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Balkan Affairs
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Apparently, FK Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) president Vladan Lukic was involved in talks about forming Balkan regional league, while visiting Bulgaria where Red Star played friendly match against Lokomotiva Sofia. The most interesting thing about it is that talks were about forming the league with Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Greek and Turkish clubs.

For anyone following this thread this may come as a surprise, but not for those who are familiar with the current state in Serbian most successful football club. For years Red Star fans are boycotting Adriatic Basketball league because of the "nationalistic interests", even though when this league was forming Red Star fans were among toughest supporters of this competition (ok Partizan was against it, because we believed that we have strong domestic competition and that there was no need for such a league in this sport, and it took a big pressure from other Serbian clubs to have Partizan join in as well). During years Red Star fans shifted from supporting idea from competing with former Yugoslavian clubs, into stating that it is against national interest for Serbian clubs to play these competitions(?!). It first started with hardcore Red Star fans from north stand, but since football club is not having results they were hoping for since Lukic was appointed, president of the club is now taking the same course solely in order to keep Delije's support! It started few months ago when Partizan was sending signals to Dinamo and Hajduk about creating old Yugoslavian league (something even presidents of Serbia and Croatia spoke about in one of their meetings), and when Lukic stated that Red Star will not play same competition with these clubs. I would just like to say that most of the Red Star fans dislike Lukic and do not support him, but those hardcore fans (who are present in club's board of directors as well) are standing behind him because Lukic is willing to abide them just to keep his position in the club.

For those who can understand Yugoslavian, here is a link to the article Link:
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Some interesting developments here. To some extent, a parallel can be drawn with certain attempts of Croatian officials trying to make plans for a "central European league" (inculding Czech, Slovakia, Austria, etc.), thus moving away from the Balkans and avoiding the political issues. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of these kinds of ideas at all. For me, I'm specifically interested in seeing the old ex-Yugo league being restored. My enthusiasm for the re-creation of the Yugo league comes from the its strong and rich history (e. G. The rivalries), but also from the fact that these countries share similar language and mentality - so for me, it's the only logical sense. Anything else, while it might prove successful, would be a disappointment for me
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Partizan's president stated today that they will not support the league above mentioned, because it makes no sense (one of the rare things I agree with him on). Simply, playing against Romanians, Bulgarians, Greek and Turks is financially not logical. Expenses of that type of the league would be enormous. That was the only point he made, since mister Djuric does only care about money, but in this case makes perfect sense.

Other important point, you made Markodon. Yugo clubs have a long tradition, which will guarantee to attract a lot of people onto stadiums.

Now, Red Star hardcore fans are stating that there is no point for their club to enter any Yugo-nostalgic competitions, because they will boycott it, but they do not see that this would even attract more regular Red Star fans (the ones with more brain and less aggressiveness) to come out and watch matches peacefully. The only problem is president Lukic, who is so afraid of loosing his position since club did not win national title in four years now, so he is running his club the way hooligans say. Srpska posla!
Peteko 5 years ago
A league that would include the Romanians, the Greeks and the Turks would be in some ways superior to the New Yugo league, considering the involvement of powerhouses from those countries. But it is quite a stretch. Never say never though.

I think the Red Stars refusal to join a revived Yugo league is BS. Boycotting the league will only make them weaker than they already are
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Red Star management is serious as much as I am after bottle of rakija! Ideology they are leaded by in these days is idiotic, to say at least! Nothing else to add...
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Ok, the playoff draws are done. No Balkan meetings, except for Turkey - Croatia, which is the closest thing that qualifies for that. Montenegro got the best deal in my opinion, as the Czechs are pretty unimpressive these days. Bosnia got their old "friends", this time they have to get past them. Croatia - Turkey, I don't even know what to say, lots of emotions going through my head. I kinda wanted them, so we can get payback, but at this stage I think something like this is too dramatic. Plus we haven't beaten a serious team in like 3 years now
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
I know Markodon, you must have serious traumas from that insane quarterfinal match against Turks three years ago!

Pretty much tight draw for ex-Yugo teams. I would say Croatia and Montenegro have 50-50 chances, with advantage of playing rematches at home. Bosnia and Herzegovina in my opinion are on 40-60 against Portugal, but it would not surprise me if they come out victorious.

