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3 Extra Goals.
Salt (Aston Villa) 7 years ago
Ok, I'll start off by stating that I did not come up with this idea but I think footytube deserves the opportunity to add a version of this thread to our beloved site.

The rules of this are very simple.
You are hereby given the gift of 3 extra goals. You can give them to or take them away from any team, in any match in the history of football. It could be a last minute winner that would have given your side the title or saved you from relegation, it could be a goal given to a side playing a rival of yours that may have prevented said rival from achieving something. You decide!

My three are as follows:
1) An extra goal for Shefield Wednesday at Old Trafford in 1992-93. Villa were top of the first ever Premier League and had just drawn at home. We were standing on the Holte End waiting for the final score from Old Trafford with baited breath because Wednesday were winning 1-0 against second placed Manchester United when our game ended which would have meant that our dropped points were no big deal and we'd have actually extended our lead at the top by a point. In the first example I can remember of United getting an incredible amount of added time allowed Steve Bruce to score twice and saw United snatch three points. That result had an amazing effect on them and VIlla. We failed to force ourselves to the title but United went from strength to strength and won it with ease in the end.
I think another goal from Wednesday could have made a huge difference for us. I still get so angry when I think about this!

2) A goal in extra-time for England against Germany at Wembley in the semi-final of Euro 96. I don;t really need to explain this one too much because I'm sure any Englishman that watched the game will know which chance I'm talking about. Paul Gascoigne would have put us into the final ha d he been another couple of inches taller. He slid in to meet a low cross right in the middle of goal with the goalkeeper nowhere. A Golden Goal to beat the Germans would have been incredible and I'm sure England would then have gone on to claim the title against the Czech Republic and united the country. As it turned out the Germans, somewhat unsurprisingly, beat us on penalties. This was made even more bitter for me personally as Gareth Southgate was Villa captain at the time and I had his name and number on my England shirt. I was given untold amounts of hassle for that in the following months!

3) Deja vu, anyone? My final goal is again awarded to England in a game against a German side. This time it's against West Germany in the semi-final of Italia 1990. I'm not giving England a goal here but I'm going to remove one from the Germans. Andreas Brehme struck a free kick from the edge of the area that took a wild deflection off Paul Parker and Peter Shilton seemed unable to adjust his footing in time to tip the ball over the bar. Perhaps if the younger and more agile Dave Beasant had been playing that goal may not have been scored. So I'm putting Beasant in and removing the goal!
England would the have gone on to play Argentina in the final in what would havebeen the first meeting since Maradona's infamous Hand Of God/best goal of all time combo form Mexico 86. No motivation would have been necessary for that one, I'm sure!

Right, over to you, footytube!
Thefc3 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Great match !  
Riggs (Manchester United) 7 years ago
1. Sucks that I need to waste 2 goals on one game, but that's what it takes. May 2009, vs barcelona. Gotta' take one away, and give one to us, or give 2 to us. I guess it comes down to whether i'd like to see our guys score or messi not score. Eh, messi can score. Rooney and giggs scored a goal each. Both of them were very last minute, like, 15th minute of added time, at least, Nou Camp style. The crowd went wild. It was the single loudest noise ever recorded. Suicide rates rose 20% in catalania. Sir Alex ferguson became without a doubt the greatest manager ever. Messi quit football for life, or he joined united. Ronaldo probably stayed, but I mean, not everything could be perfect. Real madrid still payed us 200 bajillion dollars, in homage to how awesome our team was.

2. Actually, lets just sauce up #1 some more. Rooney actually scored 2 goals. He added an extroardinary scissor kick off of Valdes' clearance. The shot came from about just outside the 18 yard box. The united 18 yard box. Valdes had more than enough time to get in front of it, but he was knocked over by the mach 3 sound waves well before the ball ripped its way through the netting and exploded that end of the stadium. The largest explosion russia ever saw. And that's sayin something.

Eric (Manchester United) 7 years ago
In all seriousness, you just need to take away the initial goal from Eto'o and I think United control and win the game on their own
StadeNyonnais (Liverpool) 7 years ago
1) 1 goal to my B1 team at gland in thier game against crissier
2)-3) take a goal away from fulham and give one to liverpool, just to keep them in the title race
Incuteration (Everton) 7 years ago
An extra goal always caused a draw to us.

