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FC Barcelona - The Rigors Of Being The Best Football Club In The World
UDECHILE (Univ de Chile) 4 years ago
I'm scared
UDECHILE (Univ de Chile) 4 years ago
Ahem (on a more serious note), you do realize every single club in the world can make a case like this.... With just as many videos and just as many dubious calls called agaisnt them. I don't feel more sorry about barca with this article (I'm not a fan, but I'm not a hater also, I enjoy watching them play) buuuuuuuut (of coarse) this article is extremely biased and one sided. Yes, you are the best club in the world, you can go ahead and gloat, you have the results, but please, show a little humility and stop this unnecesary banter
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
This wasn't meant to be bias to say that the world is against Barca. It is just there to say that the allegations that they get favoured by the referee isn't true.

There has been so much s**t about Barca being tossed around the site that it really is necessary but the eyes of the ones who need to see this won't ever reach this article
Sn3kyn00b (Arsenal) 4 years ago
This article is necessarily one-sided, because every second person in the world knows how Barca "always has the big decisions go their way"...
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Haha This article is biased? This article is supposed to be in defence of Barcelona against "biased" allegations of preferential treatment by referees. What would you like me to do? We all know Barcelona has got lucky decisions which has been plastered all over the internet by disgruntled fans whose teams end up at the receiving end. The point here is, when you make allegations like the one above me (every second person in the world knows how Barca "always has the big decisions go their way") you have to look at this list and remember Barca gets hosed by refs too. As an Arsenal fan this person won't remember Messi's disallowed goal and Djourou's penalty shout but he clearly remembers RVP's red card. That is bias
Sn3kyn00b (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Franky, the point of it being in quotation marks was to make out that that's what everyone says. Of course I remember Van Persie's red card; how could I not? But I don't forget Messi's disallowed goal. I completely forgot Djorou's penalty shout though, it's been a while. This article isn't biased, it's just one-sided because it's a necessary defence that isn't often spruiked to the public.... I didn't understand the UDC person's comments because of course every team has situations like this, it's just that the majority of decisions that go against Barca are not viewed
Sn3kyn00b (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Believe me, I freaked the s**t when he scored the disallowed goal, because I don't think he looked to be offside when Pedro took the shot. I don't get to go to matches because I live in Australia, though, so obviously I couldn't be there in person, and the camera angle for the replay is not the best imo...
Ash2bd (Barcelona) 4 years ago
While talking/writing about barca(specially after a good barca game or season), I don't know why some die-hard blind fans of other teams always sound like saying "the rest of the players of other teams in the world are all angels". No one can deny that there are and always have been some play-actors players in every team.

And there have always been bad refereeing-decisions from what teams got benefited or harmed for years. But when it comes to commenting on Barca, haters always talked like barca always get benefited, while the true fact is that barca have been denied fair judgement much more times, the current season is the very recent example. They always sound like their preferred teams are never benefited from bad decisions from referees, so untrue. Show me a single team which never got benefited by bad refereeing, I bet there is none.

Maybe it depends on ones personality and character of ignoring the greater good picture (beautiful passing game in case of barca) and of emphasizing on some bad things. NO matter HOW great something IS, THEY always SEE OR WANT TO SEE IT WITH negative intention AND approach. To them, please don't be haters. Try to appreciate the real beauty and to enjoy your lives with open heart
Mt1234 (Bolton Wanderers) 4 years ago
Good job. You should be a lawyer. Quality work
4 years ago
Well written. You could also add these though the list:

1) Marcelo dived a penalty against us in the second La Liga Clasico last seaosn which ended 1-1
2) We didn't get a clear penalty against Arsenal in the 2nd leg after a clear foul by Djourou
3) Van Persie could have been sent off earlier when he intentionally hit Dani Alves's face
4) Somehow Koscielny didn't get second yellow after he conceded that penalty
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I want to respond to the UEFA allegations. In theory UEFA makes more money if bigger teams go through to the big stages. The prize money that teams receive is based on their market reach. So for winning the 2011 UCL, Barcelona made 51m euros while United made 53m even though it lost. You get paid money for reaching certain rounds and the prize money keeps increasing. Nobody wants to see a Benfica vs Barca final except for Benfica fans.

EPL has a bigger market reach than La Liga. On the other hand, United, Madrid and Barca have the largest audience worldwide. The best money scenario is a Madrid vs United final. Chelsea vs United was great for TV ratings too since its an EPL rivalry. Barca vs Madrid would be a bonanza for ad revenues because they will market it is Armageddon.

