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Against Modern Football
Radupoli (FC Politehnica Iasi) 7 years ago

I went to my 1st game in 1995, I remember the old stadium it was cold, wet and freezing cold and the 1st time I stepped onto the terrace was a moment I will never forget. I remember the atmosphere, passion and the fear that went with football back then.

But now it’s gone, money, all-seater stadiums, over the top policing, passionless fans jumping on the bandwagon, and games on TV have killed everything that made football great. So if you’re armchair supporter with your Sky TV subscription then maybe you're to blame. If you’re not prepared to support your team no matter what then maybe you're to blame. If you only go to the football because it’s fashionable then maybe you're to blame. And of course there's the police......

Against Modern Football (No al Calcio Moderno)
Franboy (Barcelona) 7 years ago
You're right, I also remember my first game, there was a lot more tension, people were standing close to each other. But we must recognize that level of security that was not great.
Everything evolves, that's life. The nature of man is changed.
Bigger stadiums, more and more publicity, more and more security, more comfort for the fans.
There's good and bad but security in the stadiums are much better now. And it is most important
Yogan (Chelsea) 7 years ago
I think it is sad to see this. A great video, by the way, of all the aspects that have changed. A lot of us don't think about the violence nowadays, because we just take it as normal, because it is fairly regular that it happens. But it shouldn't. Some people know that violence wasn't around in those old days. I think in a way, you are right. Money is taking over football. 50p, to thirty pounds is quite incredible, and use your observation as well, the 50p one included Manchester United in the game, where as the £30 one was only Leeds United against Sheffield Wednesday.

I disagree about the passion. Even though sometimes in modern football, there is violence and depression, the fans still love their clubs. English football barely ever includes fighting.

The main thing is the TV companies, which I most agree with you on. Some of us can't afford to pay £30 a month for Virgin or Sky, just because we want to watch a football match on TV. Sky and Sentanta Sports (when it was still in business) just took over. Now only about 4 games a month are broadcast live on automatic television channels. Great topic to discuss. Lets protest!
Rzv36 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Yes, you're right.... A lot has changed in the last 20 years, especially in the eastern countries. People are more and more afraid to go to the stadium because of the fanatical supporters that are very violent. People used to go to the games with their families to enjoy and relax but now because of these "fans" the stadiums are almost empty .... The fans are fighting each other and with the security for what? I don't know...
Radupoli (FC Politehnica Iasi) 7 years ago

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