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Best Way To Eradicate Diving In Football?
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
What do you guys think? I know this is not a new topic really but it seems the Celtic-Arsenal matchup, wherein Eduardo makes a pretty clear dive (at least to me), has sparked up conversations about it in the media again. Some think video evidence would do the trick, but others would just rather another pair of officials behind the posts. As an American, I can tell you that one of the biggest parts of football that just pisses Americans off is the diving. Americans like their sports manly, hardcore, and exciting. No room for any "bitch" behavior (diving), excuse my language. No time for big babies crying about a tackle in American sports. Eradication of this behavior in footy would be a huge step in making the game more legitimate in general and more accessible to the average American. That and the success of the national team of course because if there's anything that American's love cheering about other than violent, manly sports it's rooting for America in international contests. Anyway, I digress. What do the folks on footytube think of diving and any action that may be required to cease it's proliferation through the sport?
RonanKnows (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Which is why they use pads in American football?
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Um, that's because they actually need the pads. It would not be fun to have a 6'4 linebacker weighing 250+ pounds coming at you. That sh*t is pretty scary, lol. The pads does not diminish the level of violence that American football has
Nick22590 (New York Red Bulls) 7 years ago
^ No they don't! I played Rugby in college and our Hook was 6'3 260. I'm 5'9 1/2 and weigh 145, and I got hit by him quite a lot. I didn't wear any kind of padding, and I didn't complain once! The excessive use of pads in American Football make it more and more like a sport for pussy retards who can't take a hit
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Well, if you think the sport is for "pussy retards who can't take a hit" then that means they do need the pads, right? Lol.

Rugby is brutal man. Mad props to you for taking up that sport; you must definitely be hardcore, and Americans love that s**t
Hill (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I actually thought it was a for sure penalty when I saw it from the TV angle. And really, from the refs perspective, it did look like a foul and he had no choice to call it. What I'm trying to say, is that it wasn't a clear dive until I saw the angle from the touch line.

However, that was really lame by Eduardo. I do not support video evidence. The only thing I can think of is to punish those obvious dives that the refs KNOW are dives with a yellow. And do that consistently
Vonrasmussen (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Nick I have played both Rugby and Football and the hits are not at all in the same category. Sorry mate, there just not.

As far as diving I concerned what if we did this:

A stricter penalty is enforced (3 game ban and a fine?). And this could be reviewed following the game. For instance in the Arsenal/Celtic game Eduardo would be fined and forced to sit for 3 games. I do however think that any change you make to the game is gonna' 'mess it up', you know?
Pocketg99 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I totally disagree. The ref's decision is always final. It would be nice if dives were called but there not (usually). I also think it is ridiculous to have the best/worst diver in the world on your tea (see. Ronaldo) for many many years and not seem to care when he goes down and wins you a PK
Johnbull (Millwall) 7 years ago
Easily eradicated, ban Drogba.... ...
Ciankc (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yah but in rugby the players tend not be moving as fast while they are tackling, and in american football everyone weihs a ton!
MUMatt (Manchester United) 5 years ago
I read something a while back about changing the types of uniforms footballers wear. Instead of having them wear shorts and a jersey they change it so the jersey is form fitting and attached to the players shorts essentially making it a body suit (horrible marketing strategy for teams trying to make any kind of profit on jersey sales though lol). This was to avoid players tugging on other players during the match. As far as diving goes I really think the only way to eradicate it is video review and disciplining the players who do so. But diving is a reason a lot of Americans don't like football(soccer) though
Galla (Arsenal) 7 years ago
I don't support video on football because it would slow down the game so much in other games it fits perfectly like in American football or tennis when after every play you stop for a moment. In football you can´t do that. If they want to check a dive in the box but the ball doesn´t go out of play you may have to stop the game entirely so they can go and check it. Don´t know what is the solution, I think it is just bad refferiing cause they are at liberty to move across the pitch so they should be in the best angle to watch the dive
Me6666 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
They could make a screen in all pitches where an official watches play and when he spots a dive he can put the video up like the screen in ewood park where its just bigger same goes for wrong descisions like in cricket 4th official they could do a sign saying to the person to put the video on
Me6666 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
They could make a screen in all pitches where an official watches play and when he spots a dive he can put the video up like the screen in ewood park where its just bigger same goes for wrong descisions like in cricket 4th official they could do a sign saying to the person to put the video on
RonanKnows (Arsenal) 7 years ago
First things first. I don't think Uefa's goal is to make football more appealing to the "average American. " Nobody likes diving, so I don't know how the whole "American's only like manly sports" is relevant. By the way, is baseball hardcore?!

