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Fernando Torres And Chelsea FC
HangTime (Chelsea) 4 years ago
The other night I saw a post on Facebook about Fernando Torres. Chelsea fans were commenting on the post and then started arguing. I feel like the Torres situation is tearing Chelsea fans apart. Some fans are for Torres and some are not. It's almost like a civil war will break loose.... Lol. The Torres vs Anti-Torres War.

I will admit it, I am not a fan of Torres. The very second when I heard that Chelsea bought Torres for 50m, I was not happy. After almost 2 years, I still hope that he will prove me wrong but still he has not. Every time when Torres scores a goal or his hat-trick against QPR, fans will say, "He's back!" Then the next game, he's no where. Torres scored 2 goals against Ireland in the EuroCup, "Torres is back!" For me, come on, it's against QPR and Ireland when he plays for Chelsea and Spain. The thing that annoys me the most is people saying, "He worked hard. " Anyone can work hard.

Torres have played in 54 league matches for Chelsea and scored 11 goals. He has played in 80 overall matches and scored 18 goals. Most of his goals are against lower ranked teams. He did however, scored on Barcelona, United, Tottenhem recently,?

My main question is for Chelsea fans out there. Are you for or against Torres and why? I just want to know your opinion on Torres and why.... Not wanting to argue or anything
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 4 years ago
I have been a big fan of Torres throughout his career as far back as when he played for Athletico Madrid. When he moved to Liverpool and turned into a scoring machine I thought he was one of the best in the world. He proved his value on the world stage as well scoring the winner for spain in the Euro finals. At the time he could do no wrong.

Since his move to Stamford Bridge he has not picked up where he left off for Liverpool but I have never lost faith in the caliber player he is. He came into a team that had a reputation for winning despite the almost yearly change in Managers. Since being at Chelsea he's seen 3 different managers all with different aproaches to the game. When he got to Chelsea he had Drogba Anelka Kalou and Sturridge to contend with for playing time.

No one can begin to explain his dip in form. Although this season we have seen glimpses of the old El Nino. Consistency continues to elude him. And for that reason many Chelsea fans are beginning to turn on him. For this reason I don't think he will remain our number 1. Its tough to say weather Torres has truly lost his form or he is the victim of a system that chews up great players.

One positive that works for Torres is that Chelsea are top of the PL table with him starting every game so far and he is the top scorer for Chelsea. However, in many of the high profile matchups he tends to disappear. I expect he will continue with this Jekyl and Hyde type of inconsistancy and it will be his downfall
Jean0987654321 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I am not a Chelsea fan, but I love Torres and I think Torres is doing great as a Blue. I think he'll be world class when he leaves (like Drogba) and THEN the fans will moan heavily about his departure.
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 4 years ago
His contract doesn't end this year. I hope he goes out like Drogba. No Chelsea suppprter would be uhappy with an end like that
Lifeguard (FootyTube Moderator) 4 years ago
Torres can be world class some days.... And other days even a three year old could defend him.... He's just a little too inconsistent still. Hopefully he improves, then he's sure to stay at Chelsea for a long while
MancYank (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Fernando is a super talent. I remember him at Liverpool; he was producing sublime goals every week. He was volleying shots from ridiculously acute angles while at full stride. Whether he finds a way to maximize his goal production at Chelsea is still unknown. All I know is that the potential is there
HangTime (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Copied AND pasted FROM AN article I READ ON THIS SITE.

Ome in No9
You have only to look at Robin van Persie's finishing this week to see what Chelsea are missing. Saturday's draw at Swansea, a difficult game in which they were without key men and did not play particularly well, was precisely the kind of predicament from which they are entitled to expect Fernando Torres to rescue them. Quite simply it no longer matters how good his movement is meant to be or how hard we are told he works or the space he is deemed to create for others: strikers who do not strike are on the exceptionally useless side of useless. The majority of teams who win titles do so with one striker scoring at least 20 league goals – in the period since Sky invented football, the lowest top-scorer in any such side is Eric Cantona with 14 for Manchester United in 1995-96 – a title sneaked on the back of 1-0 victories. Given the state of Chelsea's defence and defensive midfield, that is hardly going to happen to them, so it is time for a rethink. Either Daniel Sturridge must be given the chance to prove he is as good as he absolutely knows he is, or Eden Hazard, scorer of 20 league goals for Lille last season, needs to move inside. Neither option is the remotest solution but, if Roberto Di Matteo waits until January to find one, given Chelsea's fixtures in the meantime he might find that the season has already departed. Daniel Harris

Futbal321 (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Chelsea's style just does not suit him and vice versa. He thrives on running into space and open end to end football. Falcao would be a much better option
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
I'm not sure how the Torres saga will turn out, but I honestly feel a little sorry for him. The pressure is so great on his shoulders for so many reasons, it's a bit unfair to him. Still though, my favorite moment of his career has to be this:

LumpOfCelery (Chelsea) 4 years ago
   Not this one? :D
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Not as fond of that one

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