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Away Fans
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
If you want to see the real support for a club go to an away match halfway across the country on a cold and wet Wednesday evening in January. The fans that turn up for these matches fall into two categories, you have the 'exile' the fan of the team who no longer lives near the home ground and takes advantage when they come visiting close by and you have the die hard. The later category accounts for a vast majority of the away support.

It is these fans that really bleed for the club and can make the difference in a hostile atmosphere and it appears the fervent support is being taken advantage of by some teams and these fans are in danger of being priced out of the game.

A report at the beginning of the year detailed the cost of going to see your club in the Premier League (Link: ) these costs all dealt with the prices of seeing your club at home and did not touch on the cost for the away fan.

This past weekend the cost to these away fans hit the headlines when some Man City supporters refused to pay the £62 asked by Arsenal. Southampton fans were asked for £50 for the right to support their team in the clash against Chelsea this Wednesday. These are by no means unusual cases with all the top teams charging big money to away fans knowing the glamour of the match will be too much for some fans to resist, so are there any rules to govern and maintain these prices?

Simple answer is 'No' the Premier League has no rules to control the pricing of tickets for away fans instead the structure is set by the clubs themselves in their own charters. Arsenal state the following:

2.1 The Club does not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting club, which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation. Our concessionary rates offered to senior citizens, junior supporters and disabled supporters all apply to followers of a visiting club.

Now the away fans at the Emirates are placed in the wing behind the South goal in what in most grounds is a cheap section but for CAT A seat in this section it is indeed £62 however CAT see seats in the same section are £25.50 surely it would make sense to offer away fans these seats?

The Premier League have put together a panel to try and fix a rule to encourage and support away fans when they travel mooted ideas at the moment are free coach travel, Away fans pay the price of the cheapest ticket available to home fans. Both of which would be more than welcome by most so that the hardcore support that can make the difference in games is not lost
ManUK (Manchester United) 4 years ago
The away fans are the true fans that work hardest and bleed for the club. There's a reason our away crowd has been as loud or louder than the entirety of Old Trafford for years.

Shame that clubs have taken advantage of people, people who have given them their support and helped them get to where they are today
Tony (footytube staff) 4 years ago
I would like to think there could be some sort of arrangement between all the epl clubs whereby away fans get in for around £20, as they have the expense of travelling the length and breadth of the country and beyond.
It would be nice to see football giving something back, and boy don't away fans of any team deserve it, but its never going to happen

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