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Footy Dreams
Hikmat (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Have you ever had a footy related dream? I haven't really had any, but my brother had, and some came true. He dreamed the night before the 2-1 el clasico last season of Madrid winning (he's a barca fan) and heard the commentators say Madrid out played Barca. What happened the next day? Madrid outplayed Barca.

He than went extreme a couple days ago, when he dreamed that Alexis Sanchez was signing his jersey, but Puyol couldn't. He didn't remember why (as it's proven 90% of a dream is usually forgotten in 10 minutes). The next game against Benefica, Puyol dislocated his elbow which controls simple movements as picking things up, using your whole arm properly, or in this case signing his jersey.

Now this all might be a coincidence, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows of anything like this, or has experienced footy dreams of this sort, or any dreams of this sort

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