Good luck to all three countries, hope to watch them in final tournament!
Peteko 5 years ago
If the Croats play like they did with the Greeks, forget about Euro 2012. They have to step up their game. I think they were dealt the worst draw. Turkey were the team to avoid in the play-offs. I am not saying Croatia have no chance. They have the second leg at home and should take advantage of it.

Honestly, the smaller Yugo countries, Bosnia and Montenegro have shown more heart in this campaign and I am glad they are getting close to the finals. Will see if they have it in them to complete the last step.

Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Peteko, completely agree, I've got nothing to add
Peteko 5 years ago
How Serbia missed this train is still difficult to understand. One week ago, I was sure they would go through.
I think they were denied a penalty in the first half against Slovenia. The ref was wrong. It seemed to me far more convincing that the penalty that he eventually gave in the second half.
And Vidic, what the hell was he thinking?! (I don't buy his retirement. He will be back.)

A group of stars, but not a team. This is what Serbia were in these qualifiers. And the same goes for Croatia. I could not believe the game against the Greeks. Are you kidding me?

But being unable to shine for your country is not limited to the Balkans. We see it in many places. Sometimes, I wonder if countries have better deal, by playing with a be National Team, made of players of a lower level, but with more time to spend with their national teams and hungrier to make a name for themselves.

Getting together a bunch of millionaires and make them a functional team will never be easy. Even less in the temperamental Balkans
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
HI to all been flat chat at work no time left for chit chat.
I have some news from Macedonia Vardar Skopje club officials are trying to organize some sort of tournaments involving Balkan clubs I think Partisan Aek Paok some other in spring in weeks which are free in Ueafa calendar.
Valja I can’t understand mentality of Serbian players you have good team on paper but not success draw against Italy lost against Slovenia and Vidic quitting hi is not old.

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Macedonian, I am guessing Greek-Macedonian-Serbian cup, judging by teams you mentioned in your post?! That sounds like interesting competition to fill out football calendar in spring, when clubs from these countries are usually out of UEFA competitions. I would still prefer Yugo cup though...
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Situation in our football has been far from good for a long time, so result in Slovenia was outcome that does not surprise me! Atmosphere around and in the team is far from good! I mentioned earlier that I was disappointed with attitude our national showed in the match against Italians, even though someone would say 1-1 against them is a great result!

We can just hope our FA establishment will change at the elections in a couple of months, but I am not optimistic when it comes to that as well. There is a lot of corruption surrounding this beautiful game in Serbia!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
The same problems plague Croatia, the national team is more like a tool for certain characters in Croatian football to push forward their interests than anything else. I think the main problem with sports in general in countries like Serbia and Croatia is somehow no one is really concerned what goes on inside these institutions. The public only worries about the results and the performances and the legal state doesn't seem to be too interested in cracking down on corruption, nepotism, conflicts of interest, etc. No matter who is in change, these kinds of circumstances are paradise for corruption.

Ultimately, in order to have a "healthy" atmosphere around the team, you can't have corruption going on around the corner. It's needless to say, which option these people opt for
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Zdravko Mamic hits again! NK Dinamo's owner is known for his media exposure, which always left me laughing, and here is his newest interview after his team lost against Zadar in Croatian league! Although often Mamic does not even make sense, this time I totally agree with him about players in modern football being spoiled!

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Hey Markodon what is this about some more insides about this story please
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Well, Velja pretty much summed it up. Dinamo lost to Zadar and played really bad, so the 'supreme sherrif of Maksimir' went crazy in front of the camera again. And while I agree that players are spoiled in modern football (Dinamo's bunch included), I don't buy Mamic's populist comments he throws in every once in a while (he is the victim bla bla). Yes, Dinamo players are overpaid and unmotivated, but Mamic is pretty much responsible for the current state of affairs, not just in DInamo but in the whole league. He created a 'monster', the players of Dinamo are paid almost as much as the whole Croatian first division. Of course, he will say that it's necessary in order to keep the players at the club, but he also just admitted that they will get sold soon enough (Mamic is literary a genius when it comes to selling players).

All in all, nobody can deny him his love for the club, but that doesn't mean that he should get away with being a complete nutcase. Macedonian, in case you're not familiar with Mamic and his actions, it would take me a book to fully explain this guy.... But youtube helps...
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Totally agree with you Markodon, Mamic is very entertaining guy but you cannot take his word as serious, not even for a second! I cannot believe that he has to pay players 4 000 000 euros for first three months of the season, that is just way too much money for ex-Yugo countries (regardless of qualifying for champions league)!

