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Balkan Affairs
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Here are the champions league qualifies matches played tonight and tomorrow by the ex-Yugoslavian clubs:

Genk (Belgium) - Partizan (Serbia)
Hjk (Finland) - Dinamo (Croatia)
M. Haifa (Israel) - Maribor (Slovenia)

And the rest of clubs coming from Balkans:

Litex (Bulgaria) - Wisla (Poland)
Twente (Holland) - Vaslui (Romania)
OB (Denmark) - Panathinaikos (Greece)
Benfica (Portugal) - Trabzonspor (Turkey)

Beside Litex, all other clubs have an advantage of playing rematch at home, so hopefully clubs from this part of Europe will have success and qualify for a champions league play-off
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Good luck tonight. I give minimal chance to Maribor, Trabzonspor and Vaslui, but you never know. Partizan, Dinamo and Pana should pass through, not sure about Litex
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Dinamo did as I expected, and pretty much finished job in Finland. Maribor has an active result against Maccabi, but Slovenians will have to play well in rematch against alway tough Israelis.

All three ex-YU clubs are in game for final qualifying round of champions league, and if they go through it would be a great thing for still imaginary Balkan regional league
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Hi Markodon
Is good you come back in this forum and add your opinions on proposals for future possibility of forming regional football league has been a lot of debate between Velja and me please when you have time go back and read the posts and your valuable opinion on that
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Don't worry, I've been reading your debate with Velja and Peteko. It's just that you guys wrote so much that I wouldn't know where to start. It's good to see you are keeping the Balkan thread alive. When I get some new ideas, I'll be sure to add them here!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Velja, do you realise that if Partizan and Dinamo pass the 3rd qualifying round, there is 20% chance they meet in the 4th round? Dinamo got an easier opponent in the form of HJK Helsinki, but last year they lost against Sheriff Tiraspol so I'm not gonna' talk too much. Genk is definitely a stronger team than HJK, but you guys have some experience against Belgian teams (last year vs Anderlecht). Anyways, Dinamo vs Partizan in the last round would eliminate chances of having two ex-Yugo teams in the champions league, but if it happens it will be interesting to see the "vibe" in relation to the balkan league prospects
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
I am aware of that Markodon, although I would prefer to meet you guys in the group stages of champions league.

We played Helsinki last year and eliminated them pretty easy, so I expect you to do well against them.

I am not very confident ahead of the match up against Genk. We basically have a new team, and players did not blend in yet. Nine starting players that played last qualifies left. We have completely new team now. We'll see how it goes...
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
FK Ohrid VS FK Smederovo 1:0
Macedonian newcomer in first division from my home town played friendly match against Fk Smederevo Serbian Jelen Super League member


11 Oktomvri from Prilep newcomer to Macedonian fist leaguge played draw 0:0 frendly match in Ohrid aginst Serbian Super League Club Smederevo which finised Ten position in last seson in Serbian Super League


Velja this is very funny

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Shameful referee performance eliminates Metalurg
Metalurg was eliminated from the Europa League after a shameful performance from Swiss referee Cyril Zimmermann.

There is nothing worse than referees deciding outcomes of games and that was the case in this game as referee Cyril Zimmermann made a number of questionable calls that punished the Macedonian club. Metalurg started brightly and after a nice combination, captain Mile Krstev was through on goal and his first shot was initially saved but he scored on the rebound. Metalurg was the better team but then Lokomotiv Sofia was given a weak penalty in the 35th minute. A Lokomotiv midfielder played a ball in the area and the Metalurg defender Agron Memedi was simply marking his opponent who then just fell down showing no effort to play the ball but shockingly, the Swiss referee pointed to the spot. However, the football gods were with Metalurg and the nonexistent penalty ended up being saved by the Metalurg keeper Igor Pavlović. Metalurg went into halftime with a deserving 1:0 lead.

The 2nd half started with Metalurg once again as the more dangerous team and the first chance fell for Baze Ilijoski in the 50th minute but his shot from a good position took a deflection and it went for a corner. Three minutes later, Metalurg won the ball in midfield and they were two on one going the other way but a Metalurg midfielder played a bad ball to Ilijoski and a potential big opportunity was squandered. Metalurg continued dominating and in the 54th minute, captain Mile Krstev should have scored his second goal of the game as he cut nicely in the box which freed up space but his shot was blocked and the score remained at 1:0. Then, the Swiss referee whistled another soft penalty for Lokomotiv Sofia. The Bulgarian club took a free kick and the referee spotted a foul in the box and pointed to the spot once again. If that was a penalty, then you could have countless penalties during games. There is always some pushing from both sides as they get ready to deal with a free kick or corner kick in the box. This time Lokomotiv Sofia converted their penalty and the score was tied 1:1.

