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A 'Proper' Fan
Epictetus (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Er, I need to stop re-posting
Zhudayong (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Tried to post this last night, intertrons was being stubborn though Guess I was lucky I copied it before it crashed so I didn't have to write it again

Very nice bit of writing man, great article. And I essentially agree with all that you say I live in Arizona a long long ways away from Anfield but I have supported Liverpool for as long as I can remember and I love the club, will till I die. I hope one day I can make it to Anfield with my brothers and sing so much I don't have a voice the next day. It's what every fan dreams of. But you don't have to be at the match to get behind your club. I remember last spring and summer I would just sing YNWA downtown even if there was no match, just to sing that beautiful song. Probably wasn't sober but c'est la vie And watching the game can be quite the experience on television even if it may be very different(and maybe not approaching) actually being there. I took the name off of my Torres jersey when he was traded, but still have the jersey it's just a very rare Andy Carroll jersey with a Carslberg sponsor and no name on it, just the number nine I love Liverpool with all my heart, the highs and lows it's all good to me because the highs are that much higher Istanbul still makes me cry tears of joy sometimes. I hope to get to Anfield before Stevie hangs up his hallow boots

The first game I went to was in LA with my pops when I was 18. The LA Galaxy vs the Columbus Crew. Great match ended in a three three draw but I don't remember that much about the match. Edson Buddle I remember seeing him, never having heard of him before and thinking that guy is good, he's quick. But that's all that really sticks out to me. Than a year later we went to LA vs Barcelona in August and I remember a lot about that game. This time my mom, dad, younger brother and older brother but not my oldest brother were there as well. It was absolutely amazing, Barcelona is a great club and I love to watch them play but the crowd was something else. There were 93000 people in the rose bowl stadium. I was juggling and kicking a ball about with some other family who had some cute daughters and hooked me up with a few beers so that was awesome. We were sitting(I don't think I actually sat basically the whole game) at the end with mainly Barca supporters and it was just so much fun. Iniesta was injured and didn't play but he warmed up on the field by himself just dribbling the ball about. I also remember Messi and Dani Alves warming up playing 30 yard passes on the volley without letting the ball hit the ground and everyone yelling at Messi. Barca won 2-1, I helped start an ole chant for Barca's passing within the first minute of the match and it was an experience. Beckham hit a peach of a free kick too(Juninho's still the best free kick taker to ever walk the earth).

And I think on the 27th of January? I would have to check the date we will be going down the 200 miles of highway to Phoenix to watch the ooooo SS AAA! I am super excited for that day, what a great day it will be They play Venezuela, it will be the first time I will ever see my country play live. But I have been through some wonderful times with that team on the television. Donovan vs Algeria 90th+ = classic went nuts that day, great historic day for American sports. Some guy had come up to the house I was watching that match and told us to be quiet because we had been yelling and screaming at 7 in the morning ever since the World Cup started. We said whatever and he left. When he scored that goal I think there was about 8 or 9 of us and it sounded like a jet engine, I made sure to open the door so that guy and everyone else could hear us But like you say it is different, and I am liking forward to that match with eager anticipation.
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Nice post. It's great you're gonna' watch your country live, there is nothing like it, a truly special feeling. Although there is a pretty big difference between a friendly and a competative match.... But still, it's great
Epictetus (Barcelona) 5 years ago
A thousand apologies. I am technologically inept it seems. Instead of replying to the specific post that I want, I instead, accidentally, make a new post.

There really should be a delete feature for users like me.
AdnanMessi (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Going to Camp Nou next year, I don't care for what game or when, I want to see my boys play. Only game I was ever at was Schalke vs Bochum in Gelsenkirchen, when I was 4 because I lived in Bochum. We had no money to go Spain because me and my dad have been Barca fans for life! But I am extremely excited for my trip to Camp Nou, would be an orgasmic experience that I can share stories with to my kids and family and friends! Living in Europe would make my life so much better
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Some really great comments here, I've truly enjoyed reading this thread. Especially insightful was a discussion started by Epictetus. We've seen that football fans are very diverse and have their own unique reasons for sticking with a team. I think it's almost pointless to debate on what makes a "proper fan" because it is such a subjective concept.
Perhaps we can make a distinction between a "fan" and a "supporter", although the two terms are usually interchangable. But in my case, I usually refer to supporters when I'm talking about the fans physicially present at the stadium and a fan is a more general term for people who hold that particular club in their hearts (or perhaps just love them for their current style, as someone mentioned).
The subject of the OP's post would have made more sense back in the days when football wasn't globalized to such a large extent. The fact that you have people who are fans of teams from other continent simply diminishes the importance of regularly going to the stadium to prove yourself as a "proper" fan. Of course, money is also an issue as live football is fast becoming an entertainment for the rich
Fifavipmmo (AS Roma) 1 year ago

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