Also the fact that Badelj refuses to sign contract for 600 000 euros per season (if what Mamic is saying is true?) is just insane, having in mind that the highest salary in Partizan for example is 250 000 euros (club put the bar on that sum from this season, because of the economic crises)
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
This was a question earlier in thread, and confirmation just came in, Vidic is retiring from Serbian national team, and as a main reason he stated bad atmosphere around the team!
Peteko 5 years ago
Vidic is a first rate player. I think Serbia will continue to need him. If so many talents can't make a good team, the answer is often in the spirit of the team (or the lack of it) affected by other factors. I'd rather listen to what Vidic has to say on this issue than the array of Serbian coaches, FA presidents, moronic fan associations etc
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
It is simple really. Radomir Antic established great atmosphere with the same group of players during WC qualifies, and results came along. With results whole public stood up behind this team and we ended up on the first place in our group ahead of France and Romania. Team played well and everybody had great expectations going into WC.

Couple of months before WC it was obvious that relations between Serbian FA president and coach Antic were cooling off. Later it will prove it was because of the new contract and FA president not willing to pay salary Antic was asking, but he had to because public would crucify him if he did not renew contract with the coach who superbly took us to the WC. Then WC came and fear of success kicked in (it is my personal opinion that our football players traditionally cannot cope with the pressure and expectations of big competitions). We played poorly against Ghana and lost. Then with a lot of heart and luck we beat Germany. We needed a win or a draw against Australia to go through, and we played best 45 minutes since Antic was coach, but did not manage to convert numerous chances we created. In the second half Australia scored two goals of two shots, and we just managed to score consolation goal and lose 2-1 at the end.

It all came crashing down after that match. FA president Karadzic first waited for few days for whole team with coaches to take a flight home, and than came in front of press and blamed it all on players and especially coach Antic. He just waited for first wrong step (1-1 in Belgrade against Slovenia) to sack Antic. Most of the fans were disagreeing with that decision, and ever since atmosphere was damaged. Fans were coming to stadium mainly to chant against FA president (who off course has no intention of stepping down) and new coach Petrovic was simply not the strong personality capable to overcome ugly environment like this. If we did not have strong team individually like we do, we would probably end up on the bottom of the table in these qualifies. There was no game plan, and our national team played like kids in the park, unorganized.

I hope this give a bit of an inside Peteko
Peteko 5 years ago
Thank you for this explanation Velja,

It is much clearer now.

These FA presidents act like little dictators. In Albania the current FA seemed to be deep in corruption, but efforts to remove him and investigate were blocked by Sep's FIFA, which suspended Albania from all the international tournaments until the actions stopped. It was a short-term big price to pay, so the state withdrew from the fight (not that changing heads would necessarily stop corruption, but at least these Presidents would get a message that no one is above the law and eternal.)
He is basically untouchable now.

Comparing the two experiences, between Serbia and Albania, I am more inclined to believe that from now on, FA presidents will tend to hire coaches that are not strong characters and would let the presidents run the show. Similar, but of course, not exactly like Abramovich with Chelsea
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
There were always rumors that powerful managers play big part in national coaches' decisions who to call up for their squad, because FA officials get percentages from money made in transfers (more national team call ups, the higher value of player). Also the fact that for example Petrovic called over 50 different players during one year he spent on the national bench, does not help in denying these rumors.

Another interesting fact is that Antic, who eventually became #1 enemy of Serbian FA, even when he was still coaching national team, called up less than 30 different players in two years, which automatically means that he gathered closed group of players, with several options to substitute someone who gets injured.

So for two years under Antic same group of players was called up, with changes only when necessary, and under Petrovic over 50 players played for Serbian national team in about a year. If you look at this fact through the prospective of rumors about managers being involved in national squad selection, no wonder Karadzic was so eager to sack Antic!

At the end to be honest, I do not have anything against Abramovich and such, because those people invest their own money (and lots of it) in clubs, so automatically they are looking to have their clubs perform as better as possible, some with more and some with less success, but their mind is in the right place. What I cannot stand are corrupted FA officials, because they invest nothing of their own and play with reputation of national football, just for a personal profit!
Peteko 5 years ago
Oh definitively, on the comparison with Abramovich. That's why I said similar but not exactly like it.
National football should belong to the people of that country not to corrupted bureaucrats. Simple.