Metalurg was also reduced to ten men after defender Agron Memedi was shown a second yellow card. Although Metalurg was visibly frustrated with the referee, they somehow kept their cool and once again took the deserving lead in the 62nd minute. Substitute Aleksandar Tenekedziev took a short corner before he received the ball back from Krstev and then Tenekedziev played an enticing cross in the box which reached Baze Ilijoski who scored on a volley to give Metalurg the 2:1 lead. Metalurg should have put the game away in the 71st minute when Vasko Mitrev dribbled past a defender before he was one on one with the keeper but his shot was saved and it stayed 2:1. In the 85th minute, Lokomotiv scored following a corner kick as the Metalurg players were afraid to make contact since the referee already gave a penalty for a foul so there was a lot of traffic in front of goal and Lokomotiv managed to score the equalizing goal. Metalurg was still in a good position as a 2:2 draw would have been enough for them to advance to the next round due to the away goals rule. Seconds after Lokomotiv scored, substitute Muzefer Ejupi had a good chance but his shot was straight at the keeper who made the comfortable save.

As the terrible calls of the referee mounted, the worst call actually didn't come until the 88th minute. Metalurg defender Igor Kralevski simply jumped high to win a header but somehow the referee thought that was a foul and gave the Bulgarian club a free kick from a dangerous position. From watching the game, there was a feeling they would score from the free kick and that is exactly what happened as Lokomotiv scored the game winning goal from that soft foul called against Kralevski. Then, the same thing happened on the other end when a Lokomotiv defender jumped high to win a header and made contact with a Metalurg player but there was no foul this time, simply the referee waved play on and blew the final whistle after five minutes of stoppage time.

Metalurg will be very disappointed to be eliminated in this way. It's heartbreaking for players when referees decide games and not players. Even the faces of the Lokomotiv players after the game was revealing as they breathed a sign of relief and knew they got lucky with some help from the referee who made a number of questionable calls. Metalurg will now focus on their next game which is the Super Cup final against Shkendija on 24 July 2011.

Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia, Bulgaria
Referee: Cyril Zimmermann (Switzerland)
Scorers: Krstev 4', Ilijoski 62' (M); Preslav 58', 85', Bozhinov 89' (L).
Red Cards: Memedi 55' (second yellow)
Yellow Cards: Kralevski 19', Petkovski 24', Memedi 35', 55', Nacevski 57', Ilijoski 59', Dragović 67', Krstev 76' (M); Mesić 48', Yanev 60', Dyakov 61', Bozhinov 90' (L).
Metalurg: Pavlović, Petkovski, Dragović, Kralevski, Memedi, Zaharievski (66' Gjorgievski), be. Ljamcevski, Krstev (see), Mitrev, Nacevski (60' Tenekedziev), Ilijoski (84' Ejupi).
Lokomotiv Sofia: Galev, Savić, Dyakov, Atanasov (58' Velev), Dobrev (see), Yanev (69' Andonov), Karadzhinov (46' Preslav), Pisarov, Bozhinov, Romanov, Mesić.

Routine win for Rabotnicki

Rabotnicki noted an easy, expected win, which once again could have been with bigger margin, against Juvenes/Dogana.

From minute one it was obvious that only one team wanted the win in Skopje. Rabotnicki were constantly on the attack, for bigger part of the game every player except Dimitrievski was on Juvenes' half of the pitch.

Chances were constantly counting in front of Juvenes goal, but Rabotnicki's players were once again not as efficient as they should have been. Manevski, Velkovski, Velkoski, Petrovic, Petkovski - they were all combining in front of goal, they were all shooting, nobody scored.

Rabotnicki needed 35 minutes to break down Juvenes defence when a ball from corner ended on far post where Manevski was the first to react and changed the ball course into the goal. It was visible that Juvenes/Dogana were in Skopje with only one goal in front of them - concede as few as possible. Even after going 1 down, the visitors did not opened their play at all. Several attacks is all they did and each attack was ending with a counter-attack for Rabotnicki. The half-time score was only 1-0 for Rabotnicki.

Petkovski doubled the lead just 5 minutes from half-time when he was the tallest in the box and headed the ball into the net after a cross from the right. Only 6 minutes later, Petrovic scored the third goal with a strong low shot and it seemed like Rabotnicki will continue scoring. Coach Petreski gave chance to younger players like Avramovski and Trajkovski. They were running and constantly giving their opponents a tough time, but the strikers did not have a field day although they scored 3 goals.

Juvenes/Dogana only real chance came in the 75th minute when Ceci lobbed Dimitrievski but his effort went off-target. In the last 15 minutes, Manevski had several chances, Vujcic and Petkovski as well, but the efficiency was once again on low level and the final score remained 3-0.

Meanwhile, Anorthosis lost to Gagra 2-0 but they had 3-0 advantage from first leg, so Rabotnicki will be visiting them on 28th of July on Cyprus, with the return leg on 4th of August in Skopje.

Rabotnicki remains the only Macedonian representative in Europe, but will need to step up in their play if they are to beat Anorthosis as well. The Cypriot team showed weakness by losing to Georgian Gagra, so Rabotnicki does not have a mission impossible in front of them.

National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje, Macedonia
Referee: Sandor Szabo (Hungary)
Scorers: Manevski 35', Petkovski 50', Petrovic 56'
Red cards: /
Yellow cards: Petkovski 51' ; Casadei 72'
Rabotnicki: Dimitrievski, Todorovski, Lazarevski, Stojanov, Kumbev, Vujcic, Velkovski, Petrovic (60' Avramovski), Manevski, Velkoski (75' Micevski), Petkovski (61' Trajkovski)
Juvenes/Dogana: Gobbi, Cavalli, Frino, Ceci (85' Stefanelli, Cervellini, Santini (77' Zafferani), Caminati, Bacciocchi, Colombini (59' Casadei), Friguglietti, Selva.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Skendija - Partizan 0:1 (Champions League qualifier)

This was the worst game Partizan played in past year and a half! Only luck, goalkeeper Radisa Ilic and Skendija's strikers saved us from loosing this match.

