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Are All Footballers Mercenary?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 7 years ago
After reading Rafa blast 'greedy' Gareth Barry for leaving Villa to join Man City over Liverpool. I wonder to myself why in football and to a lesser extent sport in general is moving for financial gain seen as a bad thing.

Players are hounded for years take 'Cashley' Cole who could even argue went to a club with a greater chance of success. Now Barry is being portrayed as a lesser human being simply because he is moving to a club that is not in the Champions League. Could it be he looked at the position Liverpool are in and though are they going to be in the same position in a years time? Bearing in mind their current financial situation.

If today you went to work and a smaller firm came to you and offered you double your wages to join them as they wished to expand and rival your current firm, you would go. No second thoughts no doubts you'd pick up your stapler/trowel and off you would go.

So lets leave players alone let them earn whilst they can. The days of a player starting and ending his career with the same club are coming to an end and loyalty in the face of a massive payday cannot win
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I think people idolize footballers. Am I wrong? (look at the people pretending to be them on this site) They can do no wrong. They are perfect on the pitch, so that means they are perfect people. Too bad it isn't true. I think that is why people get upset when they here that their idols are cheating, or in this case being greedy
Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Man is inherently greedy by nature. Most people placed in the same situation would act in the same manner. It's amazing how money affects people
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Yea Look at Madrid and Man City they just want money money, money.

Our nature makes them greedy, And a lot of people don't control it.

Their greed that is
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
But having said that, if I'm earning £20m for sitting on my arse all day doing whatever I want to do, and someone comes along and offers me £30m to muck out pigs and clean vomit off the floor for 12 hours a day, what am I going to choose?

Quality of life is important too.

Back in the old days, money was far less important than remaining faithful to your roots. People stayed with their club, because their club gave them all the chances at the beginning and because they'd built a life around the club. Their family, friends, club, all were as one, and the upheaval alone wasn't worth the negative impact it would have on quality of life.

When you look at the ridiculous hike in wages since those days, I think players have even LESS excuse in the modern game for taking the highest paying job. So you take 10m less a year, what's the big deal when you're already on 80m?

If these pre-Madonnas worked on their gambling / orgy-rape / cocaine / alcohol / granny hooker addictions instead, they'd end up saving far more than the 10m anyway.

No fear, Obama will fix it.
Tom (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Exactly I agree on all that
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
*Clap* *Clap* encore encore. Nicely put
Matt (Footytube Staff) 7 years ago
Ah Lee where do we start.

I'll reply to your reply section by section.

£30m to muck out pigs I agree if these players were being offered more money to go do something else then this would be a valid point. As it is these are footballers being offered more money to go and be er well footballers.

'Back in the old days' er what decade do you live in? The number of players that play for a team in the top tier of any league that come from the same country let alone the same town is negligible so why would Cristimgood Runningaroundo from Portugal have any allegience to a side in northern England?

Today we have things called cars and other things called planes, train and ships which means the upheavel is non existant and 80k a week can buy a lot of quality of life.

If anyone should know about the amount of money revolving around this beloved game we call footy it should be you. Who should get this money? Chairmen? Shareholders? Or maybe the players that do their job on the field that puts bums on seat and faces in front of the screen, that generates the interest so the A4 sized peice of real estate on their chest is worth a small fortune.

When I was 20 I had some pretty interesting habits and that was whilst earning £500 a month so if your intention is to point out that footballers are genrally young and fundamentally human then you have suceeded. No one asked them to be role models when they were playing for the love of the game it is a position forced upon them and who are we to judge if they fail?

Obama is the greatest transfer ever
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
First of all, the mucking out pigs comment wasn't a metaphor for moving from one job to another, it was to merely highlight that quality of life is always a factor whenever a new job is considered.

"The number of players that play for a team in the top tier of any league that come from the same country let alone the same town is negligible so why would Cristimgood Runningaroundo from Portugal have any allegience to a side in northern England? "

Which is kinda proving my point. The question is why would say, Owen want to move away from his hometown, friends, family? The only answer surely is money. Of course there are other factors: change, excitement of playing for a new team and making a new start, etc etc. But in the main, it comes down to money.

