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An Unwanted Distraction
Keretaminiku (Manchester United) 4 years ago
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Fabby (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Arsene won't do that though, he'll probably go back to monaco or retire from football all together
CanonsofArsene (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Who said anything about retirement?
PaoloG (Sevilla) 4 years ago
In the arts (my line of work), there's a phenomenon known as "Founder's Syndrome" - the people who were instrumental in creating an organization (or, in this case, in facilitating a very successful period in the organization's history) are still running the organization the same way as they were during its heyday x-number of years ago, because, well, it worked then, so it should work now.... Right, then! As a result, they are highly-resistant to the changes that the new people in the organization (if there are any) see as needed, and the organization falls into decline. Founder's Syndrome is as fatal to arts organizations as it is to sports franchises - Leeds, anyone? A word to Wenger and SAF: want to help your old clubs? Wash your hands of them, and enjoy your well-earned retirements
FifaXX (Napoli) 4 years ago
Well said
Peteko 4 years ago
I think the classic example is with Bill Shankly when he left Liverpool. He kept coming back to the training ground and his presence was clearly undermining the authority of Bob Paisley.
He was probably enjoying his ability to unsettle his replacement.

Shankly was one of the greatest and it was not easy to tell him off. Eventually Paisley did almost as good as him, extending probably the best period in Liverpool's history
JestaYNWA (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Absolutely right. We saw a similar example of this recently with Liverpool under Roy Hodgson. When he was chosen ahead of Dalglish by the previous owners there was already a feeling of discontent from the fans. This just grew and grew as results on the field went badly and the calls for Dalglish, who was then an ambassador employed by the club, got louder and louder. Hodgson never stood a chance with the fans and the media picked up on it and it was only a matter of time from then on.

That being said, I'm happy with how it worked out, lol
Tanmay (Footytube Moderator) 4 years ago
Fully agree. Every manager deserves a fresh start, unencumbered by interference and unnecessary pressure. When these grand old men decide to retire, they should retire from all of the club's affairs
Footytubeblog (Blog) 4 years ago
On paper it seems like the dream scenario with two of the club’s managerial legends taking a backseat in the stands, while the new pretenders take on the task of replacing the man who shaped the current football club and who has great affections from those in the stands. It is in fact a disaster waiting to happen and maybe both Manchester United and Arsenal may be wise to not be so inviting in offering Fergie and Wenger a place in the club’s hierarchy, when they eventually move on.

Obviously some of you may see it different and feel it would be quite comforting to know they are still involved in the club’s decision making. While I would agree that it could be great if the team remains successful; I can’t help but look at the different scenario and what will happen if things on the pitch took a turn for the worst. Suddenly an ever increasing shadow will be cast over the new man, with supporters seeking a return of the man in the stand to return.

Herein lies the problem and you can picture the scene of United perhaps struggling in a game and the SKY cameras suddenly focus in on Fergie’s expression in the stands and the media, as well as some supporters, will read into it that all is not well at the club. Undoubtedly the likes of Geoff Shreeves and Andy Burton will slip into the post match (as they love to stir) with the new manager, the clear frustration of their predecessors in the stands, in order to turn the screw on him. You don’t need a weatherman to tell you when it is raining and you don’t need to be a member of Mensa to foresee the thinking of media outlets as to how they intend to unsettle the new manager.

I totally understand the thinking of club owners and chairmen in looking to keep them involved, after all as Ian Holloway pointed out last week; “What do chairmen know about football”, but it will only serve to undermine the functionality of the club. In the transfer market in particular, you cannot tell me that their advice will be ignored when the chairman is deliberating as to whether to sanction a new signing for the manager. As well as transfers, you can only imagine where disgruntled players from the old regime will seek advice and guidance from, further undermining the manager who will always be fighting for respect and clout within all the areas of the football club with the shadow of the club’s greatest manager looming large over him. Their presence will actually prove an unwanted distraction to them and in fact the club will end up going backwards rather than forwards, under the new regime.

Blog by Dean Smith

This blog does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of footytube or its partners.
Huytruong (Arsenal) 4 years ago
This was the poorest post I've ever read. I'm still confused what the blog article was about. First he refers to two managers and then another man and then another man. It's not consistent for me to understand what is the issue at hand.
Matt (Footytube Staff) 4 years ago
Hard for me to break it down any simpler, I will give it a shot.

Dean is expressing his opinion about on what could happen if and when Fergie and Wenger quit front line management and take up an ambassador role of some form at their respective clubs. He discusses the possible issues that could make the new managers job almost impossible.

Further down this page you will see comments by users with examples of this happening namely Hogdson/Dalglish at Liverpool

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