I am glad that both matches were finished without even minor incidents on stands (if we exclude fight between few of Partizan fans on the south stand).

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Macedonians are upset with the Albanians how they supported their team.
They are nothing else but uncivilised people they were thinking attending political meeting
They should be expelled from Uefa and from Macedonian first league
But I don’t think that will happen for sake of keeping peace .
Watch this

Read this is Macedonain you shoud andrestend some of that

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
I hear you Macedonian.

I read the article and I understood well (used to date girl from Ohrid for a while!). It is true that there were offensive chant's in Belgrade, but we use same chants when we play Red Star for example, just change names in it.

I think banners targeted towards bombing of Serbia and Montenegro and sex trafficking were too much though. To be honest, I do not know how did they even let them have those on the stands. In Belgrade several people tried to take in banners with political and nationalistic messages, but police confiscated them at the gates. Well, we have been burned in the past with stuff like this, so I guess we are finally learning something.

I do not know if Macedonian FA can ban Skendija, because this game was not under their jurisdiction, but UEFA should react to this behavior. If they do not, that would be case of double standards, because we are not allowed to even have "Kosovo je srce Srbije" banner on the stadium, which if you ask me does not offend anyone and just shows emotional state of Serbian people towards this region.

We'll see what will happen in coming days.

I also understand that Macedonian people are disturbed with the fact that stadium was packed with Albanian flags, since Macedonian champion played in Macedonian capital, but I do not think you are able to do anything about it. We see stuff like that even in our domestic football league, and lets not talk about Bosnian premier league
Peteko 5 years ago
Are you guys ganging up on Albanians just now that I am in vacation?! Lol, just kidding.

Shkendija were no match for Partizani. 0-1 away win in a bad day tells a lot about the two teams. Well, one can always hope for a miracle. It is football after all.

What a disgusting show that with the sex girls. Not Albanians' finest hour, I have to admit. As if there are not Albanian sex workers in the West.
I completely agree that politics should stay out of the stadia. Yes, Shkendija deserves some penalty on this. Although the club will try to defend themselves by stating that their relations with the fans organization are broken (which is true). Will see what happens, but I think a ban would be fair.

I would like to explain something about the flag though. I understand why Macedonians are upset about the flag, but for your information the flag precedes the state of Albania. It originates from the time of the Albanian resistance against the Ottomans in the XV century. Therefore, raising that flag does not necessarily mean allegiance to the state of Albania, but rather a celebration of the Albanian identity. Do not take every Albanian waving the flag as someone who wants to secede from Macedonia and join Albania.

Velja, I don't have a problem with the banner "Kosovo je srce Srbije". I think positive messages are not a problem. You can love whomever you want. Hate should be forbidden, not love. Waving a flag is fine, burning a flag is wrong. That's my position.

But all in all, we can live with the offenses. Even in the Western stadiums, slogans of hate took time to be stopped. Some insulting songs still linger (when Celtic play Rangers etc). It would be too much to expect them to die out in the Balkans stadia. Not with the memories of war being still fresh. Not with the generations which saw the wars still alive and active. Not with poverty and lack of progress still existing. But. As long as there are no massive riots with dead and injuries, I think it is already progress. The rest will come little by little. Some faith and understanding is required. (Of course easy for me to say, from here. And no I am not coming down there to give a hand. Lol)

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Me personally do not have anything against showing flags of your homeland, I just said that I understand why Macedonians are disturbed. It would be hypocritical of me to judge behavior like that, since we have same situation with Serbian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I agree with you Peteko, that there are some things we probably will never be able to stop here on Balkans. I was not surprised by offensive chants in Belgrade or Skoplje, as I said, we use same chants when we play against Red Star as well, so it was expected to do the same against Skendija.

And do not get me wrong when I spoke about banning Skendija. I just want to see how UEFA will react, not because I want to see Skendija banned, but more to see if UEFA will use same criteria as they do on us. From past experience, if we had any similar banners on the stadium, they would ban us harshly
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago

Not being racist or discriminating against fellow Albanians.
I will give you best example.
How Albanians will fill?
If Macedonian predominately Macedonian club from Pogradec are Albania which plays in Albanian first division wins Albanian championship end represents Albania in champions League
So local Macedonians go to Tirana end start showing big flag of Macedonia and no sign from Albanian flag on stadium and on top of that turn the whole game in one big political display singing nationalist song calling of united Macedonia in original form before 1913 also singing offending songs for fellow Albanians.
Offending and hurting feelings of Albanian people.

This goes further some one from club on half time puts Albanian nationalist song on official speaker system calling for greater Albania.
Is more to that those big flags and parole are banned to be on stadium for safety by UEFA so security will not allow to enter stands and security is organized by the club. If flags didn’t enter true normal gates only reasonable explanation will be club official smuggle them and passed to Ballista ultra group

Police will only step in if security can't handle the situation is out of control.