So while it would be massively more profitable if the big teams won and proceeded to the final rounds, UEFA cannot and will not indulge in match fixing. Its like killing the hen which lays golden eggs. There's too much at stake to lose if UEFA as an organization starts fixing matches
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I hope I'm not instigating another pointless flame war, but I find it a bit amusing that the many Chelsea fans who keep accusing us of being lucky with the ref (if they don't go as far as call us cheaters or even accuse us of bribery) have now been extremely lucky with the ref two games in a row. The two clear off-side goals they just scored against Wigan, the laughable sending off of Maxi Pereira in the Benfica game and several other controversial decisions in that Chelsea-Benfica game.

No offense to Chelsea fans though, but in my opinion the main reason why Barcelona gets criticised a lot for having a couple decisions going their way, is because they usually win the competitions they're in. Afterwards people are always quick to point out things like that. People always use double standards when judging something that stirs up emotions inside of them.

If Chelsea would've won the UCL of 2009, people would now be talking about the Barcelona-Chelsea game instead, and how Henry had two very clear PKs denied, how Abidal was sent off for nothing in the second leg etc. If Chelsea would be genuine BPL contenders now, there would be a HUGE fuss about the two off-side goals that would last forever if Chelsea would win the BPL in the end.

And because Barcelona plays possession football, many more fouls are committed on our team than vice versa, so dubious decisions will go our way more often than not. Although the many unseen PKs or bad off-side calls are a bitch. Briefly: Barcelona has decisions of refs going their way occasionally, like all teams (even less than most big teams IMO), and because they win a lot, these little bits of luck are enlarged to big proportions
Pragathish (AC Milan) 4 years ago
People don't hate or dislike Barca because they win. IMO the hatred is due to some players who are in the roster who'd make Cristiano blush. Kick them out or fix them good, the team'll be clean as a whistle
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Real fans who understand and have actually played competitively know that bad decisions are a part of the game. I think its more psychological than anything else wanting to find a reason for why Barca performs so much better than the most expensive teams on earth. Its because they pay the refs, they flop, they cheat, UEFA wants them to win, they take steroids! The list is endless
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Real fans who understand and have actually played competitively know that bad decisions are a part of the game. I think its more psychological than anything else wanting to find a reason for why Barca performs so much better than the most expensive teams on earth. Its because they pay the refs, they flop, they cheat, UEFA wants them to win, they take steroids! The list is endless
SIMPLYGODS 4 years ago
Well done, I can see you did your research and put a lot of time into this. Sadly any team that is doing good will always have its haters and trolls and those who can't stand for them to win another game and in turn when they do, they make some of the most outrageous comments and say some of the dumbest things just to stir things up because they can't stand the fact that Barca is doing so well and achieving so much. Haters gonna' hate and their isn't much you can do about it, we can try to prove things all we want but in return they see what they want to see and close their eyes to the truth staring straight back at them =/ If people would open their eyes and open their minds and enjoy footy for footy they wouldn't go bitching and moaning but actually have intelligent things to say but hell hasn't frozen over yet so I guess that'll never happen haha. You'll get you're true footy fans and you'll get your lousy good for nothing idiots who cry and complain and hate and troll just because they can't bare for a team they hate so much to win =/ anyways everybody should enjoy footy, keep your minds open and enjoy it, their will always be controversy but its up to you to determine fact from fiction
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
You'll be surprised it took me only an hour to put all of this together. One might think it is a lot of time for a Barcelona fan, it is worthy of peace of mind. As a Barca fan, I kind of remember most of the important games Barca has played at least in the recent past. So when I hear people complain about preferential treatment, my memory of these games annoys the hell out of me. Fans of other clubs don't watch ALL Barcelona games. So when their team gets bad decisions vs Barca they automatically assume, that's how Barcelona rolls in general. Its just disingenuous!
Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Check out this game between Real Betis and Madrid.

Watch the game in the 63rd min and the 90th min.

Arbeloa clearly handles the ball, the referee is right there watching. Then Ramos blocks the shot with his arm stretched out. The ball ricochets off his body onto his arm. Let's get our pitchforks out and make a silly connection between Madrid and the Spanish FA
HangTime (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I am sure that every team have their ups and downs with the referees.

The match between Barcelona vs Chelsea a few years ago when Chelsea should had gotten a handball at the end, I will not say that the Referee sided with Barcelona or that Barcelona paid him. I will say that the referee was wrong to not had given that pk. Chelsea has gotten a few calls for them and a few calls against them/for the other team. I am sure Barcelona is the same and same for Real Madrid, Arsenal, and every club out there.

