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Euro 2012 Spotlight - Netherlands
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago

FIFA World Ranking

Tournament Odds

Key Players
Arjen Robben – FW – 55 Caps, 17 Goals
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar– ST - 51 Caps, 31 Goals
Robin van Persie– ST – 63 Caps, 26 Goals

Team Rating

B: Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark

Notable Facts
  • Highest scoring team in Euro 2012 qualifying with 37 goals in 10 games.

  • Have only been defeated twice in competitive international matches since van Marwijk took over in 2008.

  • Have one of the oldest teams with 13 out of 23 players aged 28 or over.

Netherlands' Chances
Of course we all remember the Dutch for the 1-0 World Cup Final loss to Spain in 2010, a narrow, dirty game settled by very little. It is off the back of that impressive campaign which saw them knock out Brazil and an impressive Uruguay team en-route to the final that the Dutch make up a trio of tournament favourites at Euro 2012. In fact that final match was the only the 1st of only 2 that the Dutch have failed to win in competitive football since Bert van Marwijk took charge as manager on 2008 (the other match was a dead rubber for the Dutch against Sweden in the final qualifying game for Euro 2012).

Shortly before van Marwijk’s tenure the Dutch had dropped as low as 10th in the world rankings. After a disappointing last 16 knockout at the hands of Portugal in the 2006 World Cup they had gone on to qualify in 2nd place (to Romania) in their Euro 2008 qualification group having suffered shock defeats to Belarus and Romania during that campaign and managed a meager 15 goals from 12 group matches against the likes of Luxembourg, Albania, Belarus and Bulgaria. They were eventually knocked out of Euro 2008 at the first knockout stage in another surprising loss, this time to Russia.

Dutch football was far from a crisis but it was a particularly low ebb for a side that had invented “total football” and won the competition 20 years earlier with one of the most awesome international sides ever to grace a football field, a side that also seemed to be resurging when they went on to finish 4th in the 1998 World Cup, but it seemed the Dutch were dipping once again in a roller coaster of international brilliance and disappointment.

After this disappointment the manager’s job was handed to little known van Marwijk who had hardly ever managed outside of the Netherlands, never at international level, and had only ever had one cap for the national team during his playing days, when he was given the job. He went on to surprise everyone as Dutch football surged again, briefly rising to number 1 in the World in August 2011.

Since his appointment the Dutch have failed to win just 2 competitive matches. In the qualifying campaign for Euro 2012 the Dutch side cemented their reputation as an attacking force by scoring a stunning 37 goals in 10 matches (more than any other team) in a group that included Sweden, Hungary and a half decent Finland side. They also had the highest scorer in qualifying, not with Robin Van Persie who was busy having a record breaking Premier League season of 30 goals and 9 assists in 38 appearances with Arsenal whilst managing 6 goals in 6 games for the Netherlands, but the star of the Dutch qualifying show was Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who top scored in that phase with 12 goals in just 8 appearances bringing his international tally to a stunning 31 goals in 51 games which leaves him only 9 short of equaling the Netherlands all time top scorer Patrick Kluivert whilst putting him in touching distance of greats such as Johan Cruyff (33 in 48), Ruud van Nistelrooy (35 in 70) and Dennis Bergkamp (37 in 79).

It’s also worth noting that Ibrahim Afellay, Dirk Kuyt and Wesley Sneijder all chipped in with more than 3 goals each and whilst Rafael van der Vaart who managed 1 goal and Arjen Robben both remain huge threats.

The Dutch Issue
Whilst many players in the Dutch side are close to or just slightly past their primes (at the last count there were 13 players aged 28 or over in the Dutch squad, the Germans have only 3 in this category whilst Spain have 8) there is no doubting the quality they all possess, the only question is do they still have the legs to go all the way or did they miss their boat in South Africa? The gut feel is that this sort of stat could be the difference in the kind if narrow, decided in extra time sort of game that can often cause upsets at the Euros.

The major issue the Dutch face that is they are unlikely win their group which would throw them against Spain in the Semi-Final or even potentially against another set of opponents like the “surprise package” Russia side that knocked them out of Euro 2008, ironically that team could actually be Russia once again or more likely tournament hosts Poland who have credible upset potential of their own.

If Portugal can cause a minor shock the Dutch might not even make it past the group stage so they really are a tough one to call, circumstance could quite feasibly see them knocked out at any stage right up to the final with the bookies actually fancying the most likely exit at the group stage and giving them a 40% chance of exiting in abject disappointment.

