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Fulham V Sunderland, May 6
Airic (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Gta95 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
That boy clint dempsey...
Lihanguk (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Dempsey amazing season! Come to arsenal please!
Jocamero (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Just tickled at how well Dempsey is playing. My guess is that the Americans will drag him to Liverpool
KidRobe (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Liverpool would be a good fit for Dempsey if he leaves
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Ya that's true I could see him there, especially with Liverpool american owners right?
KidRobe (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Yea I guess Liverpool would appeal more now to the American market, but Liverpool have trouble finishing this season and Dempsey would fit perfectly, also considering they bought Caroll for 35 million I doubt Dempsey would cost alot to them, he's going on 30 and on his last year of his contract I believe
Mas8919 (Newcastle United) 4 years ago
I could also see him go to some place like Roma. American owners there and its a big club. Not quite as good as it used to be but its coming back. Could use a goalscorer like clint
CFLNHLFIFAFAN (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Not a bad season for Fulham, nice win at Craven Cottage here, nice club they are. Dempsey having a great season, scoring quiet a few big goals and he has being key, I can see him going somewhere like Liverpool to be honest, should be interesting. As for Sunderland Bardsley got a beautiful strike, what a smash of goal, really loved that one, but Frazier Campbell or whatever missed a chance to tie game late which was unfortunate

I just realized I actually voted Dempsey goal of week instead of Bardsley, and Bardsley deserves more for that beauty, some press Bardsley for me lol
Mackiznay (Manchester City) 4 years ago
Fantastic goals all around. Good game! Dempsey.... Gotta' love the crazy goal-minded individual that he is

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