The Pepe and Alves incident.... If I was the referee, I would had thought that Pepe got Alves and given Pepe a red card too. The argument here is that Alves shouldn't had acted like how he did. And of course, I did not like how Pepe went for that challenge.

Some people say that Referees favor Barcelona and Barcelona players are great actors and divers.... It can be said about every team. I admit it, Chelsea players dive (One of my favorite player Drogba against Napoli) and there are times when Chelsea get some calls favoring them (not saying the Ref favors them).

Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I think Chelsea should have got the Pique handball more than the last shot by Ballack
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Good on you for documenting this so thorougly.
Personally I just find these conspiracy theories utterly ridiculous. I have probably watched 75% of Barca's matches during the past twenty years. True football fans should look up to this club instead of jealous smear campaigns like what's going on now
Pragathish (AC Milan) 4 years ago
First of all, I have to agree, had we chalked off those controversial goals, Barcelona would still have qualified and totally were the better team. I'm still impressed by the way the team presses and gets back the ball- almost unreal and mechanical.

But for the love of God, please play like men. (looking at Busquets, Alves, Xavi, etc)
With players like that, you're only tarnishing your image. Sacchi's or Capello's Milan (or anyother top team for that matter) never played like this
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
First of all, I think I can tell you feel very strongly about this lol. I think you're right overall, Barcelona are the victims of many cases. But this happens at all clubs, you feel robbed one week then get a lucky break the next week. I'm sure I can find many videos where Barcelona got penalties or decisions that went in their favor, just as I can with about any club that I can think of.

I do disagree with you that the other clubs bad decisions get pushed under the radar, just because, well, you're Barcelona. Do you know how many complaints and conspiracy theories I have to listen to every time Man Utd get a decision in our favor at Old Trafford? But of course nobody talks about the penalties that went against us (hint: Newcastle's 1-1 draw this season).

You're right though, nobody in their right mind should be saying Uefa's biased for Barcelona. It's just plain stupid.

As for the diving, it's disgraceful, particularly Madrid's antics against you last year. But I would say Barcelona were just as much at fault.

Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
I know that United has to face similar allegations. But I do think that in the current football environment it is acceptable for fans if anybody facing Barca gets good calls because they're the underdogs.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who is a FIFA referee in the US. He believes that as referees you subconsciously want to officiate a balanced match even if you are trying your best to be fair to both teams. When teams like Barcelona dominate opponents ruthlessly it makes referees avoid giving penalties and make it easier for Barca to kill their opponents. We, as Barca supporters see it all the time. How much abuse does Messi have to take before someone gets sent off for trying to injure him?

I agree that some Barcelona players dive and indulge in play-acting. But one should notice that it starts when the other team starts playing rough. The fact is most clubs have realized that the only way you can beat Barca is by unsettling them and they're not shy of fouling Barcelona. Fouls stop the game, shake up Barca players and interrupt their rhythm. Tiki-taka doesn't work in spurts. To counter this, Barca players flop so their opponents get cautioned and can't rough them up anymore. Barca dives the most playing Mourinho's Madrid. I don't think diving is right but what do you do? As we have seen in the past, the ref is not going to send 5 Madrid players off
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Well if he does send 5 players off there won't be a game lol, I believe the official Fifa rule says if you get more than 4 red cards the other team must forfeit.

I think that Barcelona may get a better end of the deal if they dive less in those types of situations. More people will be on your side, and see that you're the victims. Instead your getting a reaction like "Spanish football is stupid".

Just saying, two wrongs doesn't make a right

Franky4fingers (Barcelona) 4 years ago
There are certain players in world football who will dive no matter what the situation is. For example Sanchez is a diver. Busquets is a flopper. Similarly CR7 is a diver/flopper while Messi is not. He goes on and on even when he's tripped. Platini said refs should do more to protect players and it is applicable for Messi. I am aware that less that 8 players makes a an automatic forfeit. But just to keep a game going, is the ref allowed to ignore thuggish behavior just so the game doesn't get too lop sided?
Malik (Barcelona) 4 years ago
@Franky4fingers, thanks for writing this well written article with more then enough evidence to prove your point.

But I am sure that hatters won't even get a single word from it even if they bother to read this article, as certainly most of us (cules) had already point out the same examples (in separate part), which prove of no use in the end.

As expected you got more rude votes then cool votes
Aliko 4 years ago
Thank you Franky4fingers!
Ayanhein (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Well written

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