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Balkan Affairs
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
AEL - Partizan 0:1! Partizan lost this match Serbian style, gave away a stupid goal and missed two clear chances when opposition goalie was already sitting on the ground. Hopefully we can overcome this deficit in front of our crowd.

Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
UEFA CL: BATE Borisov - Vardar 3:2

A moment during the game; photo: mkd.MkVardar overcame a 0:1 halftime deficit to eventually take a 2:1 lead after 62 minutes, but BATE Borisov managed to score two goals in stoppage time of the 90th minute to collect a 3:2 victory in the first leg.

The 1st half did not feature many chances as both teams attempted to get a feel for one another. In addition, neither team wanted to make a costly error early on. Vardar looked organized as a team and although BATE had more of the possession, there were few opportunities in the opening 45 minutes. The first big chance of the match came in the 24th minute when Vardar's goalkeeper Kostadin Zahov was caught out of position, leading to a chip attempt towards goal by Aleksandr Pavlov, but Vardar left back Abraham Alechenwu made a great clearance just as the ball was getting ready to cross the line. The goalless deadlock was eventually broken in the 41st minute when Dmitri Mozolevski scored on an easy tap in from close range after a cross from the left hand side.

Neither side made any changes at the start of the 2nd half as the game took on added intensity. BATE actually had several chances early in the half to make it 2:0 but Zahov first denied Mozolevski in the 49th minute, while Aleksandr Volodko skied a shot way over the goal from a good position in the 52nd minute. With BATE looking increasingly likely to extend its 1:0 lead, it was actually Vardar who stunned the home crowd with the equalizing goal in the 54th minute. Dragan Gjorgiev received a long cross on the left hand side and then sent a great cross to Jovan Kostovski who scored an easy goal from close range. Vardar gained in confidence after the goal and managed to take a 1:2 lead in the 62nd minute when Ostoja Stjepanovic reached the back of the net with a precise shot past the opposing keeper.

The game soon ratcheted up in intensity as BATE looked to reverse the scoreline. Volodko had a good chance in the 78th minute but his shot went just wide of the left goal post. On the other end, a minute later, Stjepanovic nearly made it 1:3 for Vardar after a great run but his effort from the edge of the area was straight at the BATE keeper. The 90th minuted rolled up with Vardar still clinging to a 1:2 lead. However, he referee added four minutes of stoppage time, and that's where Vardar conceded two goals for a demoralizing 3:2 loss. Vitali Rodionov scored both goals for BATE in stoppage time, with the second coming on an effort inside the area following a corner kick.

Vardar will be disappointed with the result by conceding two late goals in stoppage time, but nothing is lost for the return leg. The Macedonian side scored two important away goals and will receive tremendous support in the return leg next Wednesday. It will be the first game in the renovated stadium and the atmosphere should be electric in hopefully propelling Vardar to reach the next round. Vardar will advance with a score such as 1:0 or 2:1 in the return leg due to the away goals rule, but they will undoubtedly be shooting themselves in the foot for this squandered outcome in the first leg

Gorodskoi Stadion in Borisov, Belarus
BATE Borisov - Vardar 3:2
Referee: Olivier Thual (FRA)
BATE Borisov: Gorbunov, Likhtarovich (69' Rudik), Volodko, Mozolevski, Radkov, Pavlov (69' Kontsevoi), Bordachev, Rodionov, Simić, Olekhnovich, Polyakov.
Vardar: Zahov, Alechenwu, Tanevski, Ilievski, Vajs, Ranđelović (86' Manevski), Stojaković (83' Guobadia), Georgiev (59' Petrov), Stjepanovic, Kostovski, Temelkov.
Goalscorers: Mozolevski 41', Rodionov 90+2, 90+4 (be) - Kostovski 54', Stjepanovic 62' (V)
Yellow cards: Simić, Kontsevoi (be) - Vajs, Stjepanovic, Petrov (V)

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Despite two late goals given away (and pretty naive I would say), 2:3 away is a good result for Vardar. Hopefully player's will not feel down psychologically after loosing in this manner
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
UEFA CL: Vardar - BATE Borisov 0:0
Vardar played an uneventful goalless draw against BATE Borisov and was officially eliminated from the UEFA Champions League by losing 2:3 on aggregate.