(Very interesting the point about the politics of calling up players just to increase their market value.)
Peteko 5 years ago
Albania has sacked its Croatian manager, Kuzhe. I think Kuzhe was a good manager, but the expectations were suddenly too high for this Euro 2012, and the Croatian's influence was heavily sabotaged when he suffered a stroke, in mid campaign.

For the first time after 8 years we may have an Albanian manager. Besnik Hasi, an Albanian from Kosovo, is currently Assistant Manager with the Belgian side, Anderlecht.

Hasi has probably a great future in front of him as a manager, but this assignment comes a bit too early for him. He has not received a formal call yet. Nor has he confirmed that he will take the job. Nevertheless, if accompanied with the right compensation, I don't see how he will resist the call
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
I do not know how smart is it to put young coaches in hot spots of a manager of the national team. It proved with Serbian team in the past that whenever some young and promising, but inexperienced, coach was appointed, results were far from good. Leading national team is much harder than coaching clubs, because you spend much less time with players. In my opinion, any national team coach should be a person with established name in football, someone who players are familiar with and respect. Someone who will be authority even before he steps in the locker room
Peteko 5 years ago
I am with you on this. With some of these players coming from various clubs in Europe, dress room discipline is not an easy task. Nor is building a true team spirit.
I doubt that Hasi will be up for the task. Nevertheless, I read that he quit his job with Anderlecht and will have some other position in the club, until he is confirmed with Albania. He may regret it leaving the great Belgian side for Albania, but it may as well be a good step for him. Even with bad results having a national team manager on your resume is not bad when applying for a club manager position. (I assume he does not want to remain "assistant" anymore.)
Peteko 5 years ago
By the way, Josip Kuzhe, the now former Croatian manager of Albania seems to have had a gambling addiction from his days in Dinamo Zagreb. At least this is what the Albanian media has been writing in the last two days.

He says that he has been cured from that bad habit and never gambled during his gig with Albania, but some people in Tirana are claiming now that he took debts from them and is now refusing/unable to pay.

Kuzhe has denied these rumors as false.

I don't want to discriminate against anyone, but if I were the head of the FA I would be wary about hiring a former addictive gambler for the national team. There is a lot of competition from well respected professionals out there who have no similar distractions.

Of course, I understand that everyone deserves a second chance, but managing a national team is not the right step to take. A second chance should probably mean starting with a smaller club and make your way up again.

But hey, considering the corruption in our football institutions, I wonder now if a former gambler has a better chance of being hired for our national team
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Interesting story Peteko, although in my opinion I do not think gambling should be a criteria for someone not to hire a coach. I mean, everyone would prefer "saint" at any coaching position, someone who is not distracted by out of the field affairs, but you have numerous examples of successful people in sports who had a vice in their lives (alcoholism, gambling, etc.)
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Hey there Balkan boys, it's been a wile since someone wrote in our thread. I personally was busy with work and traveling as well.

In a mid time Croatia made it to the EURO (congrats to Markodon)! I was amazed with their performance against Turkey in Istanbul! If Croatia shows same game next summer, everything is possible. Unfortunately B&H and Montenegro were not able to overcome last obstacle on the way to the final tournament, which will leave us to cheer for Croatia and Greece, from this part of the Europe.

Also, president of the FK Red Star Vladan Lukic attended meeting with presidents from some Bulgarian, Turkish and Greek clubs, with the subject of establishing Balkan Cup, where teams from these countries would compete in a similar system to UEFA's competitions. Apparently there has been general agreement to start competition like that. FK Partizan's president was invited as well, but he rejected to attend that meeting, saying that this type of competition makes no sense, when there is a possibility of reviving Yugo league or cup. There is a big debate between these two presidents over the media at the moment. I figure it all has to be connected to the fact that next weekend is veciti derbi! Can't wait for that one to start!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Thanks, Velja. I have to admit I'm delighted with the performances in Instanbul, although it was totally unexpected. We'll try not to embaress the Balkans next summer as the only representatives along with Greece.

I've heard about the recent developments on the Balkan Cup, but it doesn't really makes sense to me (kind of like Partizan's pres), I don't get why would Turks want to play this cups, they already have a strong league. Also, didn't I hear something about Russian clubs as well?

