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Defense 3
ManOnDMoon (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Milan’s manager Allegri confirms he will play 3 in defence while his own ass is very much on the line at the moment.
Juventus so successfully used a 3-5-2 formation, others have tried, failed and abandoned it, I. E. Italy in Euro 2012. Others can do it decently (Fiorentina), others insist on 3 in defence with poor results and amongst criticism (Mancini). I would like to hear opinions from the gurus regarding cons and pros of the back three formations that some managers seem so keen on, as well as possible differences between leagues.
TheBarcaShow (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Although a formation is important, it is only important because the clubs are naturally able to do so with the personnel which they have. I think it actually might be fair to say that there are as many teams which choose to play with three at the back as there are teams which choose to play with 4.

Anyways the formation really is reliant on the wide midfielders. For example for Juventus Lichtsteiner and Asamoah are very important because they do well defending the flanks as well as going up to attack.

Same goes for Napoli with Maggio and Zuniga.

Anyways point I am trying to say is that for a 3-x-x to succeed it is extremely important to have hard working wingers as well as quality back line defenders which have to have good interception and good with the head to counter act the weaknesses which are the flanks.

I personally like the formation, particularly with Napoli. Usually the back three are protected by two or three CM's which will work to get the ball or force it down the flanks. If they get the ball they can counter quickly; however, if the wide midfielder lets a cross get away the risk is minimal as Napoli has already their defence well by forcing the opponent to play to the team's defensive strength.

I haven't watched City try to play the formation but I believe he plays it when the team is down because of poor defending
[account-removed] 4 years ago
I think Redknapp tried a 3-5-2 once (something he's never done in his life, but the england position was being discussed), and it instantly turned into a 5-3-2. Tactics, workrate, off the ball positioning.... All these really play a huge role in a formation that is quite frankly, very attacking. I don't see it working in the EPL, where a lot of balls are hoofed upfield, or we have some extremely pacy and dribbly players.

Tbs is spot on about the wingers' workrate and interception skills needed. I'd like to add that the defenders need to be quick off their toes as well, and read the game well, and the GK needs to play a sweeper role. What I normally envisage in a role like this, is to see the RCB and LCB drift a little wider when the ball is in possession, and the CB plays the play breaker. If there is a lofted ball or a throughball that looks set to beat the CB, then it is vital for the GK to rush out and mop up as if he was a secondary CB instead of sitting back and hoping to cover a 1v1. Without a keeper as good as Buffon, I doubt Juve would have managed their feat

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