1st state Albania”, "2nd state Kosovo", "3rd state coming soon"

Calling Macedonian girls sluts bringing dead people in their report oar from 2001 and Macedonian idol Tose Proeski which was popular pop singer tragically killed in car accident. Noting do with any politics and many more…….
Serbian team playing I don’t understand the connection with Macedonia.
The same country which paying for their education health employing Albanians in government administration living in multinational society I don’t understand.

Personally I live in Australia if Macedonians fans behave like that in Australia they will be expelled from league and country we do have sporting & social events here but low also from respect to this country we put two flags together.

By any low in any western country displaying nudity in public discrediting women on top of that pregnant only seek person with complex can be proud of that and whole stadium clapping of support when that gets reviled.
All this offences are punishable with jail term. By western standards.
Is more to point to you so you can understand the anger and revolt of Macedonian people?

And if UEFA didn’t punish Skendija for this then they have double standards

Read this story

Scandal: UEFA Fines Dinamo Zagreb 20, 000 for Waving Macedonian Flag
Monday, 21 March 2011
UEFA's Disciplinary Committee had fined FK Dinamo Zagreb 20, 000 Euros because Zagreb fans had waved the Macedonian flag!
The Croatian public are stunned by this bizarre punishment and can not believe the European footballing body would be this unprofessional and racist. Dinamo Zagreb fans waved the Macedonian flag in their UEFA match against Greek based club PAOK of Solun.
To avoid looking racist UEFA's Disciplinary committee announced it was fining Dinamo Zagreb for the handful of firecrackers as well, so the flag 'incident' isn't solely the reason.
"This is a torture, we are tormented by UEFA. Just look at what we are being punished for? Because fans waved the Macedonian flag and supposedly firecrackers? " says visibly upset president of FK Dinamo Zagreb, Zdravko Mamic.
Dinamo's fans were also stunned. The club's website is inundated from messages by thousands of fans even from their arch rival FK Hajduk who wonder "Since when do you get fined and punished for waving a Macedonian flag? And "When did an official flag of a country become illegal? "
UEFA's Media Center has avoided phone calls from Macedonian and Croatian Journalists all day today.
In UEFA's words, Say No to Racism.... UEFA.... Say No. //Pero Stamatovski
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
It is the first time I read about the ban UEFA issued to Dinamo. It really is ridiculous. To punish someone for waving the flag of any country is just ridiculous. I understand the context, because Greeks are opposed to Macedonia being recognized as an country under that name, but this is just plane hilarious.

Same way it would be unfair to punish Skendija fans for waving Albanian flag in the match against Partizan.

Honestly, no one in Serbia is even talking about the happenings on the stands in the match against Skendija anymore, because everyone basically expected a political context to come up on the surface. We are all just happy that nobody was physically hurt during this matches. For everything else, it is simply just too hard to control mass of people. In atmosphere like that, it takes just one person to start chanting something, and everybody will follow it.

But again, I do understand why Macedonians are upset with everything that happened, and UEFA should react on some of the banners that were on the stadium
Peteko 5 years ago

Just like Velja I understand why you or Macedonians in general are upset about the flag issue. I simply trying to explain that the Albanian flag with two-headed eagle is also a cultural and historical banner, not just a political symbol. This does not exclude the possibility as you described that in that case it was used with political motives.

Look, fans will do everything possible in order to upset the opposition.
I remember when Poland played in Belgrade the last time, the traveling Polish fans were chanting "Kosovo, Kosovo". Now, believe me, they didn't care about whether Kosovo should be independent or not. All they knew was that it would probably upset the Serbs, so they did it.

Now you could have UEFA inquire it and ban the Poles for "getting political" in the stadium, but really there was no true political message there. Just some fans trying to upset the others. Just like I am sure the Dinamo fans were not really concerned about the name of Macedonia. They just knew it would/could upset the Greeks so they did it.

In a very interesting case, when US played Mexico in the 90s in Los Angeles, the stadium was filled with Mexican flags. The media made a big deal out of it but it was all very innocent. Then, "soccer" was as much popular in the US as it is today. And there are millions of Mexican immigrants living in California. It was not a political message, but understandably many cultural indications were brought to surface.

I want to say that while Macedonians are right to be upset and insulted when another flag is displayed in their capital they also should understand that you cannot force someone to love a flag. You can only prevent someone from disrespecting it. Love cannot be imposed or bought. To make Albanians of Macedonia love the flag of Macedonia will certainly take more than "paying for their education health employing Albanians in government administration" as you say. What you see as gifts are seen by them as undeniable rights that they deserve as citizens of the country and which were finally given to them under international pressure and to avoid a war. That hardly produces love.

What I hope is for all the people of Macedonia to start respecting each-other a little more. Hopefully in the future with more Albanians in the Macedonian police force, there won't be a problem to control and adequately sort out an Albanian crowd before they enter the stadium. Once it is made clear that the state belongs to all citizens despite of their ethnicity, there won't be exceptions because of politically correctness as you said and these shameful displays will somehow kept out of the stadia
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Here's documentary called "Last Yugoslavian Football Team", which was filmed during EURO 2000 qualifies. I think that anyone familiar with the events in Balkans during 90's will find it interesting. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles, so you would have to know Serbo-Croatian in order to understand it.