Anyways, good luck in the derby. It's gonna' be interesting, Zuti needs a win over Partizan if he wants his career as a Red Star coach to continue for much longer (2 defeats so far?).
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Well idea with Balkan cup is that on a fall clubs that qualified for champions league or Europa League will not enter Balkan Cup. This cup would have champions league format, group stages on fall, knockout phase on spring. Clubs that did enter UEFA competitions, but did not go through group stages will join knockout phase of Balkan Cup.

But I also do not get this competition, since I believe that from every aspect competition with ex-Yugo clubs would be far more successful
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Hi to all going back 4 mounts posted in this forum sample of ex yu competitoion in my opinion this the ultimete solution for football in all ex yu states.
This is based on 2010/11 seson.
This draw format from 1 to 8 placed in their national league.
Divided on prequalifying rounds Group Stages & Finals
6 Ex YU Football Federation 8 teams total of 48 teams. Used last year 2010/11 season as example from each Ex YU States.
I think this the best possible option for all big or small clubs and every Nation has representative in group stage also better leagues can have 3 or 4 representatives.
Also it can be squeeze in without disturbing national Leagues and Euro Leagues.

Pos Monte Negro RANK
1 Mogren (see) 2. 275
2 Budućnost Podgorica 2. 03
3 Rudar 1. 78
4 Zeta 1. 03
5 Mladost Podgorica
6 Dečić
7 Grbalj
8 Lovćen

Pos Chroatia RANK
1 Dinamo Zagreb (see) 20. 22
2 Hajduk Split 6. 224
3 rnk Split
4 Cibalia 3. 724
5 Inter Zaprešić
6 Karlovac
7 Slaven Belupo
8 Osijek

Pos Bosnia RANK
1. Borac Banja Luka (see) 2. 324
2. Sarajevo 3. 32
3. Željezničar 2. 82
4. Široki Brijeg 2. 82
5. Olimpik
6. Sloboda
7. Zrinjski 3. 82
8. Zvijezda

Pos Serbia RANK
1Partizan (see) 15. 85
2Red Star 9. 35
3Vojvodina 3. 85
5Spartak Zlatibor Voda 3. 85
6ofk Beograd 3. 85
7Sloboda Point Sevojno
8Javor Ivanjica

Pos Slovinia RANK
1 Maribor (see) 4. 224
2 Domžale
3 Koper 2. 224
4 Olimpija 1. 474
5 Gorica 2. 224
6 Rudar
7 Triglav
8 Celje

Pos Macedonia RANK
1 Škendija (see) 1. 041
2 Metalurg 1. 29
3 Renova 2. 29
4 Rabotnički 4. 04
5 Sileks
6 Turnovo
7 Teteks 2. 04
8 Bregalnica Štip

Teams entering in this round Teams advancing from previous round
First qualifying round (24 teams)
(A)5 placed teams Against 8 placed teams
(be) 6 placed team against 7 placed teams

Match round one
1 Mladost Podgorica VS Osijek
2 Lovćen VS Inter Zaprešić
3 Dečić VS Slaven Belupo
4 Grbalj VS Karlovac
5 Olimpik VS Javor Ivanjica
6 Zvijezda VS Spartak Zlatibor Voda
7 Sloboda VS Sloboda Point Sevojno
8 Zrinjski vs ofk Beograd
9 Gorica VS Bregalnica Štip
10 Celje VS Sileks
11 Rudar VS Teteks
12 Triglav VS Turnovo

Second qualifying round (24 teams)
(A) Winners Against 3 and 4 teams from national league
12 winners from the first qualifying round

Match round two
1 winner VS Renova
2 winner VS Rabotnički
3 winner VS Olimpija
4 winner VS Koper
5 winner VS Zeta
6 winner VS Rudar
7 winner vs rnk Split
8 winner VS Cibalia
9 winner VS Željezničar
10 winner VS Široki Brijeg
11 winner VS Rad
12 winner VS Vojvodina

Third qualifying round (12 teams)
Winners second qualifying round
12 winners from the second qualifying round

Round 3 match match
Match 1 round TWO winner 1 vs 4 round TWO winner
Match 2 round TWO winner 2 vs 5 round TWO winner
Match 3 round TWO winner 3 vs 6 round TWO winner
Match 4 round TWO winner 7 vs 8 round TWO winner
Match 5 round TWO winner 9 VS 10 round TWO winner
Match 6 round TWO winner 11 vs 12 round TWO winner

