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John Travolta Flies Scientologists' Aid To Haiti
Alen (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Ant (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Is this "post a random article" day?
Alen (Liverpool) 6 years ago
No ant I wanted to show that John Travolta has his own boeing 707!
Lee (Kidderminster Harriers) 6 years ago
"They use a process called "assist" in which the power of touch purportedly reconnects nervous systems shaken by trauma"

Haven't laughed that hard in ages.

Poor Haitian fella's, like they ain't got enough crap to deal with, without being bombarded with a load of lunatic quack Xenu followers.

Alen (Liverpool) 6 years ago
How about this part a bit rude I think,

One US doctor, who declined to be named, said it was more a credibility thing. "I didn't know touching could heal gangrene. "When asked about the Scientologists,

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