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Footytube Community Guidelines - Read Before You Post
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
Respect our community and we'll respect you right back

Everybody here loves footy just as much as you do and we treat all of our users with a lot of respect. We have a mind-boggling set of community features that inspire great passion and debate, and allow you to express yourself in ways not seen on a footy community before, but as with any community centric site, some of these features are open to abuse and as such, we all expect a little respect from you in return.

Nobody is saying you have to act like Mother Theresa on footytube, but we do have some definite rules that help us to keep footytube so ruddy brilliant.

Most of these rules are just commonsense and surely won't apply to you, but some are a little less obvious, so do take a few seconds to read carefully

1. Hate Speech / Racism
We have absolute zero tolerance on hate speech of any kind and breaking this rule will result in an immediate ban without warning. Hate speech includes speech or language which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation/gender identity.
If you are unsure whether what you are about to post may offend, then don't make an idiot of yourself by posting it - our members comprise of many different races and nationalities and, quite rightly, won't tolerate this kind of behavior, meaning you will find yourself permanently banned from the entire site rather sharpish

2. Spam
We all hate spam. Do not create misleading comments, private messages or post / profile links that are designed to promote your own website or service. If we find spam of this kind, the website links in question will be sent to, and several other third party spam protection services and you will be banned

3. Harassment of Members
/ IM Policy
There is zero tolerance for predatory behavior. This includes stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or the revealing of other members' personal information. Do not abuse the instant messaging system, if someone doesn't wish to talk to you, please respect their privacy. In doing so, it is far more likely they will speak to you at a later date and far less likely that they will add you to their ignore list and/or report you for harassment. Anyone caught abusing this policy will be permanently banned from footytube

4. Video and Link Content
Do not post links to HIGHLIGHTS videos or any other videos that you do not own the copyright to. Do not post links to illegal LIVE STREAMS. Our moderators will remove any such links, so it's a waste of your time and ours. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned

5. Mature Content

We have a strict policy on mature content links, photographs and videos. Do not post these to your profile or footytube comment boards. Abusing the link sharing system will result in you being banned. Just remember, if you wouldn't show it to your Mum, it probably doesn't belong on footytube.

6. Excessive 'TXT Speak' and CAPITAL LETTERS
We know some people find it easier to write shorthand words such as 'dem','der','w8','dat', but we have a lot of people from different backgrounds, countries and ages in our community and many of our users will find comments written like this hard to understand. The same applies to excessive use of CAPS in your posts and uneccessary exclamation marks!!! after your sentence. Please think of others before you type, it only takes a few more seconds to make your posts legible, and you're far more likely to get a response and make new friends by doing so

7. Excessive Team / Player Bashing / 'Trolling'
We all like to have a friendly jibe or two every now and again, but team bashing comments such as 'Arsenal are Crap', are just plain rude, immature and well, a little boring. If you aren't able to articulate why you think arsenal are crap, there's not really a lot of point in saying it. The same goes for over-zealous praising of your team, saying 'Arsenal Rules!' may very well be true in your opinion, but it doesn't make for interesting reading, try telling us why they rule?

8. Swearing
Although swearing IS allowed on footytube, please refrain from unecessary and over-use of profanities. There is a time and a place for swearing. Please Note: Swear words are automatically filtered by default. If you prefer your posts with more colourful language, you can override the filter via your account settings page.

9. 'Spoiler' Policy
Respect those that do not yet know the match results, try to avoid making any posts that will reveal score lines in the topic title. This also applies to any LIVE match score / video chatrooms that you may be participating in.

What happens if I get banned?

footytube is a huge site, with a massive member base and our moderators often don't have the time to look into great detail at a member's history before making the decision to ban a user. Having said that, we're not complete fascists here at footytube and we don't think we're asking a lot of you to follow these simple guidelines, so you should never find yourself in a position where you are banned from the site.

On the rare occasion that a user is banned from the site, it is important that you understand that your account and profile will be deleted and your IP address blacklisted from the entire site, which includes the ability to watch videos. In some instances, we may send you a friendly warning before adding you to our ban list and there is also a possibility that we will look into any appeal that you may make after getting banned, but there is no guarantee, so just follow the rules.

Please Note: If a user gets banned for breaking Rule #1, there will be no appeal process and no second chances - call us lefty liberal hippies if you want to, but the bottom line is, we simply don't want shallow-minded idiots like this to be part of our community.

So, to surmise,
treat other people with the respect you would like to see given to you, and expect to receive numerous hugs, a warm glowy feeling, and other fluffy hippy s**t in return :)

Final Rule - You MUST enjoy footytube

Having fun on footytube is mandatory and our moderators spy on every user 24/7 to make sure this rule is being adhered to. In the unlikely event that one of our moderators suspect that you might not be enjoying yourself quite as much as you ought to be, we will have no other recourse but to send Mike Bassett over to your place to give you a good talking to.

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