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Toga Team Attacked With Guns Before African Cup Of Nations Game.
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
I've just heard on the radio that the toga national team have been shot at by gunmen before their opening game against angola, its a patchy story so far, so we will have to wait for updates
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Apparently their bus was shot at with machine guns, injuring three players and the bus driver, manchester city have issued a statement saying that adebayor is shakenup but ok.
And aston villas moustapha salifou is ok as well
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Obviously fundaMENTALists.... Who are these people? .... Crazy  
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Apparently the bus driver has just died, what a sad situation
Raj (Chelsea) 7 years ago
So,the last thing football needed has struck,terrorism. According to reports coming in , the driver has been killed and 6 passengers injured taking bullets,including 2 from the national squad.The most prominent Togo player,Adebayor has not been hurt/ injured.

Togo's soccer team attacked in Angola

Apparently happened when the team was entering the Angolan border through the Cabinda territory which apparently is a disputed state by Congo being land-locked by the latter, being oil-rich and profitable.Whatever the politics,a cowardly attack on the national footballing team of another country that is not at all involved with the geo-politics,just before the most prestigious/popular tournament held in Africa is definitely about making a statement.

ANC in doubt after Togo gun Attack

Romanian club Vaslui confirmed their defender Serge Akakpo was one of the players who had been shot and badly injured in the attack.

"Players injured, driver dead" after Togo bus Attack

"I am fine but several players are in a bad way," FC Nantes striker Thomas Dossevi told Radio Monte Carlo."We are still at hospital. We were attacked like dogs and had to hide for 20 minutes under the seats to avoid the bullets. We were shot, although we had two police coaches on our sides. There are two injured players and also some staff."

Giving more details on the attack, he said: ''We had just crossed the border five minutes before, we were surrounded by police buses, one in front of us another behind. Everything was fine and then there was a powerful burst of gunfire.

''Everyone threw themselves under the seats and tried to protect themselves but some couldn't escape the bullets. It lasted a good 15 minutes, the police fired back but really, it was hard to handle and it still is now. I'm shocked. When we got off the bus we were asking ourselves why us and not others? We were asking ourselves what had happened, we were crying and thanking God.''

This will and has already sent shock-waves among the footballing world with Porstmouth looking to discuss the matter with FIFA to see if they get their players back to England if their safety isn't guaranteed.I had already read about a host of European starts,staring with Drogba who have an extra security detail on them because of the high wages they summon where-in a kidnapping for a ransom demand is more than likely to happen.

What do you think should follow as an immediate next course of action?The clubs have every right to ask for getting their players back and the tournament can rightly be boycotted when its a matter of life and death.Should the tournament be cancelled?That would only result in the terrorist group achieving what they set out to do in disrupting Angola where it'll be a huge dent to their pride and economy with all the money and employment from the tournament just disappearing, if it were cancelled.Should it be postponed,ensuring all the security protocols are in place to avoid any such incidents in the future.Call me sceptical but I don't have much faith over how safe things are in Angola after this incident.Simply put,Abromovich should just dispatch a jet over and bring back all the England based players playing in the tournament,I'm all for that knee-jerk reaction since it guarantees safety.

More updates to follow
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 7 years ago
A knee-jerk response is NOT something I would be happy with.

I think it's irrelevant whether 'vip' players with 'high wages' are on the bus or not. Their life isn't worth any more than even the bus driver. Sure, they get paid more, but so what? Everyone on that bus deserved the best security money could buy.

At the end of the day, I imagine there will be some investigation as to how this happened, and a security review will be ordered. Noone wants to see reinforced coaches with bulletproof windows, but if that's what is needed to ensure more safety, then so be it. Not like they were hijacked by suicide bombers - these were guys with guns and it could have been avoided.

I'm not sure who is exactly responsible for security detail, but if it rests solely with FIFA, they can surely afford to up the security, add armoured guards as they do on airlines, and ensure no bullet will ever get to the passengers? I sure as hell wouldn't expect to see anything like this happening during the world cup for instance. So if they can afford to put in adequate security then, why not now? They must be aware of the risks. So have they been gambling until now?

Certainly, the implications that FIFA have been lax on security is something that would end up costing them more in the long-run. Not to mention the costly insurance payouts if this had turned into something really nasty and a really 'important' person, such as Adebayor bit the bullet.

I guess they're lucky it was just the Bus Driver on this occasion
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Did'nt the cricket suffer something similar if I remember right, the sri lankan team were attacked, and that was with security, in a town centre. The security guys ran away.
But the competition must go on, or these idiots have won again
Senthil (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Yes but they not died!
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Only by the grace of god that no one was killed in that attack, it involved more terroists and guns than the toga incident
Raj (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Thing is, ACON committee went ahead having Angola and more importantly Cabinda as one of the match venues for the ACON, fully knowing that there was a civil crisis of sorts going on. Despite fully knowing the risks at hand. I guess the knee-jerk reaction of mine is just what it sounds like, on a closer look it may just result in giving the trouble-makers get what they were looking for. Having said that though, lives are at stake. I'd be surprised if they still went ahead to use Cabinda as one of the 4 host cities to be playing the tournament. The first people to be blamed will be most certainly the committee that decides on hosting duties followed by the hosts themselves. A group of gunmen, no matter which way you cut it, if allowed to shoot at a bus on a normal road, there certainly is something to worry about. The security detail can be maximised to an extent that it could keep the rebels or whoever away, they may not even decide to engage in gunfire since there is the chance of an open shoot-out, but just the fact that there are people capable of plotting and executing such an atrocity is reason enough to stay away from the place.