1) Against Wolves, Stoke, Bolton and Villa, so take all one goal from the opponent side, where we could win or draw against them, and the cause of it is just because of terribly constructed defending. As I say, we need Jagielka back!

2) Recently, Osasuna drew luckily with barca, Barca was playing very well when a Pique own goal made a draw. So take that extra goal away to make it fair and square for how Barca played.

3) Again recently, Napoli beat Juventus 3-2, it was a comeback from 2-0 to 2-3. The last goal should have never been if not for the terribly poor clearance by Tiago, it fell to Hamsik and he smash it into the net. Take all the 3 goals away I should say! Grrr
Blueskiesahead (Chelsea) 7 years ago
1. Chelsea vs. Barca champions league of 08-09 either leg: minutes away, we should have won the game and taken on manchester a second time but we were robbed. A second goal would have sent us through, or an away goal.

2. Chelsea vs. Manchester united champions league final 07-08: a second goal (which in my oppinion we deserved that day anyways) would have kept us away from that dreadful penalty shootout and given us the cup that we deserved right away. What a terrible day that could have, and should have gone so much differently.

3. 6-2 barca vs. Real madrid 08-09: I would have taken away one of barca's goals. Make the two teams at least seem somewhat even.... Oh wait no that doesn't work, barca still crushed em
Banacula (Aston Villa) 7 years ago
1. Macedonia vs. Ireland, Skopja 1999. Ireland went into the last game of qualifying for Euro 2000 with a chance to win their group, they needed to win and hope Yugoslavia got a worse result against Croatia. With Craotia and Yugoslavia drawing 2-2 a win for Ireland would see them through. Ireland went 1-0 up and defended the lead, a last minute equaliser for Macedonia relegated Ireland to a playoof against Turkey which Ireland lost on away goals. This was the single worst moment for me as a football fan. A second goal for Ireland at any time would have killed the Macedonian challange and we would have had a lovely summer of football related boozing. Instead I had to wait for two years later and....

2. Spain vs. Ireland, World Cup 2002. Ireland went down early 1-0 and missed a penalty in the second half, another penalty was awarded inthe last minute this one converted by Robbie Keane taking us to extra time. In et however Ireland failed to notice that Spain had gone down to 9 men after two went off injured after Spain had made their 3 substitutions a goal at that time would have taken Ireland to a quarter final place against S. Korea, not a hugely daunting prospect and a semifinal against Germany who hadn't overawed us in the group stage.

3. For the third goal I would like to echo Salty's sentiments and give Sheffield wednesday an extra goal in Old Trafford in 1993. Who knows what may have happened after that but those goals certainly knocked the fight ou of Villa for the finish of that season.
Salt (Aston Villa) 7 years ago
Great post, Mate. That United - Wednesday game still haunts me to this day. Things could have been so different
Lukas (Chelsea) 7 years ago
1 Goal for Ireland against Italy in world cup 1990.

2 Another goal for Ireland in the same match.

3 Goal for Chelsea vs Barcelona 2009 semi final (although I shouldn't have to such a crap ref!)
Kartikhadia (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I didn't understand a thing in this.... Lol
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I would give two goals to Brazil in the 1950 World Cup final match against Uruguay; if you don't know, the World Cup that year was in Brazil, and they were expecting to win it, they even made medals for them before the match started and prepared the celebration with Brazil's colors and everything. It wouldn't bother me much, except that in Brazil football is life - there were reports that after the game, some people committed suicide.

Good thread, thought I would wake it up, I know some more people out there have some good shouts!

Realmanchester (Manchester United) 7 years ago
May 09, champions league finals. I take off first goal of barca and give united a 30 yard freekick, ronaldo takes it goes like a rocket hits the post, comes back and then scholes volleys it (trademark volley) and it hits the post (while valdes tries to get the ball he hits his head on the post) and the ball comes for the next time and rooney just overhead scissor kicks it hits the ground first and then goes over valdes' head and its in. That is a brutal enough attack that leave barca shocked and lose and united win
Sjsung (Arsenal) 7 years ago
1) May 2006 - Champions League Final - Barcelona vs Arsenal

Eto'o storms forward early in this finals! Lehmann rushes forward and Eto'o goes down! Referee halts play, and awards Eto'o a red card! Unbelievable!