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Velja very good video but sad.

I found this on you tube

Also this

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Macedonian, I believe sad is the first word and feeling that comes to anyone when thinking about Yugoslavia and 90's!

I'll check out Croatian talk show on regional league later, this seems like an interesting thing to watch.

Our coach Stanojevic is just stating what every person with common sense would agree on. Unfortunately, it seems our neighbors from Red Star lack people like that, since their president and general manager stated several times they are against regional league (God knows why?!)
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Velja did you watch second video & what is your opinon on that
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Not yet! I am busy at work these days, so I will watch it over the weekend, when I catch some free time
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Europa League qualifies (Serbian clubs)

FK Rad - Olympiakos Volou 0-1

FC Vaduz - Vojvodina Novi Sad 0:2

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Rabotnicki peppered the goal of their opponents from San Marino but was only rewarded with one goal.

A frustrating game ended for Rabotnicki with a minimal 1:0 road win but the score is not indicative of the dominance by Rabotnicki over their opponents Juvenes/Dogana. According to the stats on the website of UEFA.Com, Rabotnicki had 14 shots on goal with another 17 shots that went off target while their opponents attempted only three shots and they were all off target. Rabotnicki also had 14 corners compared to one for their opponents but they needed a late goal from substitute Filip Petkovski in the 86th minute to avoid a goalless draw.

The game was played on the Juvenes/Dogana half of the field as Rabotnicki dominated possession and managed to score two goals in the 1st half but unfortunately both goals were ruled offside. The team from San Marino was only interested in defending and held up until the 86th minute when Rabotnicki was finally rewarded with a goal. Juvenes/Dogana finished the game with ten men after one of their players picked up a second yellow card and was sent off by the referee. Rabotnicki went forward looking for a goal and the first substitution for the team in the 59th minute brought an extra attacker in Filip Petkovski while sacrificing the starting RB Goran Bogdanovik. It proved to be a good substitution as Petkovski ended up scoring the only goal of the game. Petkovski has now scored three goals in three games during the Europa League qualifications, all in substitute appearances.

The return leg will be played on 21 July 2011 at the Fillip II Arena in Skopje. Rabotnicki will look to finish off their opponents early by picking up a comfortable victory on their way to the third round of the Europa League qualification. Keep in mind that UEFA will hold the draw tomorrow for the third round of qualifications so Rabotnicki will find out their opponents for the third round proven they don't suffer some kind of a debacle at the hands of Juvenes/Dogana in the second leg which is not expected.

Stadio Olimpico in Serravalle, San Marino
Referee: Huw Jones (Wales)
Scorer: Petkovski 86'
Red Cards: Gasperoni (second yellow card 76')
Yellow cards: Friguglietti, Ceci, Gasperoni, K. Velkoski
Juvenes/Dogana: Manzaroli, Cavalli, Frino, Gasperoni, Ceci (67' Colombini), Cervellini, Santini (90' Zafferani), Caminati (78' Casadei), Bacciocchi, Friguglietti, Selva.
Rabotnicki: Dimitrievski; Bogdanovik (59' Petkovski), Stojanov, Kumbev, Lazarevski; Todorovski, Petrovik (75' Trajkovski), Vujčić, Velkovski; Velkoski, Manevski (84' Skenderovik).

Rabotnicki held to frustrating 1:0 win

Metalurg played a goalless draw against Lokomotiv Sofia in a game that can be best described as a wasted opportunity.

From the start, it was evident that Metalurg gave too much respect to their opponents from Bulgaria and started the game tense. Lokomotiv Sofia scored on a header following a corner kick in the 3rd minute but the goal was disallowed because of a foul in the box. Metalurg did not play well in the first 30 minutes in part because like mentioned earlier, they simply gave too much respect to Lokomotiv Sofia but then they slowly started to take control of the game and should have gotten a better result. Metalurg had the better chances but the indecisiveness of the main two strikers, Muzafer Ejupi and Baze Ilijoski, cost the team on several occasions. Mile Krstev and Zaharievski also threatened on shots from distance but the Lokomotiv Sofia keeper saved both shots and they went for a corner each time.

Metalurg is a stable club with good sponsors but their approach is similar to that of Renova. Their starting 11 for this game featured five players over 30 with another two in the late 20's so the coach prefers older players instead of having a better mix of youth and experience. Metalurg showed that they are not inferior to Lokomotiv Sofia and hopefully they will approach the second leg more positively instead of being passive and giving too much credit to their opponents.

The return leg will be played on 21 July 2011 at the Vasil Levski national stadium in Sofia. Not everything is bad for Metalurg because when it comes to drawing at home, a 0:0 draw is the best result due to the importance placed on away goals. Metalurg can draw 1:1 or 2:2 in Sofia and they will advance to the next round because of the away goals rule but they must have a positive approach. They can't go to Sofia looking to play defensive because that will get them beat so they need to try to get a goal and put some pressure on their Bulgarian opponents.