I don't think there is anything the football associations can do during a game to obliterate divers. If they add more officials people will still complain and bad decisions will still be made. We're human, we make mistakes. Secondly, like Galla said, video on football just wouldn't work. Football isn't tennis, you can't stop the game whenever a controversial call is made.

The only way Uefa can stop diving is by making repercussions after the game. Ban the player for a match. Fine the player. Whatever works best
Illskillz718 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
LOL at the baseball comment, I'm sorry but I find that sport to be useless. Also, about the original post about "American" sports, their fans, and "b*tch" behavior, well I must say that there is A LOT of b*tchassness in the NBA.

Back to football, I think the issue is that many of the actions suggested for addressing behavior, such as diving, are too reactive and not proactive. You can fine and ban that player, but the damage has already been done, especially when these behaviors alter the outcome of the game. But I agree with MainEvent, it is a tricky issue. Perhaps adding another pair of eyes could be useful; however, somehow people will still complain and mistakes by refs on the field will be made.

How about an "eye in the sky"? Like, an extra official that is watching the game through different camera angles and can relay the message to the officials on the field. If the referee already blew the whistle, then the game is stopped anyway, and then they can quickly deliberate. Especially in the instances where diving might have occurred, they can quickly assess whether it was a legitimate foul or not. Then they can card the player if he actually dove AND get disciplined after the match, be it a match ban, fines, or both.
Maybe I'm asking for too much?
Vonrasmussen (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Mainevent I agree