Round 4
Forth qualifying round (6 teams)
Winners third qualifying round
6 winners from the second third round
Match 1 winner VS match 2 winner
Match 3 winner VS match 4 winner
Match 5 winner VS match 6 winner

Group stage(16 teams) 4 Groups* 4 teams
6 champions from associations
6 runners-up from associations
3 winners from round 4 qualifying round
1 round 4 loser WITH THE BEST GOAL diference
Used Euro club ranking to place them in Barrel rank High to low

Pos barell 1 rank
1 Dinamo Zagreb (see)20. 22
1 Partizan (see)15. 85
2 Red Star9. 35
2 Hajduk Split6. 224

Pos barell 2 rank
1 Maribor (see)4. 224
2 Sarajevo 3. 32
1 Borac Banja Luka (see)2. 324
1 Mogren (see)2. 275

Pos barrel 3 rank
2 Budućnost Podgorica 2. 03
2 Metalurg 1. 29
1 Škendija (see)1. 041
2 Domžale

Barrel 4
Round 4 winners
Round 4 winners
Round 4 winners
Round 4 loser WITH THE BEST GOAL diference

This example how will look like if played this season 2011/12

Group 1
1 Dinamo Zagreb (see)20. 22
2 Maribor (see)4. 224
3 Budućnost Podgorica 2. 025
4 round 4 winners

Group 2
1 Partizan (see)15. 85
2 Sarajevo3. 32
3 Metalurg1. 29
4 round 4 winners

Group 3
1 Red Star9. 35
2 Borac Banja Luka (see)2. 324
3 Škendija (see)1. 041
4 round 4 winners

1 Hajduk Split 6. 224
2 Mogren (see)2. 275
3 Domžale
4 round 4 loser with the BEST GOAL diference

Knockout phase (8 teams)
4 group winners from the group stage
4 group runners-up from the group stage

Match 1 A Group Winner - be Group Runner-up
Match 2 be Group Winner - A Group Runner-up
Match 3 see Group Winner - D Group Runner-up
Match 4 D Group Winner – see Group Runner-up

Semi Final
S Final 1 Q final 1 - Q final 2
S final 2 Q final 3 - Q final 4

Finals s final 1 - S final 2

First qualifying round
23–24 June 2010
2–3 July 2010
Second qualifying round
7–8 July 2010
14–15 July 2010
Third qualifying round
21-22 July 2010
23–24 July 2010
Fourth qualifying round
11–12 August 2010
18–19 August 2010

Group stage
Match day 1 17–18 September 2010
Match day 2 12–13 October 2010
Match day 3 27–28 October 2010
Match day 4 17–18November 2010
Match day 5 9–10 February 2011
Match day 6 16–17 February 2011

30–31 March 2011 6–7 April 2011

20–21 April 2011 27–28 April 2011

14 May 2011 at Marakana Stadium, Belgrade

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
This is great cup format for ex-Yugo league, Macedonian. In my opinion, for competition like this to prosper, all national leagues should be cut down to 12 clubs, in order to open up schedules as much as possible, especially for the clubs that qualify for UEFA competitions.

Also ranking should be established based on domestic and international success in past five years. Strength of the national league should be counted as well (use UEFA's standards for this one)
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Velja whichever way you do rankings clubs are poor in all ex yu leagues only way to help them is with better position which will bring more spectators means more sponsors better leagues longer in Euro competition.
But this long way of the horizon due has a lot of Balkan egos in all federation.
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Dinamo Zagreb was the last club representative from ex yu leagues gone from champions league has allegation of match fixing.
Can’t believe they conceded 7 goals in half hour second half.
This is the reason we need this regional league clubs from this region with current national leagues they can’t keep and by talent so what they made to group stage like Partisan last year.
The problem is they will not repeat this for many seasons.
But if you have regional league involving biggest clubs in the region
Clubs will have bigger budgets and more stable so that will respond with better representation in Europe’s leagues.
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
As a Dinamo supporter from 1994 (when I started watching football), this was by far the most painful and embaressing experience for me.