National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje, Macedonia
Referee: Luc Wilmes (Luxembourg)
Scorers: /
Red Cards: /
Yellow Cards: Krstev, Kralevski (M); Lahchev, Janev, Dyakov (L).
Metalurg: Pavlović, Petkovski, Memedi, Kralevski, Dragović, Mitrev, Zaharievski, Krstev (see), Nacevski (70' be. Ljamcevski), Ilijoski (89' Simonovski), Ejupi (53' Tenekedziev).
Lokomotiv Sofia: Galev, Savić, Dyakov, Lahchev, Dobrev (see), Yanev (74' Velev), Karadzhinov, Pisarov (78' Manolov), Bozhinov, Romanov, Andonov (58' Yordanov).
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Is Tnicki nickname of the club?!
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Rabotnicki mistake in copy paste  
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
I just watch on you tube some shocking videos for Grobari, Delije, Unted Force Rad,
They have tension between them everybody hates everybody all is for drugs and money.
They should be banned as group all together they have nothing to do with sport.
They are criminal gangs
Also you justice system is not effective all corrupted.
Till all this is not addressed you can’t have sport.
Also out questions Balkan league till this sort out by your country.

Who as normal person will take the family and up watching game like this.
Going to any of this matches is risky you can be at the wrong place and wrong time anything can happened.
This is the saga of your big clubs.
Smaller clubs they don’t have this problem but problem with infrastructure and money.
I have question for you
Supporters groups they support the team financially I mean by membership or the clubs give that for free for their support.
As much are creating atmosphere for the match they are the reason for football has reached the bottom in Serbia.
Are you part of any Grobari fiction (Alcatraz, juzni front , young boys)
When you go to watch match do you go to grobari stands .
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Macedoinian, I watched these documentaries long time ago. They were made about five or six years ago, when situation with hooligans was extremely bad. Since French fan died in Belgrade when he was beat up by Partizan fans few years ago, police became tough on those organizations and had zero tolerance. As I mentioned in some of the earlier posts, since that incident there was no even minor incidents with fans, because whenever game of "high risk" is played, there is thousands of cops on the streets (even special forces).

Thanks to that fact, we have people bringing their kids to the stadiums again, which was for years out of the question because of the hooligans.

Our justice system is in the better place now, than at the time that documentary was made, but there is still work to do.

There is no financial support of the club by members of these groups, during 90's clubs were actually supporting financially them (total paradox if you ask me). I agree that one of the reasons football over here has gone down the drain is behavior of hooligan groups.

I am not a part of any of these frictions. You should know that Grobari is the common name for anyone who supports Partizan, no matter if they belong to any of these smaller frictions or not.

I personally went several times on a south stand (where most fanatic of Partizan fans are located), but only for UEFA matches. Atmosphere during international matches is pure footballing atmosphere. For derbies against Red Star, I go either to west or east stand, where peaceful and civilized fans of both clubs usually go.

To be honest, I went to a lot of matches which ended up with riots, but never got caught up in any danger. My opinion is that if you look for trouble in this situations you will most certainly find it. Keeping away is the smartest way to go.

But as I said, in the past three years there has not been any incidents in Blegrade during the football matches, so atmosphere here now is back to the safe, where you can go and watch a game, without fear that someone might smash your head for supporting opposite club
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
What is this if you can’t fight the visitors you fight between each other
Grobari fight

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
There was always tension between frictions you mentioned. It looks to me as much idiotic as to you, but most of these guys are usually on the drugs or dead drunk, and always looking for trouble. You will notice that rest of the stadium began chanting "Cigani" (which is nickname for Red Star fans) as soon as fight started, and that shows how much support these guys have among regular fans.

I guess they have a lot of anger build up inside of them, since they did not fight Red Star fans in a long time!
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago

In my opinion if Serbian government was serious about this problem.
Will take more drastic measures against hooligans.
Why only on Balkans you can’t watch football same as in England with fare way of supporting your club.

If you want to have registered supporters group with allocated stand must be legally registered entity with bank account.
Have register director and board secretary treasurer with no criminal record or any outstanding meter in court.
All money received as sponsor must be declared the source.
Also to be a member you can have conviction in past but no any unfinished conviction in court.
All the members must be registered and that list submitted to police to get access to tickets for the home game.
To enter the stand your name must be on the list.
Requisites used to support your club must have club official colures or club logo any other written paroles or any other names besides the name of registered supporters group to be bend to enter stadium and exposed.
Stand to be allowed to be filled only to %80 of seating capacity
Cctv cameras on all corners on the stands.
Heavy Police presents on the exit on the stands.
Any incident beside arrest also to be fined and very hefty fines to supporters organisation.
Ban on all organise Visitor fans group for groups on any Serbian league matches for 3 seasons
With this sort of measure you will clean the football supporters from the hooligans and criminals from the sport and marginalise their influence on the behave.
Will bring normal supports which they love the club also sport as game of football.
End clean the rubbish which they use this to hide from the crime and to satisfy their need for acceptance of the group as leaders.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
I agree with you Macedonian, but the biggest problem here is corruption in the justice system. All these hooligans have been arrested and charged many times, but once their cases get to the court, they simply stop prosecuting them. We have pretty strict laws on the paper, regarding violence on the sporting events, but they are rarely followed.