Vardar will rue the missed opportunity from the first leg when it conceded two late goals in stoppage time to suffer a 2:3 loss. BATE Borisov proved tough to break down in the return leg and held Vardar to a goalless draw to progress to the next round. Vardar made two changes from the first leg. Abraham Alechenwu had some visa issues so youngster might Cikarski started at left back, while Jorge Gimenez started for Igor Stojaković in midfield.

Bate had several good chances in the 1st half, the biggest coming in the 19th minute when Artem Kontsevoi struck the crossbar. Earlier in the 10th minute, Marko Simić had another good opportunity but sent his effort narrowly wide of the goal from a good position. The first real opportunity for Vardar came in the 36th minute through Aleksandar Temelkov but his header missed the target.

At the beginning of the 2nd half, Igor Stojaković took the place of Gimenez. BATE had an early chance in the 47th minute but keeper Kostadin Zahov made a good save to deny Vitali Rodionov. As the game went on, Vardar got more desperate but could not break down BATE's organized defence. Several of the Vardar players were also shown yellow cards for protesting to the referee. Vardar's final chance came in the fifth and final minute of stoppage time but Jovan Kostovski's effort was saved by the BATE keeper, and the referee soon blew the final whistle which ended the European campaign for Vardar.

Bate advances to the third qualifying round where they will face Debrecen from Hungary.

National arena Philip II of Macedon in Skopje, Macedonia
Vardar - BATE Borisov 0:0
Referee: Paolo Valeri (ITA)
Vardar: Zahov, Ilievski, Tanevski, Vajs, Cikarski, Ranđelović (90' Bojović), Temelkov, Gimenez (46' Stojaković), Gjorgiev, Stjepanovic (75' Manevski), Kostovski.
BATE Borisov: Gorbunov, Yurevich, Likhtarovich (73' Rudik), Volodko, Mozolevski (79' Pavlov), Radkov, Kontsevoi, Bordachev, Rodionov, Simić, Olekhnovich.
Goalscorers: None
Yellow cards: Ilievski, Ranđelović, Tanevski, Manevski (V) - Kontsevoi (be)
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
UEFA CL: Vardar - BATE Borisov 0:0    
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Stadium looks great man! Unfortunately, Vardar did pay price for giving away two late goals in the first match. Shame, because I believe they could have easily beat BATE
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Yes very naive of Vardar. You can’t form club in one season last year Vardar should play in second division club made some monkey business to stay in first division. Merger with champion second division club Miravici from village in south Macedonia they swap places.
Also you can’t expect any major success in Europe with budget of half million Euros.
Also they didn’t had any luck in draw from possible two hardest openest in second leg Basel & Bate they got Bate. Over all happy for Vardar if they keep going like this may happen in next couple season to see group stages with bit of luck in draw.
Stadium is great but not yet finished exterior needs to be done also some minor things in inside the arena.
Prove to all sceptics in Macedonia people like to watch football if you have decent opponents.
That way we need regional league.
Also FFM is going major change of president and board so hopefully we want get another group of mafia on head of FFM.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Valletta - Partizan 1:4! Easy win, as expected. Cannot tell much about our team based on this game, this was more like a good friendly match.

First half

Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Very easy Partisan should think for next round opponent Belgrade should be just routine like training match
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
This will be Current Ex YU Dream Team Playing formation 1-4-2-3-1
Manager and supporting staff to be foreigners

1. Hadanovic SLV- Inter Milan
2. Begovic BH – Stoke City

1. Kolarov SRB 1. Ivanovic SRB 1. Subotic SRB 1. Chorluka CRO
Manchester City Chelsea Borussia Dortmund Lokomotiv Moscow
2. Popov MKD 2. Lovren CRO 2. Savic MN 2. Nikov SRB
Dinamo Kiev Lyon Manchesster City Toulouse

1. Bacinovic SLV 1. Petrovic SRB
Palermo Blackburn Rovers
2. Lulic BH 2. Brecko SLV
Lazio Koln

1. Pandev MKD 1. Modric CRO 1. Jovetic MN
Napoli Tottenham Fiorentina
2. Vukicevic MN 2. Matic SRB 2. Pjanic BH
Juventus Benfica Roma

1. Dzeko BH Manchester City
2. Mandukic CRO Bayern Munich
3. Jelavic CRO Everton
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
You should pu Vidic in this team, I am sure he would not retire if this team was playing!

