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Peteko 5 years ago
I'll be watching today Blackburn vs. Bolton. Normally, I would yawn even to the idea of the highlights from this match. But this could be the last game in charge for one of these managers.
The irony with Coyle is especially telling about this kind of job.

Somehow, I am rooting for Blackburn to lose. To many factors behind my choice. With all the due respect Kean has to go. Not sure what miracle does he expect from the transfers in January. No matter whom he buys it will need time to settle and gel. And time he has not.

On the other hand, Coyle left Burnley for Bolton by citing the lack of funds in his disposition. He should have been consistent and leave Bolton after the club refused to give him the means to replace appropriately the forwards that he lost and to find a desperately needed addition to his leaky defence.

Coyle decided to stay and now he will either live the experience that he wanted to avoid in Burnley, or he will be sacked and would regret that he did not jump at the Villa opening when there was a chance.

Finally, my interest in such a match is an example of why the relegation rule is important to EPL and any other league for that matter. Don't toy with it and let the leagues be nail-biting experiences on both ends of the table
FootyRulz (Chelsea) 5 years ago
I'll also be supporting Bolton in this match. I think Coyle can still turn things around with Bolton but Kean should have been sacked by now. I can't believe that the Blackburn owners were quick to sack to Sam Allardyce but they are willing to back Kean even though things have just been getting worse for him and for Blackburn and will continue to get worse as long they are managed by "a dead man walking"

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