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Blind Loyalty At Anfield?
Minabotros (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Man United_ 2nd Place + No Silverware => Great Season
Liverpool_ 8th Place + 1 up in the bag+ 2nd cup possible => Horrible season?

The Math doesn't add up!

Teams should exist to win silverware (regardless of its prestige), not to make money or to qualify for competitions that they get booted out from in the group stages!

In the end Liverpool got more out of this season than any of the other 18 EPL clubs not in first place (with maybe Chelsea being the only unlikely exception)
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 4 years ago
You are joking aren't you?

You think 8th place (at best) plus the Carling Cup is better than 2nd place? I guarantee you wouldn't be saying that if the roles were reversed in fact you'd be mocking United for winning the Micky Mouse tournament that most the other teams use to field their youth teams
Ant (Liverpool) 4 years ago
He's saying if United come second and win nothing (looks likely), he would rather have one or two more trophies in the cabinet.

If someone had said to me before the season had started that by the end we would be in two Wembley cup finals, have a place secured in Europa league, and have beaten United, City, Chelsea (twice), Everton (three times), Newcastle etc over the course of the season, I would have grabbed it with both hands as compared to what Liverpool have gone through under Hicks & Gillette.

ANd while you roll out the old chestnuts that teams play their youth in the Carling Cup, here's the city squad we faced

25 Hart
02 Richards
05 Zabaleta
06 Lescott
13 Kolarov
15 Savic (Aguero - 46')
18 Barry
19 Nasri
21 Silva
34 De Jong (Johnson - 78')
10 Dzeko

Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 4 years ago
Come on really? You think teams (apart from one or two who have nothing else to play for) take this competition seriously? I mean even the team above is only half of City's first team. Here's the team United played in the QF:

40 Amos
06 Evans
12 Smalling
20 Fabio Da Silva (Fryers - 37')
21 Rafael (Pogba - 64')
13 Park Ji-sung
25 Valencia
28 Gibson
09 Berbatov (Morrison - 46')
27 Macheda
32 Diouf

And if I recall the Semi include Liverpool and 2 Championship sides! I really do want Liverpool to get back amongst the top 4 where they belong but let's not spend time polishing turds, they'll still be turds and our hands will get all dirty.
TotheArsenal (Arsenal) 4 years ago
The only reason a team exists is to be the best. 2nd is better than 8th. And liverpool is a cup team. The only reason those tournaments exist is to give teams that won't win the prem something to cheer for. If I were a liverpool fan, these cups would mean nothing to me over champions league qualification
Araz (Queens Park Rangers) 4 years ago
Oh and for the record, that will now be one Carling Cup, and 8th place at best in the league. If anyone is still arguing they'd rather have that than finish second in the league, then I guess as a few have already said, that sort of proves one of the points of the article at least
Slenderass (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Minabotros - The math certainly does add up. We spent ball park one hundred mil and are what, 35 points or more from the top? United look likely to lose the title on goal difference, which United fans will tell you they don't think is a great season because they are so used to winning. But the truth is, with their board, lack of spending since Ronaldo left and ageing squad, for them to be on the same points as city who have spent a tremendous amount of money and probably have the third best squad in Europe, that is an amazing achievement by Alex Ferguson, much as I can't stand the manky old git. No other manager in Europe would get nearly as many points with Michael Carrick in the middle. It is absurd to think any of you are trying to defend the idea that finishing 8th, having stumbled to a dreadful one all draw with Cardiff to get a trophy, is as good as finishing second, level on points with one of the best teams on the planet. Defend Dalglish by all means, there are points to be made in his favour, but that certainly isn't one of them
Corn (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Citeh had spent over 100m in the last 3 years and they just won fa cup. It took time for their players to gel in and perform at the level they're playing right now.

Slenderass (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Erm.... Yes, but they progressed enormously each season. We are going backwards. And we didn't win the FA cup
M1012Bet (Barcelona) 4 years ago
Past successes aside, the fact is there's a lack of top class manager in Europe in general. Every good ones are at Europe challenge clubs. And I doubt the likes of up and coming includes AVB will want to take the poisonous chalice of Anfiedl bench
Slenderass (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Well, there is Fabio Capello. If he could be tempted away from London I'd have him for us. He has said he wants to manage in England with a big club - if Chelsea keep Di Matteo then there isn't another job on offer really, so I reckon if he was promised a decent transfer kitty he might be tempted, and I also think he'd get the existing players playing a lot better. I know he didn't inspire with England, but he's won titles with 4 different teams - every one he has managed - 9 titles in total. Excluding Mourinho and Guardiola whose achievements are phenomenal but are still in their relative early years of management, there is only really Hitsfeld and Ferguson who have achieved at the top level in the best leagues for so long
TotheArsenal (Arsenal) 4 years ago
I think its funny that liverpool fans posting don't agree with him. Kind of proves his point
Slenderass (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I agree with him! And you, what you said earlier in reply to the other bloke
Addisse (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Here is another blind liverpool fan, KD is the best!
Peteko 4 years ago
Actually my respect for Liverpool has gone up one notch seeing that they are giving Kenny the time that he needs to build a successful team.

Yes, maybe they are being as generous with him as they were impatient with Roy, but motives aside I think the decision to keep him should be applauded.

And I agree that the League Cup or the FA finale don't make up for being 8th or 9th in the League and all in all it has been a shitty season. Especially when you think that Everton had a nightmare start with no kitty at all, but rather having to let Arteta go among others. So for Everton to finish above well-spending Liverpool it must sting like hell. But they should stick with Kenny and let him see his team blend and grow.
I doubt the fans will stay mum if Liverpool are not in the Top 5 next season

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