You see, these groups and their leaders were heavily used by the people that are running our country now, during overthrowing of Slobodan Milosevic in October of 2000. For a long time there was kind of tolerance for their behavior by politicians, because they did risk their lives in those events.

As I said earlier, things have been changing to better in past couple of years, mostly because of the huge pressure from UEFA and EU, but there is still a lot of work to do take behavior like this out of the stadiums
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
I do understand that but they are ruining Serbians people reputation westerners will see you as hooligan uncivilised nation. Because media only is exposing, what will make headlines
What I suggesting is stop the violence before it happens with the measure I proposed on post above you will clean the criminals from the true supporters of the club and make hard for them to create a problem the best way of dealing is the preventative way.
Court only can punish for something which happened and give example what will happen to others or if you decide to repeat same offence. Good but is not stopping the problem of reoccurring again.
Only way to change the culture of supporting the club is to implement measures as post above not just for football for any sport where you have group of people claiming to be organized supporters group with name.
If all Balkan countries accept same rules will be end to hooligans in the sport and will create good ground for regional competition.
Will be problems when is introduced all this criminals will create riots but police can handle that.
In moment only think which is holding back is fear of riots and hooligans.
They all aware of positives which regional completion will bring to the sport only is holding them safety of the supporters and cost of heavy police presents.

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Rabotnicki for the second time this season, Metalurg for the first. UEFA Europa League, second qualifying round.

Rabotnicki with an easy task ahead of them. Or, at least that is what we consider. After the 7:1 aggregate victory over Estonian Trans Narva, Rabotnicki got one of the easiest possible opponents in the second round. The cup winners from San Marino, Juvenes/Dogana. An amateur football club where only goalkeeper Simone Montanari has Italian nationality, every other player holds Sanmarinese nationality. They play their games on Stadio Olimpico in Serravalle which holds capacity of 7.000.

Match is scheduled for 20.30 CET tomorrow and main referee is Huw Jones from Wales. Rabotnicki are huge favorites and everything else then a victory will be an amazing surprise.

Far more difficult work has Metalurg who are hosting Lokomotiv Sofia. For the second time in club history, Metalurg are in Europa League. Last year they were eliminated in the first round, this time they are starting in the second because they are current cup winners. Keeping most of their important players, Metalurg's squad is still well-balanced. Their pre-season friendlies went well, winning 3 times and losing only to Partizan in Belgrade. According to Bulgarian football fans, Lokomotiv Sofia are not that strong although can be considered as favorites over the 2 legs. They had some bad transfer moves and Metalurg can use the home advantage and try to make a result that will give them good chance for the second leg in Sofia.
Europa League: Macedonian Preview
Match is scheduled for National Arena Philip II of Macedon at 20.45 CET with live TV broadcast on Kanal 5. Odds on Metalurg are around 4.10 at the moment. Main referee is Luc Wilmes from Luxembourg.

While we expect an easy win from Rabotnicki, Metalurg has difficult task ahead of them but can bring good result for themselves and for Macedonian football. We wish them luck!

Peteko 5 years ago
Partizan-Shkendija 4-0

No surprises here. Partizan were the bigger club (From Serbian Blic: On paper, the Belgrade team are ten times their opposition’s worth with €23 million, comparing to Skendija’s €2. 2m.)

Stats speak clearly that there was only one team on the pitch. Shkendija are now left wondering what would have happened if Hasani had not missed from the penalty spot, early at the 11th minute
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
The Macedonian champion was heavily defeated with 4:0 by Partizan in the first leg of the Champions League qualifications, second round.

The hopes for advancing into the third round are over only after the first leg as Shkendija suffered a 4:0 defeat in Belgrade against the Serbian champion, Partizan. Not the European debut the boys in red&black hoped for, with a second leg to be played only as a formality.

But Shkendija wasn't bad as the result says. Especially in the first half, the Macedonian champion played disciplined and controlled the result. It could have been a lot different if Ferhan Hasani had converted the penalty given in the 12th minute after a handball by Stefan Babović, but Vladimir Stojković managed to save Hasani's shot.

The second half started great for the home side. Zvonimir Vukić opened the score after only 3 minutes of play and than Shkendija started to fall down. Brazilian striker Eduardo doubled the lead in the 58th minute, Marko Šćepović scored after a counter attack in the 74th, while only two minutes later Sedat Berisa scored an own goal for a final 4:0.

To make things worse for Shkendija, starting LB Ilir Elmazovski showed the middle finger to the Partizan fans as he was being substituted in the 82nd minute. His actions will certainly result in a fine as he tried to provoke the fans by first blowing kisses and then showing the middle finger.

The return leg is scheduled for 19 July at the National Arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje.

Jna Stadium in Belgrade, Serbia
Referee: Artyom Kuchin (Kazakhstan)
Scorers: Vukić 48', Eduardo 58', Šćepović 74', Berisa 76' oh. G.
Red cards: /
Yellow cards: Vukić, Babović, Sali, Berisa
Partizan: Stojković; Volkov, Ranković, Ivanov; Vukić, Medo, Aksentijević, Babović, Ilić (see) (67' Tomić); Šćepović (87' L. Marković), Eduardo (76' Jovančić); Manager: Aleksandar Stanojević.
Shkendija: Zendeli; Cuculi, Elmazovski (84' Neziri), Nikitović, Berisa; Huseini (88' Selmani), Mustafi, Redzepi (67' Nafiu), Emini; Hasani, Sali. Manager: Kjatip Osmani.