“Araz Index”
Chance of qualifying from Group: 60%
Predicted Knock Out Stage: Quarter Finals

“Matt Index”
Chance of qualifying from Group: 70%
Predicted Knock Out Stage: Semi Finals

Matt's Possibly True Trivia

  • The Dutch team are renowned for their baking skills and is not unusual to see other teams queuing up to get their hands on the Dutch cup cakes and brownies.

  • Van Persie is said to make a noise like the mating call of the male Beluga Whale, just before he takes a penalty. It is not known if this is intentional or not.

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CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
I think there going to have interesting time. I do still think they will advance group with Germany(I am Germany fan) I think they could easily not though with just a loss. But I don't think Portugal will do it, but ya Netherlands a good team overall, have some good key players and should be interesting. But there defiantly not winning it this year. Germany is!
Seandebom (Ajax) 4 years ago
Sneijder needs his form back aswell our LB position is so weak. But ofcourse lets make the best of it boys !
Daniel4ing (Feyenoord) 4 years ago
I think most of us dutchies aren't that confident this time. We haven't been hit with a lot of injuries and our main players are still doing an amazing job at their teams but there is something about our forwards that just seems off.

Sneijder seems lost and has looked like that even on the last world cup. Van Persie, one of the best is the world doesn't get the deliveries like he does in England. Huntelaar is a very static player but does score a lot.... I personally just don't think he's good enough to break the defence of really good teams. Van der Vaart has mainly been a sub in the Dutch squad, I'd love to see him replace Sneijder. And Robben.... I just don't know. One day he'll score every opportunity he gets and the next day he's the most horrible player on the pitch due to always wanting to run the ball.

All I wish to see is that some of these players start working together a bit more because the last few years the Dutch team is being run by a few too many individuals.

With the quality that we have, we should be able to get far. Specially with all the other countries picking up injuries left and right
[account-removed] 4 years ago
My advice is to relax and remain confident (football R&R). For my money, we have the best attacking side in football bar none. The fact that there are subs for nearly all non defensive positions is reassuring (Huntelaar, Vaart, Jong, Afellay, Kuyt, could all be subs). The fact that any of these subs could potentially do the job as well as their respective starters is incredible. The real problem is and always has been defence. Fortunately, when we began starting Stekelenburg that pressure was eased a good deal. I know I'm crazy but I'd rather see de jong starting at LB, even though he is a loose cannon that I don't particularly like as a player. People say defence is what wins Championships. Spain is testament to that but how close were we. If Robben had only converted a single one of those many chances, who knows....
Group be is exactly what we needed. Facing Germany, Portugal, and even Denmark, shall prepare us for what is to come in the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Final match.
Our attack will see us through, be it to the latter stages or in my opinion the final where in we shall see the first trophy for the Dutch side in far too long.
Superfanof (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Lets just pray that the dutch won't play dirty this time
Daniel4ing (Feyenoord) 4 years ago
Hope Portugal/Spain don't go diving all over the place and ask for red/yellow cards an entire game again
Alfrodo (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Kind of like how Netherlands did against Brazil?
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Exactly. Brazil didn't deserve the loss
Ramin85 (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Robben definitely put his thigh under Melo's stokes
Daniel4ing (Feyenoord) 4 years ago
The game itself, was a weird one. Melo made some weird choices in the game but I think we can all agree that the dutch didn't play their normal game during this world cup and that brasil's team actually looked the weakest it had been for many years. Robben and sneijder have this bad habbit as well, fully agree.... But both of them have nothing on Xavi, Inhiesta, [C.] Ronaldo and old players like Figo...
[account-removed] 4 years ago
But who can say that Brazil deserved to win? Given the way they played
Dtouch (Ajax) 4 years ago
Alfrodo, are you serious? Robben made it obvious that Melo stomped him, yes, but for crying out loud, Melo stomped him. What do you want?

Brazil had the better first half, the NL the better second half. Its how the game ends that counts
Rezatnt (Barcelona) 4 years ago

Well Well ! Netherlands ! As a Spain fan, , , I have to say ! They scares me !

They have the worst draw of any of the 16 teams in the competition but they are Netherlands ! They are like Range Rover having a bad road ! Maybe they said yeaaah after finding other competitions in their group !

They are like their shirts and kits ! Awesome !

'' goal threats everywhere ''

Love them, I really enjoy watching them play

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