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Poll: Is Gary Neville A 'boot-licking Moron'?
OMIDO (Manchester City) 6 years ago
This is a genuine football poll on the Guardian website: (and quite rightly so 86.8% of football fans across the country believe that yes he fits such description)

Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I would'nt waste my time over a poll, it was a minor spat which to my mind was blown well out of proportion, and I thought topo gigio as I now call him {tevez} was well out of order, and worse than neville.
Gary nevilles statement about topo was ok as far I seen, nothing damming or personal, I don't know what topos problem was to be honest. He was only stating better players had left the club before, which is the case.
And garys one fingered salute only came after topo was giving mouthpiece signs, and cupping his ears.... Lol, to which he said he was copying topo gigo the mouse, an ancient childrens character, even I remember it, and I'm 51.... Lol
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Is it any shock that a United fan would defend Neville and a City fan would post an article about him being a boot licking moron!?

I still think that, football aside, Neville is a real piece of work and not a very nice guy at all. Certainly not a gentleman and he has shown his true colours over and over in the past
Borg (Manchester United) 6 years ago
I love Tevez as a player but drama seems to be following him wherever he goes. No doubt he has vendeta against fergie which he has every right to but at the same time Neville has been with the club for the longest time and he will defend and gestures towards his manager
OMIDO (Manchester City) 6 years ago
All I can say is Gary Neville, unlike his brother a true gentleman in my opinion, belongs to the same group of crap footballers whose footballing skills aren't necessarily the reason why they are famous or in his case infamous
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Crap footballers don't win what gary neville has won, I mean fair enough, like ant, if you don't like him, that's fine, but to say the guys a crap footballer is hilarious, he has more medals than the city team put together.... Twice.
And don't give me.... He was lucky, he fell on his feet at a good time at utd, you can't be lucky to play for your country as well.
So I accept you guys don't like him
But you can't knock a winner
OMIDO (Manchester City) 6 years ago
I am not going to give you "He was lucky blah blah etc etc. "
But to be honest, he played during a time when the second best in his position was Wes Brown! He was at the right place at the right time. Or else he would not of been able to compete for an England shirt with the likes of Micah Richards, Glen Johnson, Wes Brown or even Shaun Wright-Phillips [in his secondary position]
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Hence he was the best right back of his time.... Sorted.
I don't even think glen johnson and richards were even playing when gary was winning the bulk of his medals, no comparison
OMIDO (Manchester City) 6 years ago
The only, more like
Riggs (Manchester United) 6 years ago
TBH, I really think he should hang up the boots. The longer he stays the more my opinion of him declines. Now he doesn't have solid defensive play to back up his ego
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
I agree with you, he's finished, but what a career
VeljaSrbin (FK Partizan Beograd) 6 years ago
Whiteruud (Manchester United) 6 years ago
The difference between Gary Neville and Carlos Tevez is - Gary is Manchester United through and through, he would do anything for the team. He has loyalty and has been a great team player for Manchester United. Carlos Tevez cares about Carlos Tevez, he's already talking about moving back to South America to play for the team he loves "Boca Jnrs" next year. Sure he did not like plying second fiddle to Rooney and Ronaldo, and United should have sorted out his contract offer sooner. But I don't blame Fergie for that. If City open the vault in their efforts to buy success and buy another big name striker, how long will it be before Tavez is whining again. Make no mistake about it, if he's on the bench long enough he'll be whining. No one player is bigger than Manchester United. Time will tell if Carlos Tevez is bigger than City
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
Well said whiteruud, I have a problem with south american players, 90% of them are nothing but whingers who can't stand the rain and the cold the physical side of the english game, and want too much time on the ball, but the moneys ok?
Theres not too many south american success stories in the epl.

Like the bestie&rooney profile pic whiteruud
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
There weren't a huge amount of United fans complaining about Tevez when he was your second top scorer? What's going on? He gets messed around, leaves, now he's useless and a money grabber.

Michael Owen joining United after being such a Liverpool legend should have caused this much controversy, but you move on, wish your ex players well and leave it there
Tony (footytube staff) 6 years ago
No one treats ex players better than the united fans, but we reserve our admiration for those that stay at the club and deserve it.
Carlos tevez is a wonderful player, but we've got rid of better in the past, its no big deal.
Good luck to tevez, we HAVE moved on
Juno (AC Milan) 6 years ago
The similarity between Gary Neville and Carlos Tevez is - they both have big gap right below their nose. Both can't seems to shut their gap and let their football do the talking. (Granted, Neville is not playing much these days.) But at least Tevez should shuddup. I hope the next time Man City and Man Utd plays again, he don''t drum up the bad blood between him and Fergie again. Its getting boring seeing Fergie keeps mentioning he's not worth it too

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