Take out Matic and put in Zoran Tosic, by far the best Serbian attacking midfielder.

I believe you meant Vucinic from Montenegro in midfield.

So basically you would have Slovenian goalkeeper, Serbian defenders, and midfield and attack would be split between rest of the ex-Yugo countries (talking about starting line up!)!

Mighty team!
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
I dint create team so all ex you have partisipation I did create the team which I think is the best what is on offer from EX Yu
Tosic is good but for me he try to hard with the ball no the best for my liking
Slovenian and Bosnian they the best Goalkeaper in moment playing for good clubs.
Serbs have the best defenders if Viidc play I will move Ivanovic to RB

I dint create team so all ex you have partisipation I did create the team which I think is the best what is on offer from EX Yu
Tosic is good but for me he try to hard with the ball no the best for my liking
Slovenian and Bosnian they the best Goalkeaper in moment playing for good clubs.
Serbs have the best defenders if Viidc play I will move Ivanovic to RB
Playing against this team will be hard task for any oposition baysicly you have players from any postion they can take the ball and go fouward and score
SRB defenders are the best line up probaly in europe Bosnia and Crotia they have one of the best Mid and ST
MN and MKD they have one of the best in Europe CAM
Garantey this team under forener coach and team can win EURO and for shore min play Semi in world cup only problem with this team will be menatality of the players but on other hand they or profesionals playing for big clubs and good leagues.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
That would be a strong team, and I would also like Capelo as a coach! Our mentality needs strong hand to contain it!

And could you imagine if old Yugoslavia competed on WC 1998 in France?! World champions for sure!
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
In moment I think Bosnia from ex YU has the best selection of players available but the problems which they have in soccer federations reflects on mentality of the players.
Group ex yu + Britannia is unpredictable pretty much anyone in this group take some points where you don’t expect.
High poetical imagine if was Yu together what sort of team they could have but only to have Capelo as coach and people around him.
Guarantee team could win EURO and for shore play semi finals in world cup.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
We spoke a bit about WC 2014 qualifies earlier in the thread, and primarily about Yugo - British group (+ Belgium), but we did not talk much about group G, where Bosnia and Herzegovina will play with Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Liechtenstein.

I believe time has come for talented Bosnian team to qualify for a big competition, and it would be a great pleasure to see them in Brazil!

Your opinions?!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
My first observation of this group is that it's ridiculous compared to our group. So yes, Bosnia has a great chance if they continue playing like they did so far. There is an even funnier group, where Norway is the seeded team, which I simply don't get (I know it's according to the FIFA rankings, but the rankings themselves don't make any sense)
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Just read that Davor Suker was appointed as a Croatian FA new president!

Markodon, as a official Croatian correspondent for our thread, what are you thoughts on this? Good or same old bad?!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
Suker was an absolute legend of a player, but he's also an absolute egomaniac. Not to mention he's in great relations with Mamic, who made him the new FA president in the first place. Stimac also wanted that spot, but in the end he settled for national coach, hence the new "holy trinity" of Croatian football was made. Needless to say, I'm gutted about this, I have a feeling a lot of Croats will soon cry for Bilic to come back!
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
There you go, I had no idea Mamic and Suker are close friends! So Mamic is taking over Croatian football now?! That is an scary idea!