That penalty was a gift from ref even that didn't help all Macedonian teams can play only one half good
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
To be honest with you, first half was worrying me as an Partizan fan! We had five new players in our starting line up (whole defensive line), so I was not sure how team blended in. Second half was quite promising, and with a bit of luck in draws, we might watch Partizan in Champions League again
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Honestly if you had Club from any other country as opposition a mean on same level as Skendija want so much fans on the stands this was good for partisan build up that sort of derby filling this what talking about with Balkan leagues even if the football may want be up to level in first couple seasons but will help to generate fiancés for the clubs.
It can be played with out visitor’s fans to avoid problems
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Totally agree with you on this one Macedonian. Visitor fans should not be allowed at least for first couple of seasons
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Peteko 5 years ago
Thanks guys for the detailed info. I watched only some highlights which is never enough. Seems to me that Partizan were a bit too cautious in the first half, but then found the courage to play a more open football and they got the goals and the result.

Good luck in the Champions League
Peteko 5 years ago
The Balkans in the Europa League - 1st Qualifying Round

Koper (Slovenia) eliminated by Kazakhstan club.
Olimpija of Ljubjana qualified against SirokiBrijeg (Bosnian)

Both Albanian clubs qualified for the second round:
Flamurtari (Vlora) eliminated Buducnost (Podgorica) of Montenegro. 3-1 and 1-2
Vllaznia (Shkodra) eliminated Birkirkara (Malta).

Zeta of Montenegro eliminated by Slovakian Spartak.

Serbia and Croatia
Rad (of Beog…) destroyed the San Marino side (9-1 on aggr)
NK Varazdin of Croatia eliminated a club from Andorra.

Rabotnicki of Macedonia eliminated Trans Narva of Estonia, winning both matches.
But Renova was eliminated after penalty kicks

Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
No away fans for Shkendija and Partizan
Both clubs decided that it would be better if there are no away fans in the two games that Shkendija and Partizan will play in the Champions League qualifications.

On a meeting between board members of both clubs, as well as members of the Football federation of Macedonia, the Football Association of Serbia and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia and Serbia it was decided that both games will be played in front of only home fans.

That means that Shkendija will go to Belgrade without their fans Ballishtët, while Partizan will come to Skopje without their ultras Grobari. This was necessary in order to avoid nationalistic and ethnical incidents between the two groups.

However, we shall see how this will work, because for example Partizan has a group of fans in Macedonia that will probably try to enter the game in Skopje

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
It is a good decision not having away fans, but as you said organizers should be aware of presence of Partizan fans from Macedonia. Still I believe it will all work out well...
Peteko 5 years ago
The Ballists just released a statement saying that they do not recognize the agreement. They found it offensive and they repeated their determination to travel to Belgrade.

We have waited for decades to play in Europe and now that it happened after years of sacrifices and tears, they will not impede us to travel with the team.

So, now they are calling on the fans to gather for the traveling date, has called on UEFA to make sure their rights are protected and have warned the club management of Skendija that they will pay for their effort to bypass the fans.

So there is probably one more act to this Balkan drama
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Officially no one will travel. You cannot by tickets for away game in home town also the visitor stands will be empty and locked on both matches and any spectator who has any symbol from visitor can't enter stadium also only place to buy tickets is on the stadium who will risk his life to go by ticket and seat next to home team supporter. Also anything which has nothing to do with supporting your team will be banned from entering the stands as Kosovo is Serbia or Kosovo Albanian or Albanian flags and Kosovo flags. And will be whole police on standby.
Macedonian (Napoli) 5 years ago
Friendly: Partizan - Metalurg 3:0
Metalurg played their fourth friendly during their preparations and suffered a 3:0 loss away to Partizan.

Metalurg made the drive to Belgrade to take on the defending Serbian champions Partizan but they suffered a 3:0 loss during a friendly which was Metalurg's first loss during their four friendly games. Metalurg won their previous three friendlies by beating both Renova and Sileks 2:0 while they won 3:1 in their third friendly against Horizont Turnovo. Metalurg is preparing for their matchup against Lokomotiv Sofia in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League while Partizan will take on the Macedonian champions Shkendija during the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League. Partizan scored the three goals in the 15th, 33rd, and 80th minute to record the victory. During their preparations, Partizan also faced another Macedonian club in Rabotnicki and they won that friendly game 5:1.

This was the starting 11 for Metalurg: Pavlović - Memedi, Petkovski, Kralevski, Dragović - Mitrev, Krstev, Zaharievski - Nacevski, Ejupi, Ilijoski.

Also played: Blagoja and Petar Ljamcevski, Medić, Tenekedziev, Simonovski.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 5 years ago
Interesting fact about the match: Partizan played without their top signing this season from Brazil, striker Eduardo, because club was late with the first transfer payment to Sao Caetano.

If Partizan does not work this out by midnight, Eduardo will not be eligible to play against Skendija

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