce football as boring.

A perfect example is a friend of mine from work. He is from New Zealand and moved to Australia just under a year ago. He had no knowledge of AFL and was heavily critical of the sport when he watched his first few games. He didn't understand it, he found it boring and had no interest. Melbourne however, is a city that is particularly obsessed with this sport and he could not escape it. Now, just a few months after he mocked my love of the game he is downloading apps with all the news. He is discussing results with me and watching as many games as I do.

Basically what I'm saying is that there is a lot more to love about football than there is to hate but anyone who is willing to take the time to learn more about it can quite often find something to love. So is football boring? Not if you invest the time to understand it on more than one level
BeefCurtains (Limerick) 4 years ago
Playing football is exciting. Watching football however.... For the more indifferent/neutral, I can totally understand why they might think of football as a boring activity to watch - because 90% of the time, it is.

And I certainly don't agree with Ayyam's "it's not simple, there are tactics, passing games, counter attacks, transfer sagas" party line. That's more likely to exacerbate the levels of tedium and boredom for the neutral.

What makes the game exciting for me is Maradona carving England apart to score one the best goals you'll ever see; the likes of Jimmy Case, Arie Haan, [C.] Ronaldo, Z-ibra, Van Bronckhorst, Hagi smashing the ball home from 40+ yards; Zizou volleying a better goal with his weaker foot than any of us could with our best; Bergkamp, Baggio, Messi leaving defenders in knots/human pretzels in their wake and then sticking it in the onion bag.

Rubbish messages on t-shirts, non-existent 'mindgames', players whining that they struggle to get by on 200, 000 euros per week, the same predictable boring pre and post match questions/evasions/analyses/waffle, diving, the disingenuous 'but-ref-I-got-the-ball' skit, etc, etc all make for a dullfest.

NB: If I'm not mistaken, 0:21 - 0:29 is the sound effect from The Thing
LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
You don't find this exciting?    
BeefCurtains (Limerick) 4 years ago
No point getting predictably defensive (no pun) about it, old man. In my post I've already indicated as to the kind of thing I find "exciting" in the football that I watch.

Further, if absolutely all football teams absolutely everywhere played like that^ from the absolute very start to the absolute very finish in games then we wouldn't have a need for terminology such as 'anti-football', for example. Everything would be rosy for all spectators - be they sportingly ambivalent or raving fanatics. Games do not pan out that way and you know it.

As I clearly stated, for the neutral, 90% of the time there's no pay-off for watching the repetitive "tactics, passing games, counter attacks, transfer sagas", player-rolling/gesticulations/theatrics, etc, etc that are currently in vogue within football at the moment thus they find it boring as hell. And I can't and don't blame them for finding it so.

I've been watching this sport off and on since the late sixties and there have been and are many occasions whereby I find it as monotonous and grating as the uninitiated would due to the poor quality of actual football on show in comparison to the amount of time wasted watching it.

T'is not commensurate.

RouslanH (Chelsea) 4 years ago
It is just a matter of taste personally. I find football interesting, both by watching matches and playing it. Since people complain about watching football, I can only say this. If you love a club very much, then you will find most of its games interesting. There is always something that makes you want to watch a game. For example, there might be a big historic derby between 2 teams, or maybe your club bought a new player that you want to see in action. Maybe your team is playing in an important title match, or is trying to avoid relegation. There can be injuries, sending offs, and controversy that can make a match more thrilling or worrying to watch, which in the end does not make it boring. Most games don't finish 0-0 anymore, except in a select few leagues. But that is just my opinion. I tend to watch most sports so I don't really bash sports (Maybe except cricket, I don't hate it, I just don't know the rules etc, so I do not watch it).

There are people who just prefer some sports for their own reasons, or just don't like sports at all. It is just what you prefer
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Football(soccer) is the world's game, the most exciting sport to watch when you get into it, I like hockey and stuff here in Canada, but watching Chelsea and Germany play is amazing feeling and love it. Champions League, EPL, World Cup, Euro's, just so much to look forward to, so much excitement, so many great goals and players and crowds, its just amazing! Yes I think it can be boring to watch for people who aren't in it or not watching one of your teams that you don't like or something but I love playing footy, watching it on HD TV is amazing! I love it! I think its great atmosphere and really wish I could go to Europe and I will go there and England and see all stadiums and go to games, it will be amazing! I will one day be apart of that amazing experience. EPL and Champions League the best most brilliant and exciting leagues for me and love following it and watching it and everything. World Cup and Euro's is always something to look forward to and watch and love it! I love Football! It is the beautiful game!
Rudd (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Football is awesome you just can't deny that!
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 4 years ago
To sum it up.... Thus far in the Euro 2012 tournament 16 games have been played, none of which have ended in a 0 - 0 draw
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I think Lifeguard makes a valid point. Sure, tournament matches like the Euros tend to be more exciting than club season matches because more is at stake in a shorter period of time. There have been several season matches (even Barcelona's) that I have struggled to watch the full 90 minutes because of stalemates, low player energy, poor pitch conditions, etc. One could argue that those stale matches make one appreciate the exciting ones more. I'd rather do away with any variables that can lead to stale matches and increase the excitement, unless it drastically alters the game.