Some of the quotes by the Togo players:

"If it is possible, there should be a boycott, said Togo's Alaixys Romao, who plays for Grenoble in France.

"Why not cancel all the matches? We just want to go home. "

Team-mate Thomas Dossevi of Nantes, one of nine France-based players in the Togo squad, said: "We don't want to play this African Cup of Nations.

"We're thinking about our team-mates - to be hit by bullets when you've come to play football is disgusting. "

The Togo team has pretty much given a statement that they'll decide whether to continue or not on Saturday.

I'm thinking the players themselves can afford top notch security for their teams even if each of the FA's of the countries involved find it hard to have, would probably take a month's wage of Didier to assemble a 10 man team over a month for every nation involved but I'm reaching here, just mad permutations for a solution.

The responsibility though solely, lies on FIFA, no doubt about it. I can't imagine the implications of this going forward with the world cup just around the corner
Lampard7 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
The incident that happened is killing right now. All the premier league boss want their players back!
After an article I read from the suns newspapers.

* Hull boss Phil Brown wants his two players back home now.

He said: "I am appalled. This throws a question mark against next summer's World Cup.
"You simply cannot put the safety of players, officials and fans at the slightest risk. That is totally unacceptable.
"I have two players - Daniel Cousin and Seyi Olofinjana - on duty and I want them back home here with us as quickly as possible. "

* Portsmouth, who have four senior players in Africa, also want FIFA to stop the tournament going ahead tomorrow.
Pompey chief executive Peter Storrie said: "This is a terrible, tragic incident and I am very concerned about this whole situation"
"That's why I'll be calling the FA to ask them to contact FIFA as soon as possible to see what is going to happen next"
"I know what should happen. It's common sense to scrap the tournament and bring them home. "

* Spurs manager Harry Redknapp said: "It's frightening. I agree it's worth considering calling the whole thing off.
"We can't just sit around and wait for the next shooting. "

* Chelsea also has four players at the tournament, including star striker Didier Drogba
A spokesman said: "Everyone at Chelsea is shocked but we will wait for information from the relevant authorities. "

* Burnley Burnley took a similar stance over Cameroon midfielder Andre Bikey.
A spokesman said: "We have spoken to Andre and he is absolutely fine.
"There are no plans to recall him just yet. "
Scottie (Manchester City) 7 years ago
Emmanuel Adebayor describes the attack on the Togo team bus in Angola which left two players injured and their driver dead (audio)

CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
Now Ghana are considering leaving the tournament in Africa after Togo has officially pulled out. I would not be surprised if the tournament totally collapses considering the death toll is now at 3. This represents a total failure to ensure the security of all players involved in this tournament and is a complete disgrace lying solely on the shoulders of Angola the host nation. Our African players in European football deserve far better treatment and should all be removed from this tournament and sent back to their respective teams immediately.

Sergio 7 years ago
One of the worst things that struck football.... Who thought such an amazing sport could resort to this much violence. Its disqusting how this could happen. I just want to give my condolence to the players injured and killed.

And also to the driver who is in the shadow of all this
CHELSEA61 ((Footytube Moderator)) 7 years ago
Yes prayers go out to the families of the injured and the dead. This tournament needs to be shut down. Football has suffered enough tragedy. I can't remember a more difficult day in the world of football
ManUK (Manchester United) 7 years ago
It's one of the most sad things I've ever seen in football. Machine Gunned too, Wow. Fans are amazing when they're dedicated, but when they start killing people things get out of hand. WAY out of hand. Really, it's sad to see where football has brought some people. It's a beautiful game, that's not to be a life or death matter (even though we sometimes feel that way ).

I saw a vid of Ade crying. These Angolans are a disgrace
Raj (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Togo doing a U-turn and staying to play at the tournament! I can't imagine what it took for them to actually say "Lets stay and play the game". Wow.

Togo 'will play in Africa Cup of Nations'
Senthil (Chelsea) 7 years ago
See this two more deaths is confirmed!

They confirmed that assitant coach and press reporter was dead by these accident, reserve goalkepper is injured, he is getting treatment!
Tony (footytube staff) 7 years ago
Yes raj, the toga team did decide to stay and compete in the competition, but the latest I have heard is the togan prime minister has told them they HAVE to come home
Theturkishkop (Galatasaray SK) 7 years ago
Their purpose is to cancel this tournament. If African Cup will cancel, they will get what they want to do

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