"The only way Uefa can stop diving is by making repercussions after the game. Ban the player for a match. Fine the player. Whatever works best"
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
First of all, American's love baseball because it's an American tradition. I personally hate it. I get bored after a few minutes even when I'm at a game. Second of all, I'm certainly not insinuating that the main goal of UEFA is to make the sport appealing to Americans. That's simply an absurd notion and I apologize if you fellas think that's what I was getting at. I think football is a fantastic sport and it pisses me off that there's is a cavernous void in only one country in the world for it. I'd love to see football adored by everyone, from all over the world including America. It's simply in the best interests of the sport to remove diving from the game.
As far as stopping the game. The game wouldn't have to be unnecessarily stopped. After a penalty is given, there is at least 2 minutes of downtime and complaining and setting up the free kick before the penalty is actually taken. It would seriously take less than one minute to effectively review the play and if it was a dive a goal kick and a yellow card is given, otherwise the penalty goes on as planned and on schedule
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I think the best way to stop diving would be by adding officials behind the goal posts. Video evidence would be the best option but I think having actual officials behind are a more realistic option. Mistakes can still be made by those officials but there would be a very very small chance of that happening since they are literally standing behind the goal post. They can also solve the problem of if the ball crossed the line situation. If I am correct, in this years europa league there are officials behind the posts. If I am correct then we can see if having these officials can eliminate diving in europa league and if it does I wouldnt be surprised to see the same happen in the champions league
Lyndon (Panathinaikos Athens) 7 years ago
Yeah your absolutely right about the ref behind the keeper! Like the Europa league. Why is FIFA not getting it? They don't need technology, they need more eyes. Its not rocket science. There also doesn't need to be 10 jobs created over a flying camera neither, a remote control ninja that run along side the players faster then and average ref and has cameras attached to his body. (
Nick22590 (New York Red Bulls) 7 years ago
I say add another set of officials on the goal lines. The head ref should also watch replays after the match, and any player found guilty of a deliberate dive should be heavily fined. If the player fell down by accident, no problems but if he dives on purpose, and tries to con the ref into rewarding such a disgusting act should be banned for the remainder of the season or be forced by FIFA to sit out exactly one calender year's worth of international fixtures, with no ability to reduce the sentence or appeal the ruling. The more serious the consequences are, the easier it will to stomp the acting and whining out of the game
Raf (Atletico Belo Horizonte) 7 years ago
I think diving is part of the game just like any other form of "cheating" that you can get away with and add to the controversial and dramatic nature of football, but it is becoming an exagerated "art form". The only way I perceive which could balance it out, because I do not believe it should be disallowed, simply punished. No one wants to disallow tackles although they are far more dangerous than diving to the players, they simply regulate them and their functionality within the game. I'm not comparing the two, I do think diving is a horrible thing to do, but so is elbowing someone in the face when the ref isn't looking or enacting getting hurt to delay the game, but these are the mind games of football which I wouldn't give up for anything. Those are the things that makes us discuss it after the game at a bar with our buddies or at work with some dude that likes the other team. It is being overused by some p*** players ahemronaldoahem, so I think the fair way to deal with is to keep the ref in charge of calling the shots and still being able to make the wrong calls or give out yellow cards if it is too obvious, but add punishment to the player through reviews after the game which can vary between small fines or game suspension (varying on the impact and circunstances) if he is later found guilty of enactment, just like when out of play aggressions that slide by are reviewed so should these enactments
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I agree. The best refs sprint over to a player who has dived as if they are going to give a penalty and then book the player. Hilarious, humiliating, excellent to watch
Juno (AC Milan) 7 years ago
To quote Raf:"but it is becoming an exagerated "art form". "

To find out what is art form: look at Klinsmann dive under youtube videos.

Samdagooner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Ban for 5 games and heavy fine should do the trick but no doubt that will not happen.

Diving is just a part of the game such as steroids are in baseball and American football. The only way to get rid of it would be to impose heavy penalties.

BTW it is absolutely disgusting the way the English media are treating this incident.... When Rooney, Gerrard, Giggs dive they are heralded as clever/intelligent/cheeky or trying to avoid injury or whatnot but when Eduardo does it he is seen as the anti-christ and he has no record of being a cheat before this incident.

I don't deny I was disgusted by his antics yesterday but the level of xenophobia in England is ridiculous. Although I am confused to why they didn't ridicule Babel for diving against us in the Champions League Quarters a couple of years ago to cheat us out of a famous victory as well as Rooney diving to end our 49 game unbeaten run.

Also, I respect Celtic fans, however to blame the loss on Eduardo's dive is insane. Celtic was never gonna' win on aggregate and they were f&^*$# awful against us. Whole different league in terms of class and quality. ITV is also to blame as they kept on mentioning it throughout the broadcast and even more so in the post match analysis. They made it seem like Celtic were going to win the tie until Eduardo came along. It also is outrageous that this is being talked about to this extent while the West Ham v Millwall theatrics is a non-story now
Vonrasmussen (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Just found this on Foxsoccer....


Talks directly about diving and UEFA's policy if Eduardo is found guilty of it
Samdagooner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
If Eduardo gets any retrospective punishment, that is sending a bad precedent because every penalty decision will come into question and every team who was on the short end of the stick will cry out for a ban on the player. The upper echelon of football government (ie UEFA, FIFA, FA) should not act on these matters as it undercuts the referees. However, that might be the only way to eradicate diving from football. It is a very fine line that.

