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The Question: Is Television Holding Back The Evolution Of Football?
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Charlie (Barcelona) 7 years ago
I know it's a bit of a read, but its a good opinion piece by a good journalist.

The answer obviously isn't as black and white as yes or no, Wilson admits this.

I mean, on one hand it seems that the media focus tends to be more on individual performance, consequently stunning the creativity of coaches to think of football differently, in favor of just letting the superstar be a superstar; individuals playing a team game, exemplified by Real Madrid and Manchester City. Where, you get the sense that the difference between a win or a loss is up to whether a specific players does well, or not.

But then there are stand out examples of exactly the opposite where football, like Roma playing in a striker less formation a couple years ago, Manchester United doing the same to win the UCL in 2009, and Barcelona's dominant 4-3-3 total football formation now (even though total football is a product from the 70's, it can be argued that barca's 4-3-3 has been tweaked by pep), is being played better then ever before.

Like many of other people here, I am a football addict, watching at least 5 matches a week, and I like to think about the game.

One thought that I especially liked was brought on by watching Barcelona, and the way that when iniesta went forward, messi would cover the space left by him, seemingly switching positions for at least a part of the match.

The idea I had was that it would be interesting if footballers were trained in every position, where if a striker was tired, he would switch places with a defender for a while, or just change it up in the middle of the game to confuse the other team.

That might be difficult to do though, it would require a new way of training young players, and it might just be, overall, to confusing.

I mean, could you imagine puyol cutting in from the wing like messi?


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