I think you would cry for Bilic anyway, no matter who replaced him, because I truly love the way your team played under him! Did Stimac coach any team prior to taking over national team?
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
Mamic already took over Croatian football! It's hard to explain as he doesn't have some high ranking position at HNS (I think he is currently the president of the assembly or something like that, which in itself is probably a conflict of interest) but then again, he is still officially the 'executive vice-president' of Dinamo. Anyway, the last president Markovic was his close 'associate', but Suker will be pretty much his pet. I predict the Croatian team to have at least half a dozen Dinamo players at any time, including our naturalised Brazilians, to increase their price on the transfer market.
As for Stimac, his only experience is 2-3 months as a temporary coach at Hajduk and his 5-6 years of blabbering as the co-commentator during Croatia games on tv.

Here is a funny video of Stimac and another mug, Bozo Susec, claiming that an obvious dive by Srna is a penalty:

Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
I've lost interest on Dinamo (FC Mamic United) so I won't be following it's adventures that closely. But in any case, it wouldn't surprise me if they struggle vs Ludogorets (what a name haha)
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
I had a similar feeling towards Partizan football club this spring, when Djuric unreasonable sacked Stanojevic and appointed Grant for a lot of money, in a situation where he could have youth coach finish the season (we were 10 points ahead of Red Star). I was even happy when we lost in three matches against fierce rivals, after five years of dominance in "veciti derbi".

They brought back Vermezovic now, who coached Partizan in the European campaign when we made it to the best 16 of UEFA cup (the only time in post Yugo history Partizan managed to survive winter in Europe). We'll see how it goes this season.

Thank God our basketball club is constantly playing well, so we always have one "healthy" club to support!
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
I agree with you on Partizan, Dinamo, Vardar and Buducnost. Unless Partizan goes Serbian and gets kicked out by amateurs again (remember Shamrock last season?!). If Dinamo slips, I believe Mamic will crucify the whole team publicly!

We also have Yugo derby Maribor-Zeljeznicar, that should be fun match up, but I would give Maribor slightly advantage
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Velja another Macedonian player sign up for Pratisan
Stefan Ashkovski, who primarily plays at left back, has signed a professional contract with well known Serbian club Partizan.
Ashkovski was a regular for Teleoptik this past season which is considered Partizan's reserve team, but now Stefan will have a chance to fight for a place in the first team. Interestingly, Ashkovski will compete at the left back position with another Macedonian player in Aleksandar Lazevski
Serbia soil must have problem of producing left back players
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
I saw that, Macedonian. Well, I would not say Serbia has a problem with left backs (we got Kolarov!), but it seems that in Partizan we like that Macedonian touch on the left side!
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Ha ha Macedonian touch on left side.
Partisan had a lot of Macedonian players in past contributed to the club.
After Vardar when was in my childhood was the club which I followed closely
Beside the golden days of red star with Pancev & Najdovski

Read this is funy tipical balkan

Vardar friendly with Zeta cancelled after Massive Brawl
Wednesday, 27 June 2012

So much for friendlies. Montenegro based Zeta Golubovci played a friendly against Russian premier side Amkar. Both teams met at neutral venue, in Serbian populat tourist town of Zlatibor.

Reports coming out of Zlatibor say Serb police was very busy and shocked by the massive brawl which errupted in the second half of the match with Zeta leading 3-1.

Both teams appeared angered and there was a flurry of cheap fouls during the entire match. To settle the situation, Zeta's owner Rajko Bozniovich appeared on the field, however was kicked by Amkar's player Dimitry Belorukov. An already heated situation quickly went out of control, turned into a massive brawl which involved all players on and off the field.

According to witnesses who spoke to 'Vijesti', there was not a single Serb policemen on the field, they showed up after twenty minutes later to find 'casualties'. Five ambulances were needed to pick up all the injured players. The players from Montenegro appeared much craftier than their Russian counterparts and used corner-flag poles as weapons to cause major injures among Amkar players, including broken hands.

Serb police in Zlatibor who arrived after everyone was faced down on the pitch, issued a press release that they were taking stattements from witnesses and upon reviewing injuries of hospitalized players, there will be charges.

Meanwhile, Skopje based FC Vardar was hoping to play Zeta, but upon hearing of this, the match is very likely to be cancelled.

VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hahahaha! I read about this already, although my sources say that Montenegrin used skis alongside corner flags to deal with Russians! This might endanger relations between two countries, since it is well known Russians are the biggest investors in the smallest ex Yugo country (beside Albanians off course)! Balkanska posla...
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Champions League draws made in Nyon
Second qualifying round draw (17/18 and 24/25 July)

NK Maribor (SVN) v FK Željezničar (BIH)
FC BATE Borisov (BLR) v FK Vardar (MKD)
Pfc Ludogorets Razgrad (BUL) v GNK Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)
Valletta FC (MLT)/FC Lusitans (AND) v FK Partizan (SRB)
FK Budućnost Podgorica (MNE) v WKS Śląsk Wroclaw (POL)

Partisan Dinamo Marbor will go to next round Easy
Vardar & Buducnost hard oposition

Europa League qualifying draws
First qualifying round draw (matches to be played on 5 and 12 July)
İnter Bakı PİK (AZE) v JK Trans Narva (EST)
KF Tirana (ALB) v CS Grevenmacher (LUX)
FK Borac Banja Luka (BIH) v FK Čelik Nikšić (MNE)
Bakı FK (AZE) v NK Mura (SVN)
FK Renova (MKD) v AC Libertas (SMR)
FC Santa Coloma (AND) v NK Osijek (CRO)
FK Jagodina (SRB) v FC Ordabasy Shymkent (KAZ)
FK Sarajevo (BIH) v Hibernians FC (MLT)
FC Twente (NED) v UE Santa Coloma (AND)
FK Rudar Pljevlja (MNE) v FC Shirak (ARM)
KS Flamurtari (ALB) v Budapest Honvéd FC (HUN)
FC Dacia Chişinău (MDA) v NK Celje (SVN)
Birkirkara FC (MLT) v FK Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
FK Zeta (MNE) v FC Pyunik (ARM)
KS Teuta (ALB) v FC Metalurgi Rustavi (GEO)
NK Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN) v AS Jeunesse Esch (LUX)
FK Skendija 79 (MKD) v Portadown FC (NIR)

Second qualifying round (19/26 July)

Hnk Hajduk Split (CRO) v Skonto FC (LVA)
FK Renova (MKD)/AC Libertas (SMR) v Vikingur (FRO)/FC Gomel (BLR)
FC Naftan Novopolotsk (BLR) v FK Crvena zvezda (SRB)
FK Vojvodina (SRB) v FK Sūduva (LTU)/FC Daugava (LVA)
Jjk Jyväskylä (FIN)/Stabæk Fotball (NOR) v FK Zeta (MNE)/FC Pyunik (ARM)
KF Tirana (ALB)/CS Grevenmacher (LUX) v Aalesunds FK (NOR)
FC Metalurh Donetsk (UKR) v FK Borac Banja Luka (BIH)/FK Čelik Nikšić (MNE)
Maccabi Netanya FC (ISR) v KuPS Kuopio (FIN)/Llanelli AFC (WAL)
NK Slaven Koprivnica (CRO) v FK Skendija 79 (MKD)/Portadown FC (NIR)
FC Santa Coloma (AND)/NK Osijek (CRO) v Kalmar FF (SWE)/Cliftonville FC (NIR)
FC Viktoria Plzeň (CZE) v KS Teuta (ALB)/FC Metalurgi Rustavi (GEO)
FC Anzhi Makhachkala (RUS) v KS Flamurtari (ALB)/Budapest Honvéd FC (HUN)
Pfc Levski Sofia (BUL) v FK Sarajevo (BIH)/Hibernians FC (MLT)
Bnei Yehuda Tel-Aviv FC (ISR) v FK Rudar Pljevlja (MNE)/FC Shirak (ARM)
Rosenborg BK (NOR)/Crusaders FC (NIR) v FK Jagodina (SRB)/FC Ordabasy Shymkent (KAZ)
FC Dacia Chişinău (MDA) v NK Celje (SVN) v IF Elfsborg (SWE)/Floriana FC (MLT)
NK Široki Brijeg (BIH) v Saint Patrick's Athletic FC (IRL)/Íbv Vestmannaeyjar (ISL)
Ruch Chorzów (POL) v Birkirkara FC (MLT)/FK Metalurg Skopje (MKD)
NK Olimpija Ljubljana (SVN)/AS Jeunesse Esch (LUX) v Tromsø IL (NOR)
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Hi Ex Yu countrymen.
Cog to Croatia on well played tournament I think from so far I have seen you are only team stood up to well oiled Spanish football machine with exit of Croatia lost interest of Euro.
My biggest upset was Greece win Over Russia those people they have luck they keep doing the same in everything sports politics economics.
As much I don’t like western country politics towards as Balkans and east Europe shows we are not yet civilised to celebrate and recognise defeat in civil manner
Now ueafa champions league coming up.
We may end up ex Yu derby Dinamo & Partisan vs. Vardar.
Like old times.
PS - Croatian girls are top
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Hi Velja
Is Adam Orthodox or Serbian Muslim. I think Mihajlovoic wants to show character to the rest and Adam Lajic was the genie pig.
Croatia had good start on Euro.
Only problem is think Modric has one yellow card one more will miss next match and Croatia without modric they half of team.
They need to win or draw with Italy no hope for them with Spain.