Also, something to think about.... If Eduardo gets banned several games, how can the punishment (2 game ban reportedly) exceed the in game punishment (1 yellow card)
Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Two thoughts:
1) not banning eduardo sets a precedent of tolerating diving

2) the result was a game changer- intentionally diving to get a penalty put arsenal up and decreased celtics chances of a comeback. He would have gotten a yellow in the game and played a little more cautiously, altering the dynamics - to result in who knows? Instead, he cheated, and arsenal (who probably would have one anyway) destroyed celtic
Samdagooner (Arsenal) 7 years ago
1.) You may be right, but ultimately the refs job is to get the decision right. I'm more for extra refs to spot these infractions than a committee that decides whether its a dive or not. Also one can always get away with diving because they can argue that they had to fall because of momentum or to prevent injury or some silly excuse that couldn't be proved otherwise.

2. It might have been a game changer but it wasn't a result changer.

Also what do you have to say about the punishment exceeding the normal punishment (ie. Ban instead of yellow)? I say a dive should be straight red then if they are going to ban players retrospectively
Yombe10 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Honestly, diving is part of the game. I don't meant that in the sense that all players will purposely fall to the ground. But what I do mean is that it's natural instinct to go to ground if knocked in the legs while running full speed.

I agree that there should be something done about the excessive diving that takes place. However, if you start punishing players off the pitch for diving (such as fines or probation), then every single tackle and subsequent fall will come into question.

In my personal opinion, the solution to diving is to revert to the older way of playing. You know what I'm talking about? Back in the day, like 1930s, when you could foul a guy and not have to worry about any consequences. It wouldn't fix everything, but if players knew that they wouldn't be at any advantage to dive, I doubt they would
Smithybhoy83 (Celtic) 7 years ago
The fact is that there are punishments in place (Futbol22 has pointed out in a previous comment), but there not being used. How many times have you watched games when some has been guilty of diving, yet all the ref does is wave and tell the player to get up. The booking might be a deterent but if the player is getting away with it then they will continue to do so. The ref must book them if he thinks the player has dived and yet only on a few occasions have I seen them brave enough to do so.

Yic0ng (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Personally I dun think there is anything wrong if eduardo is able to cheat for a penalty. So much players had been diving, and there is some who is supposed to be given penalty but not given. So, its still the ref decision whether to give or not
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I hate it when the Ref gets the decision wrong, it's as annoying as hell, some of you may say it's apart of the game's drama, but I think it's part of the games disadvantages....
Sure, diving is also very annoying, so I agree we should have replays of video before the ref makes any decision....
Sergio 7 years ago
Didn't smile at the end of it?
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Erm.... Same with ManUK, What?
Sergio 7 years ago
Sorry. Meant to say.... He was smilling just as he got up at the end of it. I saw on after match analyse
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yea Eduardo did I think, that mischievous little kid
Yamsy (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Wasn't a smile it was an evil sneer
Jabernard (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Refs making game time decisions is a part of the game. Diving, while a part of the game, should be penalized if caught in the game.

Retrospective penalities, I think, are appropriate to decrease the spread of people diving. At the same time, incorporating technology into the game will slow the pace of the game down.

I think a call for a 4th official behind the goals could assist in this, in addition to any other close calls. Maybe there is a role for some sort of technology, but they would need to make it seemless
Reyhan37 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
That's why I think there should be a 2nd ref off the field who is watching all the replays. If the linesmen or the ref make a big decision, the 2nd ref will confirm it. By big decision I mean only:

-Challenges in the box; if the 1st ref doesn't call it, the 2nd ref will review it and overturn it if necessary; if the 1st ref does call it.... And so on so forth

-Any potential goal; sometimes the linesman incorrectly calls it offsides, sometimes they don't flag when it is offsides; the 2nd ref confirms every potential goal whether it was offside or not

By limiting technology only to these instances I think there will minimal slowdown. Everything in between the two goal boxes is left to the 1st ref and the linesmen

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