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Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
If you are like me then one of the greatest pleasures in football is some good natured banter between opposing fans be it in the ground or just with mates in the pub. The wit and intelligence shown in a great chant is as integral to my match day experience as the halftime pie that is as hot as the surface of the sun for 10 minutes and then instantly stone cold.

In a game earlier this year the away team was having a bit of bright spell in the first half so the away contingent started the ol' 'Top of the league you're having a laugh..' (we were/are top of the league) unfortunately for them this was answered first on the pitch with a breakaway goal and then from the stands with 'Top of the league we're having a laugh …'. It is moments like this that make the game special and sitting freezing on a tiny plastic seat far too close to the guy next to you worthwhile.

Sometimes however the 'banter' goes too far and crosses the line from gently poking fun out of your opponents to fundamentally sick chants about a players family, death of a club member or race of a player. Most recently this was seen in the Derby v Nottingham Forest match where sections of the Derby fans sang sickening chants about the late Nigel Doughty.

In the modern game 'Banter' is no longer restricted to being in physical earshot with forums enabling fans to speak to each other and indulge in discussions anonymously. This is both brilliant and awful at the same time. Dealing with the forums on this site is a mixture of joy and pure frustration. We know the good users outnumber the stupid trolls by a massive amount and yet most of our time is spent chasing these dicks about and warning them of their behaviour. For the simple reason one troll comment can ruin a perfectly good thread and actually dissuade people from joining in.

I don't want to see a situation where opposing fans sit an coo at each other 'You know you really are rather good and have a wonderful history.' 'Why thank you, I must say you are playing very well yourself this season'. Hearing such a conversation would chill me to my very soul (though being a ginger it's existence is in doubt). In fact I was close to chills upon reading about the Europa League match between FC Twente and FC Schalke where the home fans unfurled a massive banner fusing both club colours around text reading: ’Two clubs, two colours, one passion.” they even played Schalke's song at half time! A harmonious step too far I feel.

Give me your best examples of banter or chants lets see if we can find the line!

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BigDave (Whitecaps) 4 years ago
USA V canada (canadian chant, tune of "farmer in the dell") repossess YER homes, repossess YER homes, THE chinese WANT their money BACK, repossess YER homes
Hardstone (NE Revolution) 4 years ago
UMM, I think you might have made that up so here goes my made up chant.  Usa to Canada (no tune required) "You're Even Worse than WE Are !"
Keefe (South China AA) 4 years ago
You sir, embody the American race
Ant (Liverpool) 4 years ago
I've always liked "Shall we sing a song for you". Example:

Some of the top Premier grounds have been like librarys recently (not naming names, you know where), so usually the away fans are the ones that provide the witty banter and good chants. When an away crowd of 2000 people outsing the home crowd of 67000 or so, they have every right to chant at them. The best way to let the other set of fans know that they are being quiet is the above chant.

I also like the "You're getting sacked in the morning" chant, especially if its abundantly clear that the other manager isn't. Like, a one-off bad result.


On the other hand, the recent disgusting KKK references and unbelievably ignorant continuous racism slanders show the ugly side of chants. The "fanzine" that was confiscated by police for having KKK hoods in it is a good example. How can that possibly be good natured banter, as was claimed by some?

I used the comparison before, but if it was Bayern that they had a problem with, would the chants be about Hitler, nazis and would the fanzines have swastika armbands to cut out and keep? WOuld anyone have accepted that? That level of hate is utterly poisonous to the game. The media didn't help either.


So for me, that's the two sides of rivalry and banter
Dilla (Manchester City) 4 years ago
I loved this when I heard it.... Crucially, so did my pool and tottenham following friends. If it ain't witty and/or clever, it just ain't banter.

Another good one I heard was when a travelling rugby team came to our school. Their fans were a noisy bunch by the time the home team had put 50points on em the travelling supporters were proudly singing at the top of their lungs "we're s**t, and we know we are".


Forums are so difficult I find because everyone is on troll patrol so the chance of a message being misconstrued as inflammatory is high. Especially seeing as I can't communicate tone effectively. I often add a disclaimer to let others know I'm having a laugh. Add to that english is often not the participants first language (that's one of my favourite things about this little community btw) and it's a fine line to try and tread
KingHarryKewell (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Banter in sport is by far one of the key things that people enjoy beyond the sport itself, and football is no exception to that. Football are full of rivalries, be it a typical derby or a larger rivalry such as the Liverpool-Manchester United or Barca-Real Madrid. It's what has made the sport so big and popular. It's one aspect that I do love about the sport as well. As a Liverpool fan, I love the casual banter that I have with my friends who support Manchester United and Everton, and we keep it respectable and friendly, and that's what I seek to do all the time in the rivalry.

However, there's a point where rivalry becomes more than a rivalry, and it turns ugly. Barcelona and Real Madrid is a big example, where one set of fans accuse the other for diving players and cheating to win. The Liverpool-Man United rivalry has been soured through the racist claims by Evra on Suarez. In that, that's when it becomes more than banter, it brings a lot of hate, which is unnecessary thing to bring on the field in a stadium. I personally keep that sort of thing out with me and my mates, because we know that the final word is with the boot of a ball, not with what happens off the field
Crazyaussie121 (Panathinaikos Athens) 4 years ago
Who remembers that song "england 5 germany 1" made after that famous victory in munich? Michael owen hat-trick

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