The truth is, before we can even start talking about regional leagues, every country needs to "clean up in the backyard". Basically, there needs to be a large scale investigation into corruption, match fixing, conflicts of interest, etc. Only when we have a mafia-free environment can we start talking about integration of Balkan football. My club is currently controlled by the worst kind of parasite, Zdravko Mamic. I would go so far as to call the last 10 years the Dark Ages of Dinamo. This Champions League group campaign has symbolized what kind of a circus this team has become. It doesn't matter whether the match was fixed or not, that kind of behaviour on the pitch makes me want stop supporting this club
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Totally agree with you on this Markodon.
But that will be hard process you get one out next one will be the same
That is our Balkan society match fixing will never go away to make even tings worst highly promoted sports betting should be banned from advertising any kind sponsorship to clubs all football association this sort of problems happening in all federation
We hand even match fixing in ex YU leagues.
Italia Spain Greece Turkey Russia Poland France and many more they all had problems in past with match fixing.
Even we had in past world cup matches under suspicion of match fixing.
Only way to lift competition in our Countries and bring the football back to old glory is overcome the egos in all of us and stop living in the we must look for better future treat everybody equally with respect and all we have to make compromises for mutual benefit.
Just read Croatian FA official got arrested for excepting bribery.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
About Croatian FA officials being arrested, I am certain that if there would be an investigation like that in Serbia, a lot of our officials would be arrested as well!

As far as Dinamo's adventure in champions league which ended up sad as Partizan's last season, it only proves that football in former Yugoslavian countries is on a low European scale, which is embarrassing considering how much talent we have for beautiful game in our region. This only proves that first of all harsh fight against corruption is necessary in Yugo countries, and then establishing regional league would make every possible sense
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hey there Balkan boys! It's been long time since we met at this thread.

The biggest news in a Serbian football is that FC Partizan sacked Aleksandar Stanojevic, the youngest and one of the most successful coaches in club's recent history, and appointed Avram Grant, former Chelsea, Portsmouth and West Ham coach.

Stanojevic's disagreements with president Djuric escalated after first half of the season, and result is that him and Mladen Krstajic (football director) were fired, because as we know in Balkans, you cannot go against regime, no matter who you are!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
Hey Velja, been a while. Heard about Partizan appointing Grant as their new manager, seems quite unexpected and random. I'm not too familiar with Stanojevic but I know Partizan has been no. 1 in Serbia for some time, and also one of the strongest teams in this part of Europe. This story kind of reminds me of what happened at Dinamo last year, when Vaha Halilhodzic (in my opinion the best coach Dinamo had in the last 10 years, or even more) got sacked after a successful season because he had a problem with Mamic entering the changing room whenever he felt like it and interrupting him, swearing at players and whatever else this primate does.

Zivio Balkan!

Off-topic - congratulations on the European Silver in handball and the 1st place in waterpolo.... And Djokovic offcourse. A pretty good day for Serbian sport!
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Markodon, thanks! It was a hot Sunday here in Serbia! Having Djokovic beating Nadal, water polo team beating Montenegro for European gold, and handball team playing finals of European championship, all in one day, does not happen often!

You guys had a good tournament in handball as well, winning bronze! If our goalie Darko "The Ministry of Defense" Stanic did not have a brilliant night on Friday, you would play that finals instead of us!
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Hi to all
Off topic to all Balkan friends cong for all sports achievements in all sports we are all sporting nations with such pore sporting federation in all smaller sports.
Who will think in hand ball in top six will be 4 ex YU states.

But football is totally different more money needed and better organisation is very competitive sport.

Some news from Macedonia FC Vardar is finally on Wright track successfully transformed in private club with majority of shareholders is private firm and rest supported by budget of Skopje city council.
They are first on table on winter brake also some new players coming in and looks promising for next season champions league also the stadium in Skopje will get new heated pitch.
Some news are surrounding club in summer period will bring some more players attacking on champions’ league group stages which I have doubts you can build club in one season.

Vardar back from the brink in Skopje

Published: Monday 9 January 2012, 10. 53cet

The Republic of Macedonia's most successful club, FK Vardar, top the table at the winter break, a feat that is being viewed as a minor miracle after years of struggle.

FK Vardar may be the most successful club in the history of the Republic of Macedonia but few predicted they would be top of the Prva Liga at the winter break.