Love Croatian girls they the sensation on EURO
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hi Macedonian,

Adem is a Serbian Muslim. The problem was that he accepted sign code of conduct (contract) stating that he will sing the national anthem as a part of the team, without expressing any disagreements. But when match started, he did not sing. Mihajlovic himself said he was put in the spotlight. He had option either to overlook breaking of the rules he set up as new appointed coach, or follow his code of conduct and kick him out.

Croatians are out, and I have to say that Italians went through again, even though they did not play well! But hey, it's Italians! I would not be surprised if they win it.

P. S. They did catch everyone's eye, but I know there are much prettier girls in Croatia, right Markodon?!
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 4 years ago
I have to say I'm proud of Croatia's performance, especially the match against Spain, where we almost pulled a huge upsets, if only that header had gone in. The refs didn't help either, but that's all over now.

As for the those two 'girls' (if we are thinking about the same ones), you're quite right Velja, there definitely are much prettier girls in Croatia looooooool
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Markodon, first of all nice profile pic! I have to make similar, off course with Platini's friends from FSS!

I totally agree with you on Croatia's performance (and many in Serbia think alike as well), but I guess when Italy is playing on a big competitions they should come with the slogan "don't bother playing better football than us, we are going through anyway!"! Might say the same about Greeks, but I cheer for them anyway since they are our Balkan neighbors....

We are on the same page on Croatian girls!
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hi Balkan boys! I was away for a while. Preparations for EURO started, and our beloved peninsula has only two teams participating. I would say Greeks have pretty good chance of making it through. Croatia will need to put in the strong performances against Spain and Italy to advance. I'll leave it to Markodon to fill us in on situation in Croatian camp.

In meantime, the main focus in Serbia is new manager Sinisa Mihajlovic, who took over the team few weeks ago, lost to Spain 2-0 and kicked out of the team Adem Ljajic for not singing national anthem against Spaniards.

This is what exactly happened. When arriving to the national team camp, Mihajlovic had all players read and sign code of conduct. One of the main points was for every player to agree to sing national anthem of Serbia. Ljajic signed this paper as well. When first match came, Ljajic was in the starting line up and he was the only one not singing. Day after, Mihajlovic kicked him out. Tough break for the young player who just couple of weeks ago took the beating from his club coach Delio Rossi.

Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Hey Velja what is going on with Partizan lost two games from Red Star 2:0 at home.  
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
Hey Macedonian,
Partizan has not been playing well since arrival of Avram Grant. There are even rumors about players intentionally loosing against Red Star, because they do not support the way former coach Aleksandar Stanojevic (under whom we did not lose against Red Star in three years) was sacked in January, because of his arguments with club's president Djuric.
We are lucky Red Star is struggling in national championship, so Partizan is managing to keep ten point lead from first half of the season on the top of the standings
Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
Hi to all
Off topic to all Balkan friends cong for all sports achievements in all sports we are all sporting nations with such pore sporting federation in all smaller sports.
Who will think in hand ball in top six will be 4 ex YU states.

