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Does Pulis' Palace Exit Highlight The Need For A 'managerial Transfer Window'?
Footytubeblog (Blog) 2 years ago
Crystal Palace have been tasked with the unenviable job of having to replace their manager on the eve of the new Premier League season, after Tony Pulis decided to step down from his managerial post at Selhurst Park this week.

The former Palace manager was said to be at war with the club’s co-chairman Steve Parrish over the club’s transfer policy, which ultimately led to Pulis calling an end to his short but memorable spell in charge of the London club.

Pulis’ departure has left Palace in disarray. Even with a relationship that appeared far from positive between Parrish and Pulis, action should have been taken to ensure the club were not left all at sea at this point of the summer.

The matter of a managerial transfer window makes sense in theory. It would allow for clubs to hold a position of stability during the season and, like the case with Palace, on the eve of the start of the season.

For clubs with managers who are highly coveted, with Jurgen Klopp and Frank de Boer as examples, a period mirroring the player transfer window may prove beneficial. But where do you draw the lines?

There is already strong criticism against the current transfer window closing once the league season has already begun. In the Premier League’s case, a whole two weeks following the opening weekend. Yet even if the window were to close now, in the week leading up to the start of the season, it still doesn’t represent a good time for managers to be moved from one club to another.

And in a lot of cases, it isn’t a straightforward as another club wishing to poach a manager. In the case with Palace, it proved to be a lack of working relationship that resulted in Pulis moving on. Nothing in the way of transfer restrictions could have stopped that. Names touted to replace Pulis, including Neil Lennon and Malky Mackay, are not attached to other clubs at this time, so there would be no need to wait on a hypothetical managerial transfer window.

It’s being reported that Pulis knew as early as the start of the year that he and Parrish could not work alongside one another for the long term. The question that needs to be asked then is why delay an inevitable departure until now?

Palace have done very little transfer business that would see them avoid the kind of relegation scrap that Pulis was brought in to address, and at the start of August, where positive dialogue was generally absent, why not agree on a parting of company then? It’s not ideal, but two weeks is far better than a little over a day before the start of the season.

A managerial transfer period only makes sense in some aspects. Clubs wishing to retain their managers are protected, just as they are in the case of players. But it won’t prevent the terminating of contracts or the complete breakdown of a working relationship.

For Palace, a team who have fought off multiple dangers in recent years, it should have been far better planned than simply winging it and hoping for the best with regards to Pulis and Parrish.

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