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England Manager ... Again!
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Must be a slow news day in the world of football as we now have two ex England players coming out and demanding that the FA pick their manager right now, in fact yesterday is better.


I have massive respect for both Sol Campbell and Alan Shearer (the two players mentioned) but couldn't disagree more.

This is not club football we are talking about here there is not there is not a squad of players sat around wondering what formation to play or if they are awesome or not. The picked players will not meet up until the season is over.

So what would the England manager be doing right now? I would take a wild stab in the dark he would be watching the Premier League and in particular players from the top 5 clubs. What do you think Harry Redknapp is doing most days?

Naming the England manager now (or Harry Redknapp as he is otherwise known) would only unsettle the team they are currently managing.

England and the England manager are in a bit of unique situation on the international scene in that most of the players eligible to play for England play here in the top league. In the last 7 squads there has been 1 player he does not play in England (Scott Carson) and only 3 players who played outside the Prem.

Given this fact I would say if you are a Premier League team manager it would be easy to be a part time England manager.

So there is my shout Harry Redknapp for England AND Spurs
Jeroen (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Can't believe there aren't any reactions to this yet. The fora are dead.

Anyway, I agree with you Matt: I've seen several pundits and former players mention that England quickly needs a new manager, but I kept wondering why. Unless it's going to be another man from abroad, I think all English candidates would fare better NOT being appointed as the new England manager yet, as the media would just pile pressure on him now, with the season in its most critical stage. All English managers probably know the ins and outs of English football and the English players anyway, so why appoint someone any sooner than required?

Perhaps the former players and pundits have valid reasons to defend their argument that it is necessary for England to have a manager now, and I'd love to hear them, having never played in a national side myself. But I cannot imagine why
[account-removed] 4 years ago
Let me throw in an insight as a Spurs fan who's disliked Redknapp even during our great run till Christmas. I've called for his head back in November, and people were baffled about why I would want to do that. I apologize for a bullet point format which I don't usually like doing, but I feel it'd help me point out various chinks in his fragile armour.

1) Redknapp never rotates. He runs players down into the ground, and then when they don't give the same level of performances, he claims he doesn't know what went wrong.

2) He's got double standards for players. When a player like VDV gets injured, he is rushed in before fully fit, and played for 80+ minutes the first game. It usually leads to an immediate re-injury. When someone like Lennon or Defoe get injured, they mysteriously linger on for weeks on the bench before they make a proper appearance.

3) Substitution timings are horrendous. He only ever changes things in the 80th minute or more. Some of his substitutions have been downright baffling this season, with people coming on in the 88th minute when we're down a goal and not even getting a touch of the ball.

4) Tactically, he's really paper thin. Take away his plan A, and he's all down to pieces.

5) As tauted as his man management is, he cannot control a rebellious player and he gives into divas. Dos Santos just got benched because he prefers the night life (fair enough), Kranjcar never got a chance because he isn't stressful enough, and Bale's every whimsy is catered to him on a plate as soon as he wakes up.

6) He's let people go on loan when we're already struggling with injuries.

7) An undeniable tendency to play the "big name players" over people more deserving. I can assure you, ifhe is an England manager, he will play Gerrard, Lampard, Parker, Ferdinand, Terry, Cole and Rooney all together. Add probably Walker, Lennon, Hart to that. Leaves you one player who might sneak in.

All this doesn't bode well for England either. If England does well, he'll find an underhanded way of taking credit, and if they don't do well, its not his fault as this is an ageing squad that never was going to make it.

As a spurs fan, the FA already messed this up for us by talking about Redknapp and not finalizing things. He's been always on about the England job, and has said he'd leave if he were offered the chance. He's now been playing formations that don't suit us, probably to try and experiment for England formations. Would have been kinder on us to just have hired him. However, as a person who wants to see England do well, I can say with utmost confidence that Redknapp isn't the man for the job. He certainly isn't the man to take Spurs forward, that's for sure
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
I made these arguments through last season as well. Harry won't do any wonders for England, however I'd be happier to see him in charge of the national team than in charge of Tottenham.

Regarding coaching both a club and the national team, in general terms, several top managers incl. Alex Ferguson have come out and said it simply doesn't work

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