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England Captain Moral Paragon?
Adamaus (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I don't think this will change much for Terry as a player or for England and its chances. As others have said Terry is a natural leader and it is in his game as a CB to talk and keep his teammates in line and motivated on the pitch. For a regualr team losing Terry as captian would be a big blow however england have plenty of excellent leaders that command a lot of respect, Gerrard and Lampard are both great leaders for their clubs and will do a good job for england aswell
Charlie (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Its not like JT will stop pressing his team-mates when their heads sink just because he doesn't have the captaincy; like you said, he's a natural leader. He doesn't need an armband. I mean, one could argue that it is only symbolic, anyway....

In an ideal world a players off field life would have no effect on his life on the pitch. They would not converge. Like the way a child doesn't want his peas to touch his mashed potatoes during dinner, its a silly idea.

At least now England have an excuse when they bow out in the quarter finals.

Matt (Footytube Staff) 6 years ago
Following the news that John Terry has been stripped of the England captaincy following the recent revelations that he had an affair with his former Chelsea team mate Wayne Bridges ex girlfriend.

Vice captain Rio Ferdinand will step into the position.

Before the news this subject has been discussed at length by the footytube faithful in the following thread:


The news flies in the face that the decision would be 'football based'. I cannot see one good football reason for stripping Terry of the role of captain. The only argument you could put forward is that it is an action to allow Bridge to come back into the England fold as cover for Cole. If Bridge is as distraught as the media suggest then the fact that Terry is no longer captain would mean little, if selected he would still have to take the field with him.

So it would seem that other influences other than football have been taken into account.

There is no doubting the role of England captain thrusts you into the spotlight and now it seems that not only do you need to be a leader on the pitch but also a moral paragon and all round role model off of it.

If this is the case then who in the current England camp can fulfill these dual roles?

New captain Rio Ferdinand is not without a bit of tarnish back in 2000 Rio along with Lampard (another candidate) and Kieron Dyer picked up some woman in Cyprus and filmed themselves having sex with them. The story and film was subsequently leaked. Previously he was banned for drink driving and lets not forget the 'forgotten' drug test that resulted in a lengthy ban.

As we have mentioned Frank Lampard we may as well look at his claim to the captaincy as well as the aforementioned sex tape he has also been hammered in the press for various affairs which, allegedly, resulted in the end of his engagement to Elen Rives.

Wayne Rooney has also been touted in the press and these forms as someone people wish to see as captain. Apart from my concerns as to his temperament on the pitch there is also the little factor of the use of prostitutes. Albeit on his own admission when he was 'young and stupid'.

You may argue that all of the transgressions are in the past and the players are different people now. So how long before we can make Terry captain again?

If indeed we require a squeaky clean captain then can there be a timeframe where we can forgive and forget? I feel you either have to go the whole hog or not bother at all. This kind of amnesiac moral judging seems ridiculous.

I want England to win something and to do that the best people should be playing and the best captain should be wearing the armband. Do I care that Terry has cheated on his wife more than his ability to marshal a back line and fire up the players? I am afraid the answer is no. Short of committing an actual crime I feel a players actions off the pitch should have no bearing to his position on it.

ScooterHayes (Chelsea) 6 years ago
An affair with Bridge? That's unsettling....

Haha serious time. I do want to make Terry captain as soon as possible, truly I do. He's a natural born leader and defensive monster. But right now I think amidst all this he's just in survival mode.... It would be better for everybody if he just focused on playing instead of captaining. Rio is solid enough to handle the job. And with Terry at 100% defensive back, who knows what will happen. I'm kind of excited to see what he will do as just a pure player. He may be just as affective as he was as captain.

But as to why it affects things on the pitch.... Well, that's why this is such a mess. It divides the locker-room. Anybody that was a friend of Bridge and Terry must have a lot of thinking to do. And when you are playing for national pride with a team of your comrades, it helps to know you are all trustworthy, regardless the level of professionalism that's expected. I can imagine how that affects the trust in a locker-room, when you realize somebody that once had seemed pretty honorable had supposedly done something so foolish. It is a private matter. But it naturally interrupts the chemistry of the squad.

No, your captain doesn't have to be squeaky clean. But what if he had slept with your wag? It's a moral dilemma alright....

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