But football is totally different more money needed and better organisation is very competitive sport.

Some news from Macedonia FC Vardar is finally on Wright track successfully transformed in private club with majority of shareholders is private firm and rest supported by budget of Skopje city council.
They are first on table on winter brake also some new players coming in and looks promising for next season champions league also the stadium in Skopje will get new heated pitch.
Some news are surrounding club in summer period will bring some more players attacking on champions’ league group stages which I have doubts you can build club in one season.

Vardar back from the brink in Skopje

Published: Monday 9 January 2012, 10. 53cet

The Republic of Macedonia's most successful club, FK Vardar, top the table at the winter break, a feat that is being viewed as a minor miracle after years of struggle.

FK Vardar may be the most successful club in the history of the Republic of Macedonia but few predicted they would be top of the Prva Liga at the winter break.

Five league championships and five Macedonian Cups since independence mean that the club that won the 1961 Yugoslav Cup and the 1987 title remain their nation's most successful side but, after a troubled 2010/11, Ilco Gjorgjioski's side were hardly expected to thrive. Last time out, Vardar finished second from bottom and were fortunate to escape relegation.

In truth, the Skopje club had been in decline for some time with frequent boardroom changes and difficulty securing sponsors. However the summer brought some stability, with new owners making sweeping changes to the squad and hiring Gjorgjioski, who guided FK Makedonija GP Skopje to the title in 2008/09.

The 40-year-old promptly worked his magic again, his new side ending the autumn unbeaten in 18 league games and five points clear of FK Metalurg Skopje at the top of the table, much to the coach's surprise. "Before the start of the season nobody expected us to be in this position, " he said. "We were starting from scratch. Vardar's foundations had been destabilised.

"Our primary goal was to get this organisation back on its feet, and only then could we think about pushing for trophies, " Gjorgjioski added. "Our main title rivals – Shkëndija, Metalurg, Rabotnicki and Renova – have been building their teams for years and have settled lineups; our squad was put together just three weeks before the campaign started. However, they were inconsistent, which was not the case with us. "

Also through to the semi-finals of the cup, Vardar's summer signings included the league's top scorer and club captain Filip Ivanovski, who has 14 goals to his name having joined in the summer along with Vardar alumni Vlatko Grozdanovski and Miroslav Vajs. "We have a winning mentality and that's what separates us from the rest of the clubs, " said the 25-year-old Ivanovski, whose achievements for the season include a three-minute hat-trick – the fastest in the league's history.

"I'm happy with my performances and the fact that I am the league's top scorer, but the credit goes to my team-mates, " he added. "Our squad is a great mix of quality individuals. We also brought a few excellent foreigners and that brought much-needed stability into our game. "

A brilliant autumn has undoubtedly lifted fans' spirits; after Vardar beat FK Bregalnica 3-0 in their final game of 2011 supporters hoisted a flag in the club's black and red colours reading: 'Just like the old days. '

Optimism is all very well but Gjorgjioski knows titles are not handed out in the winter break. "It's great Vardar are top of the league, but we cannot kid ourselves that we have reached the finish line. Nothing is decided yet; there are many games left until the end of the season. The title will be settled in May. Until then we have to keep our feet on the ground. "

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I think on 25th April they have scheduled friendly match with Dinamo in Skopje which will be match for celebration 65 years of the club FK Vardar.
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 4 years ago
I am glad to hear that clubs in our region are slowly going private! I am tired of the clubs running in old communistic system (my Partizan included), where "presidents" can do whatever they can, without answering to anyone! Same system drove our fierce rivals, but still the most successful football club in this part of Europe, near bankruptcy!

I am hoping this trend spreads around as soon as possible!

Macedonian (Napoli) 4 years ago
When all clubs in first division are private in all ex YU States then will have chance of forming of Balkan League because then will be looked as money making and egos will be put aside and all will be settled even the safety of the fans

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