Five league championships and five Macedonian Cups since independence mean that the club that won the 1961 Yugoslav Cup and the 1987 title remain their nation's most successful side but, after a troubled 2010/11, Ilco Gjorgjioski's side were hardly expected to thrive. Last time out, Vardar finished second from bottom and were fortunate to escape relegation.

In truth, the Skopje club had been in decline for some time with frequent boardroom changes and difficulty securing sponsors. However the summer brought some stability, with new owners making sweeping changes to the squad and hiring Gjorgjioski, who guided FK Makedonija GP Skopje to the title in 2008/09.

The 40-year-old promptly worked his magic again, his new side ending the autumn unbeaten in 18 league games and five points clear of FK Metalurg Skopje at the top of the table, much to the coach's surprise. "Before the start of the season nobody expected us to be in this position, " he said. "We were starting from scratch. Vardar's foundations had been destabilised.

"Our primary goal was to get this organisation back on its feet, and only then could we think about pushing for trophies, " Gjorgjioski added. "Our main title rivals – Shkëndija, Metalurg, Rabotnicki and Renova – have been building their teams for years and have settled lineups; our squad was put together just three weeks before the campaign started. However, they were inconsistent, which was not the case with us. "

Also through to the semi-finals of the cup, Vardar's summer signings included the league's top scorer and club captain Filip Ivanovski, who has 14 goals to his name having joined in the summer along with Vardar alumni Vlatko Grozdanovski and Miroslav Vajs. "We have a winning mentality and that's what separates us from the rest of the clubs, " said the 25-year-old Ivanovski, whose achievements for the season include a three-minute hat-trick – the fastest in the league's history.

"I'm happy with my performances and the fact that I am the league's top scorer, but the credit goes to my team-mates, " he added. "Our squad is a great mix of quality individuals. We also brought a few excellent foreigners and that brought much-needed stability into our game. "

A brilliant autumn has undoubtedly lifted fans' spirits; after Vardar beat FK Bregalnica 3-0 in their final game of 2011 supporters hoisted a flag in the club's black and red colours reading: 'Just like the old days. '

Optimism is all very well but Gjorgjioski knows titles are not handed out in the winter break. "It's great Vardar are top of the league, but we cannot kid ourselves that we have reached the finish line. Nothing is decided yet; there are many games left until the end of the season. The title will be settled in May. Until then we have to keep our feet on the ground. "

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I think on 25th April they have scheduled friendly match with Dinamo in Skopje which will be match for celebration 65 years of the club FK Vardar.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
I am glad to hear that clubs in our region are slowly going private! I am tired of the clubs running in old communistic system (my Partizan included), where "presidents" can do whatever they can, without answering to anyone! Same system drove our fierce rivals, but still the most successful football club in this part of Europe, near bankruptcy!

I am hoping this trend spreads around as soon as possible!

Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
When all clubs in first division are private in all ex YU States then will have chance of forming of Balkan League because then will be looked as money making and egos will be put aside and all will be settled even the safety of the fans
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Hey Velja what is going on with Partizan lost two games from Red Star 2:0 at home.  
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hey Macedonian,
Partizan has not been playing well since arrival of Avram Grant. There are even rumors about players intentionally loosing against Red Star, because they do not support the way former coach Aleksandar Stanojevic (under whom we did not lose against Red Star in three years) was sacked in January, because of his arguments with club's president Djuric.
We are lucky Red Star is struggling in national championship, so Partizan is managing to keep ten point lead from first half of the season on the top of the standings
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hi Balkan boys! I was away for a while. Preparations for EURO started, and our beloved peninsula has only two teams participating. I would say Greeks have pretty good chance of making it through. Croatia will need to put in the strong performances against Spain and Italy to advance. I'll leave it to Markodon to fill us in on situation in Croatian camp.

In meantime, the main focus in Serbia is new manager Sinisa Mihajlovic, who took over the team few weeks ago, lost to Spain 2-0 and kicked out of the team Adem Ljajic for not singing national anthem against Spaniards.

This is what exactly happened. When arriving to the national team camp, Mihajlovic had all players read and sign code of conduct. One of the main points was for every player to agree to sing national anthem of Serbia. Ljajic signed this paper as well. When first match came, Ljajic was in the starting line up and he was the only one not singing. Day after, Mihajlovic kicked him out. Tough break for the young player who just couple of weeks ago took the beating from his club coach Delio Rossi.

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