Obviously there are cars and planes, but that is not the same as being part of a community. As expats, we above anyone should be the first to admit that although you know England is only 2 hours away on a plane, how often do you actually go? You move, you sever your roots, plain and simple.

In essence, you need a bloody good reason to move.... And for me, money is not even close to being a factor when making that kind of decision.

Who should get the money? Hmmm, maybe they shouldn't be raping as much money as possible out of the fans in the first place.... Do we really need to pay another 15 quid a month for yet another bloody subscription (to ESPN this time), because Setanta couldn't hold onto all it's rights?

If you really think that earning 30k a week for kicking a ball around, is on balance, a fair wage for the job being done, then you are losing it.

Indeed in another thread, you were just complaining about season ticket prices. Have you ever thought that the people that really should be seeing some benefit are the fans themselves.

As crazy and Utopian idea it may be - could lowering prices and releasing the monopoly and stranglehold that the FA and others now have over this game possibly have a positive impact on the game?

Equally, could players who are dedicated to more than the cheque they see at the end of the week have a positive impact on the game?
Matt (Footytube Staff) 7 years ago
All points you make are valid but obviously these players look at the wage on offer and the upheaval it can cause and say 'It's worth it'.

Which is something we both can understand as ex pats as you point out we moved for one of the following two reasons, see if you can guess which is the right one:

1) Malta has a rich history and culture with a vibrant music scene.
2) Something Else

'In essence, you need a bloody good reason to move.... And for me, money is not even close to being a factor when making that kind of decision. '
Why did you move to Malta Lee?

So the point of this thread, which seems to be lost, is not 'are footballers overpaid' but 'should we crucify them for being human'
Adamaus (Manchester United) 7 years ago
You can't say all footballers are mercenaries, there is still players like Giggs you spend there whole careers at a club because they love it, however saying that Giggs was lucky enough to start at an awesome club where there was no reason to move.

I think there is two aspects of why people move:

1. There greedy, they want money or to be seen with a bigger club, a club where a they will be more recongnized and idolized. They may love the club there with (Benzema) yet go to another club so they can have success and to become a 'great' player rather than a good player.

2. Human Nature, humans are never satisfied, you never realize how good you have something until its gone. Players by human nature decide they want to move, convince themselves, and then when they get to their new club they may feel a little dissapointed because they were happy with what they had before, it just took them to long to realize it.

To me a lot of players forget their roots, they forget where they have come from, many players didn't come from great backrounds yet you see them wasting money and wanting HUGE contracts, when its not needed.

So not all players are mercenarys but a huge number are. But sometimes its not really there fault its how they were made which makes them do things which they may one day regret
Ltm017 7 years ago
Yes I agree with you. Its the sad truth sometimes, but life none the same
Thehudfather (Arsenal) 7 years ago
There are many reasons on why a player moves club. It almost all depends on the situation the player is in. All players want is to play for a team they can win and be loved, that said money is also a big factor now days.

Barry has been blasted most recently, was he ever going to win the league with villa, true pool have a better chance than man city but in 2yrs it will be interesting where city will be....

We forget footballers are only human and greed is a human behavior. Remember a footballers career is fairly short lived so they want money and success as quickly as possible.
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
While I have no particular problem with a player leaving a club if they are genuinely going to further their career, I think there is a modern type of player - the Ronaldo's, the Ashley Coles, the Drogbas, that come branded with a particular immaturity and arrogance that compounds the problem and turns them into hate figures. If a player has been scouted out and brought through the youth systems of a club, with time and money and trust poured into their development, they have a certain unspoken obligation to that club. Not a lifetime contract by any means, but certainly a timeframe that shows respect and an acknowledgement that repays the club.

