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How Would You Feel........
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
If you heard the name Peter Risdale linked to your club?
Who? You might say.Leeds,Cardiff and Barnsley fans especially, and a great many supporters throughout the UK will know exactly where I'm coming from here.
Over the coming days,weeks and months(hopefully well still be here) you will be hearing of yet another club facing extinction-Plymouth Argyle.After a number of great seasons from possible demotion from the Football League to a realistic chance of the Premier League,winning 2 league titles in three years,we now appear to be freefalling into financial meltdown.Not because we have squandered money on lavish transfer fees and Lamborghini wages,far from it.At the very point where everything appeared to be going in the right direction, it all implodes. Manager leaves for 'bigger club' ,gets relegated,gets sacked-bizarre.Not as bizarre as the fact that said manager now manages in the Premier League having got relegation candiates Blackpool promotion.Better Players left to 'bigger' clubs, a team that was 'built', that was together and focussed,suddenly was rudderless and fragmented and hasily patched up.We finished 10th.So near, little did we know what was to come,on and of the field.
Suddenly a Japanese 'investor'materialised, riding out of the 'setting sun' and all manner of faces turned up as we were shortlisted as a venue for staging world cup games should Englands' bid be successful.Eventually after six seasons in the Championship, Plymouth are relegated.Well my friends, the WC venue d-day is upon us and as of today our staff(not just the players) have again not been paid, the club is due in the High Court,yet again, to face a winding up order and over the last few weeks Mr Risdale has been an increasingly familiar face around these parts, it finally being admitted over last weekend that he is 'in talks'.
What I'm trying to do here is raise awareness of what has happened at this club, and yes I appreciate we are not the only club who are/have been here,(read my post on Pompey on this forum) but this is another example of the what football has become in this country,and we as supporters are being well and truly stitched up.It's high time we reclaimed our game from the leeches who care not one jot for 'our game'.How we do it I do not know,one thing is for sure until supporters save their tribal rivalries for match day and galvanise as one, we will be screwed to the bitter end. Your club may be ok now, even doing excellently in your eyes,but look at the the teams I've mentioned-Leeds utd champions league semis to league 2 in four seasons, look at Portsmouth, UEFA group stages to dead men walking in a matter of months. I've tried to keep this short but I'm so bloody angry & I wanted to give people who may not be familiar with Mr.Risdale,Plymouth Argyle or the situation facing a lot of clubs in this country, some idea of whats happening. What we ask of you as supporters,where-ever you are,whoever you support, is to take the time to to lend us your support, that is all.
Please visit Link: hit the like button, use the links to find out more, leave a message if you like, it will be very,very much appreciated.If we get enough support then the national press will get interested,and,maybe, give these shisters that are raping our game a sharp heads up that their not wanted.If your only interested in hating forget it,it's not about rivalries and you need two to tango if you get my drift.Its about you all, the supporters without whom these great clubs and traditions wouldnt exist. Thanks and good luck for the season.(updates TO follow....)
Feidiantrade (AC Milan) 6 years ago
A good article
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
To all who have responded by adding support through the facebook page, a very big thankyou!(please don't comment on here as I will be updating as necessary, if you wish to comment on the main article please use my wall. Ty)Response from fans all over the country has been fantastic
Happy christmas
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 6 years ago
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HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 5 years ago
Well,another month on,our most sellable players sold-League 1 top scorer Bradley Wight Phillips signed for Charlton today.Ridsdale,to be fair,appears to be working for nothing ,and knocking a few heads together, but can only do so much.It seems as if the future of this club now relies on a certain Japanese business man, who has a 38% stake in the club, to fulfill his promises and inject some funds.(2m over 4 mnths starting end of dec)
Knowing that the Japanese are a particularly honourable bunch, so word has it,all will be good.NOT! Still no money arrives and Mr Ridsdale has quoted that if it doesn't arrive by the end of this month he's walking.
Theres a petition to Mr Kagami here-Link: Your support(again!) as fellow fans would be very much appreciated.2m from japan by 01/02/11 and we can regroup in the summer, if not its sayonara it seems. Be lucky
HandOfDog (Plymouth Argyle) 5 years ago
We have finally come out of administration-bottom of the football league, perfectly good reputations in tatters(tyvm Peter Reid you f*****g legend)an average squad age of 15(sarc). I have previously slated Peter Ridsdale-in another time it may have been just-but for now-many thanks.
I fear for the structure of our game tbh, really do not know where it is going, there are so many questions for so many clubs. You, the fans hold the aces, however

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