Haha no offence to Barca fans, but had that happened, we would have seen Lehmann stay in the match, Eto'o sent off, and then off course he wouldn't have scored a goal either. Who knows what would've happened had Arsenal remained 1-0 up?

2) July 2002 - World Cup Semis - Germany vs Korea

Suspense as the scoreline remains at 0-0! Korea go forward on the break! Caught by Ballack right outside the area! Ballack is shown the red! Lee Chun Soo steps up, and scores! 1-0 to Korea!

Ballack of course scored the only goal in this semi final, scoring from a counter attack of their own. Had Ballack been sent off here rather than given a yellow, and had Lee Chun Soo scored, Korea would've been in a commanding position....

3) February 2007 - Carling Cup Final - Chelsea vs Arsenal

Ball comes in! Drogba and Senderos go for it in the air! Drogba gets to it first! But Almunia fists it around the post for a corner!

The scenario late in the match saw Drogba take Chelsea to a 2-1 advantage over Arsenal. Had he not scored, the match could've turned up differently for the then-young gunners, and the brawl at the end could've been avoided as well....
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 6 years ago
1.) USA vs. Germany 2002 World Cup quarterfinal-firstly Oliver Khan is a g, this needs to be said. But if the US could have gotten that goal and beat Germany, the course of football in the United States would have been changed forever. I think it actually crossed the line and it was obviously a handball either way, but that's football. Had we have gotten that goal I think we would have gone on to win the game because we were dominate throughout. Great game anyways, that is one of the best performances by a US team in history. I have never seen the US vs. England highlights, if there are any, but I know England had way more chances and the US goalie was just too good. In this game the US team really should have won.

2.) Johan Cruijff scores an overhead kick against West Germany in the 1974 World Cup Final after the penalty by the other Johan, Neeskens. It is very sad to me that Cruijff was never able to win a World Cup, he is one of my favorite players and I think he deserved it. The Clockwork Oranje go on to win the game 4-2 with Cruijff getting another and Johnny Rep getting the fourth. Franz Beckenbauer would still go on to win a World Cup trophy at some time, he is the emperor he would have to. But I think the Netherlands were deserving a title in this year, they are considered one of the best teams in history and that they still have never won a World Cup is sad. They have a good chance to do it in South Africa, they have a good team, but I don't think it was as good as the team from the seventies.

3.) Liverpool against Arsenal 2009 Anfield. Andre Arshavin doesn't go completely nuts on us, and our defence doesn't gift wrap him the ball inside the 18 yard box, and say here you go little Russian, have a crack. If we would have won that game we could have beat United, although at the end of the season they still would have had more points, who knows what could have happened if we won that game. Or Gerrard could have just scored a fifth against United, a screamer from 40 yards breaking Van Der Sar's hand and completely demoralize the Man UTD faithful
Gbherron (Seattle Sounders) 6 years ago
1) They are known as the best team to never win a World Cup, and they were exactly that. In 1982, Coach Tele Santana strung together a team that rivaled the legendary side that won it in 1970, and some even say that they were better than that team. To name a few in the side: Zico, Socrates, Falcao, Eder, Junior, Cerezo, and Serginho Chulupa. They blazed through the group stages, absolutely dominatin the USSR, Scotland, and New Zealand, beating them 2-1, 4-1, and 4-0 respectively. In their first knockout game, they continued their creative and dazzling playing style en route to a 3-1 thrashing of rival Argentina. That left them with a quarter-final matchup with Italy, and all the Samba Boys needed to advance was a draw. Paolo Rossi had other ideas. The Italian striker, who was a "bad boy" of his time, netted a hat trick with the help of unusually poor defending. The finishing on Brazil's part was atrocious on so many levels, as well. They traded goals, with Italy up 2-1 at the break, but Falcao's strike brought them to level terms in the 68 minute. However, Italy were not to be outdone. With a brace in hand, Rossi yet again took advantage of a tired and wheathered Brazil defence, who Tele Santana refused to offer substitutes. Brazil's magical attacking playing style could be outdone by only one thing: that god damn Italian Sausage. My goal goes to Brazil.

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