I remember just before Liverpools spectacular comeback and victory in the Champions league final 2005*, there was huge discussion about Gerrard going to Chelsea. Personally, it wouldn't sit right with me if he had left. He is a pure Liverpool player, like Jamie Carragher or similarly like Giggs for Man United. Try to imagine Giggs in a Chelsea shirt? Hard for me to do. There is nothing those kinds of players want more than to see their respective clubs do well. Players like that "belong" at a club. The other kind of players I mentioned at the start, the Ronaldos and Coles, they leapfrog around with their own gain in mind.

What it boils down to is this. I think the worst kind of modern player is the one with the terrible attitude. The ones that expect the world at their feet and who throw a fit if they don't get their way. Those are the kinds of players that would sign a contract elsewhere at the drop of a hat.

Would you rather be stuck in a lift with Drogba or Giggs?

* I'll mention this anywhere I can
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
RIght, might as well lock this topic, Ants just summed up everything I wanted to say, but couldn't quite put into words.

Ok, move along perople, there's nothing more to see here...
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Zach (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I think alot of the upheaval from the fans perspective is because we look at the players as if they share the same loyalty to our club as we do. Fans think of their clubs first, and never imagine all the sudden throwing on the shirt of their cross-town rivals. Where as a player, at any particular club, didn't necessarily grow up idolizing that team like we did. They don't share that same loyalty and pride to wear the shirt. So when a better offer comes along, be it wages, prestige, or even for better weather(a move to la liga), the player will jump at and the fan finds himself/herself offended.

It's the nature of the beast and I don't ever see it changing, but I'll always have great respect for the players that stay loyal to their clubs like Giggs, Scholes, and Gerrard*.

*Respect for Gerrard is a bit of a stretch but you get my point
Fidalgo10 (FC Porto) 7 years ago
They destroy the market and give the lil teams no chance...
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
There are certain teams that have the allure and the spending power to intice young talented players to sign for lots of money any play their whole careers out, namely Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, And Bayern Munich.
I think if anyones to blame for the short contracts for big money its the fans who are so quick to blame a single mistake and label a player as a flop overnight. These reactions always make their way into the press and eventually are read by the player in question and can easily create malcontent and eventual departure of said player.

Fans these days have less patience to ride out their teams season and support their teams manager in his decisions. Everybody wants to win a championship overnight and claim they support the best team and blah blah blah.
True fans ride the rollercoaster of success and failure and fairweather fans come and go. This is why players choose to sign shorter contracts and move to the next team with the highest bid and not nesicarilly make the decision to play for the team that will benefit them the most
Zzlatan (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Well every player.... Not player we can say any human on this planet....
Wants name and Fame....

Previously there were some players who were loyal to their club only,
But now a days, all are attracted towards money.

So we can say all players are mercenary(Hired professional soldier)!
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I think the biggest thing is that when a player that fans idolize and love, wants to leave for anything, they are already upset. But when they find that the player isn't moving to better his career, or with his former club in mind at all, it makes us mad. Especially when we see that these players are leaving for a little more money, when they are already making more in a year than most of us do in a life time. Its one thing if a player leaves his club that is hardly able to pay his salaries for a club that will allow him and his familly to live comfortably for years, but when he leaves only for money, when he is already being payed more than he needs, it makes fans angry
ACMilan21 (AC Milan) 7 years ago
I think for the most part, this is true. Players only go for the money.
But, there are some exceptions.
I think when Kaka' decided not to leave for Manchester City, that was really great of him because it is so 'unlike' a football player. Also small teams in the bigger leagues (Fulham, Bilbao, ect.) tend to have a real team, so the player actually stick together, and want to play for their club.
I think for the rest, it is just the money that attracts them, but does it really make a difference? 10 Million a year rather than 8 Million?
Zach (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I think without the looming interest from Real, Kaka would have signed for City. His move was all about the money regardless of which club it was to. Remember he pledged his future to Milan after contract talks stalled with City and Kaka's father Bosco. Kaka said he wanted to "grow old" with Milan, then 6 months later he's in a Real shirt. I have nothing against Kaka, I think he is a brilliant player, but in my opinion, he definitely falls in the mercernary category

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