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Accident Waiting To Happen At Arsenal
Footytubeblog (Blog) 3 years ago
Today signifies another twist in the Luis Suarez transfer saga, as it was announced this morning that all bets are off for the Liverpool man to jump ship to Arsenal this summer.

The bookies’ reaction comes as some surprise, not only because the 26 year old insisted whilst on international duty that he was hell-bent on leaving England behind him due to his victimisation by the British press, but also due to the fact Arsene Wenger is hardly well known for splashing the cash, especially when it comes to already established Premier League players.

As you can tell, my personal opinion of the wild rumour is that it’s a long way off the mark. It remains unlikely that Arsenal, a club whose record transfer fee is currently set at just £16million, and currently negotiating a £22million deal for Real Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuain, who plays in the same position as Suarez, will make a shock bid that comes anywhere near Liverpool’s £40million valuation (and a modest valuation at that) for their star forward.

But if we were to suspend our disbelief for the duration of this article, and take into consideration that theoretically at least, the Gunners could cough up the cash, would the North London outfit actually benefit from signing the controversial Uruguyan? Or is it quite simply, an accident waiting to happen?
I think we are all aware by now of Suarez’s obvious talents. The striker finishes the 2012/2013 campaign with 23 goals and five assists in 33 appearances, making him the second top scorer in the English top flight, but the impressive feat, that verges upon remarkable considering it’s come at a club that failed to make it into the top half of the Premier League table until the turn of the year, is only the tip of the ice-berg.

His assists total could well have reached double figures had the 26 year old the benefit of Daniel Sturridge as a strike partner for the whole year rather than a dozen games, and overall, Suarez’s contribution to the Reds’ cause has been immense. The vast majority of Liverpool’s attacking play has gone through their star forward, with Suarez instigating forward moves and often finishing them off himself, whilst although his efforts off the ball have seen him pick up ten yellow cards this season, there is no doubting the intrinsic and irreplaceable value of such a high quality player having the athletic engine and unfaltering desire to chase down every single lost cause.

He is not only one of the Premier League’s best finishers; he is also one of the best creators, one of the best dribblers and one of the hardest workers. Had it not been for the constant negative stigmatism surrounding Suarez, in addition to the shocking bite incident involving Branislav Ivanovic at Anfield, he would have walked away with the PFA Player of the Year award this season.

From an Arsenal perspective, he certainly fits the description of a ‘marquee signing’ – something the Emirates faithful have been crying out for this season as the Gunners dwindled over the finish line to beat local rivals Tottenham to fourth spot and Champions League qualification. The North Londoners may already be in the latter stages of negotiations regarding Gonzalo Higuain, and it’s difficult to imagine how both would fit into Arsenal’s commonly utilised 4-2-3-1 system, yet there is no denying that Suarez is not only a cut above the Argentinean,  but he would also seriously lift the level of quality in the Gunners’ roster, turning what was their weakest department last season into by far their strongest.
But as previously mentioned, spending big, especially to the tune of £40million or more, is not Arsene Wenger’s style. The Frenchman has continually refused to break the bank since he spent £11million on Sylvain Wiltord in 2000, and whether it would be due to ring-rust or simply sods law, you can anticipate Wenger’s only excessive purchase in the last decade that exceeds the marketing norm to come back to haunt him in an almost comical fashion – and there’s plenty of reasons why Suarez would be the perfect candidate for such a faux pas.

First of all, Luis Suarez is a classic case of a Premier League problem child. The Uruguayan bounces from controversial incident to controversial incident, last season receiving an eight-game ban for uttering a racial slur to Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, and this year receiving yet another eight-game ban for biting an opponent in front of a packed Anfield crowd, in addition to the millions watching in dismay at home. Some may argue everybody deserves a second chance, or even a third chance, but considering Suarez’s nickname at Ajax was ‘the cannibal’, after he bit Otman Bakkal in 2010, it appears his flaws are intrinsic and unfixable.

His current transfer situation is the perfect example. The striker may have a fair claim that he wishes to bring his time in England to an end due to the intensity of the media’s scrutiny of him, as a condemning article or mocking meme is only ever a few mouse-clicks away, but the manner in which he’s gone about his business smacks of self-centred unprofessionalism. The Liverpool talisman waited until he was far away from Anfield, in the safe haven of the Brazil Confederations Cup where there would be no readily available counteracting argument to his own, to declare that the Reds had firstly somehow mistreated him, and secondly should adhere to his wishes to let him leave this summer – he is yet to hand in a formal, written transfer request, undoubtedly due to the fact it will disqualify him from his loyalty bonuses.

It portrays the kind of personality Arsene Wenger has refused to bring to North London throughout his tenure with the Gunners, and despite Suarez’s obvious talent, making the Uruguayan a rare exception hardly seems worthwhile.

It’s quite clear that the real motivation behind Suarez’s decision is not due to him being a public hate figure in England, but rather the fact that he has quite simply outgrown the Merseyside outfit - he is the only world-class player in a team that are still a few years off Champions League qualification.

But even at Arsenal, a team that prides itself on maintaining its continental status year upon year, my humble opinion is that Suarez will also outgrow his team-mates and surroundings. Arsene Wenger will seek to end his side’s eight year trophy drought and dormancy in the title race next season, but we are talking about a player who has been turning the heads of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich – two clubs that vastly outweigh the Gunners in terms of recent success and historical prestige. Should Suarez hypothetically jump ship to North London, the move would only be a stepping stone, and his tenure would undoubtedly end in a similar fashion to what we have witnessed this summer at Anfield.

Over the years, there have been plenty of players of the Suarez typology – Carlos Tevez, Mario Balotelli and Joey Barton to name a few of the more prominent examples. But the fact is, they never work out in the long-term; they put in good form, they win over the fans, and just when it’s all going well, things turn incredibly sour. Man City had to axe their two stroppy stars, who rarely had popularity within the squad, whilst Joey Barton has been bandied around so many Premier League clubs, leaving them all in rather spectacular fashion, that QPR decided the best place for him was the other side of the English channel.

There is obvious argument for Wenger to get as much use as he can out of Suarez and quickly move him on, but frankly, it’s not the Frenchman’s style. There are too many youngsters at the Emirates who could be influenced by the bad behaviour of senior stars, and whilst the Gunners can be accused of lacking ambition over the past decade, they have maintained a level of moral dignity throughout, that should not be compromised for the sake of single player, regardless of ability.

Now we can discontinue our suspension of disbelief, Suarez will not be moving to Arsenal, and the fans should be glad – it’s a £40million accident waiting to happen, that could disrupt the entire ethos of the club.

Written by Christy Maylan

Gooooooner (Arsenal) 3 years ago
Great article.

I don't think we'll be seeing Suarez in North London, especially when we're bidding only 30m for him. We really do need a player like Suarez though, someone who has that bit of magic that can excite the fans, not to mention his unrivaled work-rate too.

I must point out that many of the words that come from Suarez' mouth are taken out of context. You should check the sources of the news rather than taking for granted what is written in the tabloids. As far as I know, he has never criticised Liverpool. He's done a lot of other things though...
HangTime (Chelsea) 3 years ago
In my opinion, arsenal has no intension on buying Suarez. It's a bid to startle Madrid about selling Hiuguin

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