Some leaders of football are attempting to reduce the number of teams in a league, and thereby reduce the number of matches played throughout the year. This would lead to less player injuries and fatigue, and ultimately more exciting matches.

There have also been some who have argued that football could use some of the methods basketball employs to speed up the pace of matches: time limits placed on defenders who camp in the penalty area (or 'key' in basketball), a shot clock which forces teams to be more proactive and play less horizontal and back passes, and a rule that doesn't allow you to return to your defensive half once you have crossed it.

If rules like these were implemented it would drastically alter modern football but it could, in theory, result in far more goals and more exciting matches. Another change that could lead to more excitement is simply reducing matches to 70 or 80 minutes. So many times you can see players just 'coasting' and conserving energy because they know they have an hour of running still to go
Achiox (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Having played as a defender (just casually) for a number of years now, I strongly disagree with the suggestion that there should be a rule that prevents teams from passing the ball back into their own half, once crossed.

I've grew up playing with wingers and central midfielders that, once trapped on their 12 and either 3 or 9 o'clock positions by 2 defenders, refuse to pass the ball back. The ball needs to go back to go forward, and having a line so far up the pitch discourages players even more to pass back. It's not a matter of giving the back 4 a few touches of the ball, it's a matter of producing players that are a bit less full of themselves and less daft.

However.... This could also mean that we see a complete evolution of fullbacks - the position will no longer exist, save for the slower players that play in that position. Eventually, if passing back is continually discouraged, I believe the fullback position will be replaced completely by wingbacks.

Then again, I'm also coming from the perspective of having played a game where after heading an airborne ball back to a centre-back, a fellow teammate yelled "wrong way!"
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I agree that some of those changes would result in an evolution of the game. It wouldn't be the first time a rule change altered the course of footy. Offsides, not being able to pass back to your own keeper with your feet, not throwing it in to a keeper, etc. Have all made the game a little different in their own way.

The reality is there are dozens of ramifications to basket-ball like changes. The foremost challenge being, can referees in football deal with any more rules? They still can't even get offsides or the goal-line calls right (as demonstrated by England vs Hungary). How on earth would they be able to cope with any additional rules?

I stated possible changes or solutions to the problem of too much boring football. I don't necessarily believe that we should implement all of them. I do, however, think that two changes, such as reducing the number of clubs in a league and making matches shorter duration, are two very feasible ideas that wouldn't alter the beautiful game but still help achieve more exciting footy.

When players are having to play a 90 minute match every other day, the teams that don't have a great deal of quality depth are suffering. The competition no longer is about who has the better football team, but who has the deepest squad (and in many cases this is synonymous with the deepest pocketbook), the least amount of injury-prone players, etc. Case in point: If Barcelona had a squad as deep as Real Madrid's they probably would have won the league last season. Likewise, Manchester United have had a deep squad and Fergie has a pretty strict rotation policy. It is no wonder he can compete for the title year after year
Achiox (Manchester United) 4 years ago
"If Barcelona had a squad as deep as Real Madrid's they probably would have won the league last season. "

Very good point. I've actually never paid attention to "squad depth", so cheers for bringing that to my attention!

And yes, with everything that happens in football now, it's not a matter of if, rather, a matter of when.

Continuing on your suggestion of less clubs in the league, why not set the league up like the Scottish? I'm pretty sure SPL has a system where half-way through the season, the league is split into two: the bottom half play each other to fight off relegation, and the top half fight for first position. It's not very realistic or common that a bottom team ever fights their way back to the top, and you can only fluke so many games before the table truly reflects a team's performance throughout the season.

Change is near, friend!
Juno (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Best non footballing video seen anywhere! LOL
BeefCurtains (Limerick) 4 years ago
Q: When is football boring?    A: Whenever England step on the pitch.    >    

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