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Euro 2012 Spotlight - Greece
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago

FIFA World Ranking

Tournament Odds

Key Players
Giorgos Karagounis– MF – 115 Caps, 8 Goals
Theofanis Gekas– ST - 56 Caps, 21 Goals

Team Rating

A: Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia

Notable Facts
  • Finished top of their qualifying group at the expense of Croatia.

  • Were the lowest scoring group winners with 14 goals in 10 games.

  • Winners of Euro 2004 having won all of their knock out games 1-0.

Greece’s Chances
When people hear Greece’s name in footballing circles most recall them heroically boring us game after game on their way to Euro 2004 glory in Portugal by winning every one of their knock out stage games 1-0. This concept of Greece being a boring though is a little hypocritical to say the least, when Chelsea gave “Greece-like” performances against Barcelona and Bayern on the road to Champions league victory this season they were lauded as heroes who had invented a new way to combat vastly superior opponents, but football supporters have short memories, the Greeks were doing this 12 years ago.

Since that triumph the Greeks have simmered down to less astonishing levels. They finished 4th in their qualification group for the 2006 WC , qualified for Euro 2008 but finished bottom of their group scoring just 1 goal and again qualified for the 2010 WC , this time having found what seemed to be a star capable of goal scoring in Theofanis Gekas who finished the 2010 qualifying campaign as top goal scorer with 10 goals in 10 games, but their goal scoring spurt was short lived, they exited the 2010 WC bottom of their group with their only 2 goals coming in a 2-1 win over Nigeria.

Their qualifying campaign for Euro 2012 tells a similar sort of story, they did surprisingly well by winning their group ahead of Croatia and remaining undefeated throughout. Once again though the tell tale signs are there that a similar finals performance could follow. No Greek player during qualifying managed to get more than 2 goals, and the 14 Greece scored in 10 matches was the lowest of any group winner, though as normal their defence did the stubborn work of conceding just 5 goals.

The only question about Greece seems to be whether or not they are capable of getting the little bits of luck required to turn “parking the bus” in to a tournament wining strategy, after all Chelsea’s herculean efforts may well have indicated that this may be a year for bus parking and the weakness of Group “A” is certainly the most conducive to an unlikely Greek qualification, but the difference this time is that the Greek team has had little in the way of new talent, scant few of their players are active in Europe’s top leagues, and many of their players whilst vastly experienced at international level, are now well past their best and may not be able to put in the hard yards their selected strategy requires.

“Araz Index”
Chance of qualifying from Group: 30%
Predicted Knock Out Stage: Group Stage

“Matt Index”
Chance of qualifying from Group: 20%
Predicted Knock Out Stage: Group Stage

Matt's Possibly True Trivia
  • After a player has been selected for the national side they then have to make it the training ground from the FA headquarters using only wings they construct themselves out of wax and feathers.

  • Aristotle was the first Greek national coach to adopt the sweeper system. It is though he only did this to annoy former manager Plato who was a strict 4-4-2 man.

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CheMaradona 4 years ago
Thank for that read
Northgreen (AC Milan) 4 years ago
" the Greeks were doing this 12 years ago. "

Could you refresh my memory of what happened in 2000? Or was it meant to be 8 years ago?

I ask because I am not sure if it was a typo or if I really have forgotten something from 2000. Was it then they started with the defensive playing style perhaps?
Crazyaussie121 (Panathinaikos Athens) 4 years ago
Greece has undergone a significant transformation since the departure of Otto Rehhagel, the mastermind of the Euro 2004 success. The current coach Fernando Santos, well known for his past exploits in Portugal, has proceeded with a drastic overhaul of the team, dropping old players such as Dellas, Charisteas and Basinas and has strived to bring young players through the ranks. He gave debut starts to many players, such as 17-year old keeper Stefano Kapino, the trickster Giannis Fetfatzidis, as well as Petsos (18), Marinos (22), and Kostas Mitroglou (23) to name a few.

Most of these youngsters were not named in the Euro 2012 squad, with Santos calling up a mixture of talent and experience. Key players are not only Karagounis and Gekas, but also include:

Kostas Katsouranis, veteran midfielder of AEK Athens, Benfica, and now Panathinaikos
Avraam Papadopoulos and Vassilis Torosidis of Olympiakos with significant Champions League experience
Kyriakos Papadopoulos and Tzavellas, both playing in Bundesliga sides this season
Sotiris Ninis - the Greek "el Niño" who has just signed with Parma
Jose Cholebas - naturalised Greek left winger, with a fantastic season at double winners Olympiakos

A notable omission is disgruntled Dionisis Chiotis, keeper of Cypriot side apoel who went to the quarter finals of the Champions League this year, with Santos choosing a dodgy 36 year old Chalkias alongside Sifakis (injured for most of the season) and Tzorvas of Palermo who only plays in practice matches for the Italian side
CheMaradona 4 years ago
Great addition to the main article
Amerce (Panathinaikos Athens) 4 years ago
I believe that Mitroglou was named, also, Kyriakos Papadopolous is very promising player, at 19 and starting for Schalke week in week out, becoming a key player in their squad.

Sokratis Papastathopoulos is also reletively young, playing for werder bremen (previously AC Milan) and is extremely talented, along with Kostas Fortounis (kaiserslauten).

For this pathetic article to imply that there is no youth coming through is ridiculous
Crazyaussie121 (Panathinaikos Athens) 4 years ago
Thanks, was my pleasure! We have a very manageable group, and coming in undefeated during qualifiers I'm quite optimistic about qualifying to the knockouts, much more than 20-30% chances

SrpskiCevap (Inter Milan) 4 years ago
Best of luck to our Greek brothers
Amerce (Panathinaikos Athens) 4 years ago
This has to be the most poorly researched, amateur, ill-informed tripe I have ever read on any football blog, website or publication.

Whoever wrote this is doing a complete disservice to – not only to the readers – but this website, themselves and Journalism as a whole.

If the author had any sense of shame they would swiftly withdraw this poor excuse of an article and allow for someone with actual knowledge in the world of football to write something better. Otherwise, nothing at all as this would be a much more accurate and informative piece than the current rubbish that has been written
UWMike (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
A little sensitive are we? It's not like any of the other team related 'articles' are much better or any more informative. This is meant to be in the style of a blog post. A quick opinion based on high-level observation. This isn't a site of football professionals. If you want detailed analysis then you came to the wrong place. Gather yourself man, it's not like they're insulting your mother
Sephirothgr87 (Olympiakos Piraeus) 4 years ago
I like the fact that someone accepts the hypocricy of criticising Greece's extreme defensive style. You can't do that while praising teams like Chelsea, Mourinho's Inter, every Italy team ever etc. Let's be honest, every England, Netherlands, Portugal fan would gladly sell his soul to the devil, in order to win the trophy in a greek 2004 manner. A s far as it concerns the team analysis, I think it's spot on. Finally, it may sound crazy to the most of you, but I believe K. Papadopoulos, A. Papadopoulos and Papastathopoulos are far superior to most premier league centre backs like Skrtel, Agger, Vermalen, Mertesacker, Evans, Gallas etc
MadBro 4 years ago
I predict poland and greece to go through
Rezatnt (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Emmm Greece !

Might surprise opponents with their constant running.... Decent defence line, some ensues with scoring, , ,

Good luck !
Greengorilla1 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
12 years ago? Didn't realize it's 2016 already!
Amerce (Panathinaikos Athens) 4 years ago
What does the author have to say now?
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
The Greeks absolutely deserved to go through. Not the prettiest display of football, but the determination and teamwork were at the higest level. Well done Greeks

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