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United States V Spain, Jun 4
Riajz (Manchester United) 5 years ago
This are two teams that I dislike, but I sort of wanted the us to beat Spain like they did before.... It was actually Barca vs US, so it was highly expected the way it has ended
LoLuMaD (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Looked more like a decent spain side than a barca vs USA. US just got wrecked, straight up.

Grats to torres making it on the scoresheet
Wadadliyouth (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Yea only 4 barca players, and 1 was on the bench, spain's roster is deeeeeeeep with talent
[account-removed] 5 years ago
I actually seen only one Barca player on this video here, Sergio...
Oddshot (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
Funny you say that seeing as none of the goalscorers were Barcelona players
Almaster95 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Not even an assist from any barca players.... Lol fail
Roo10ney (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Ya me too.... Only saw Sergio, didn't see any other Barca player to be honest!
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
Dear Bob Bradley....

You suck....

Sincerely.... A bystander....

P. S. USA did not show up in this match at all....
[account-removed] 5 years ago
Nice work usa, you let torres score!
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
Blues1only (Chelsea) 5 years ago
That was incredible pace plus a finish to the bottom corner.    You don't "let" that happen.
Cali86 5 years ago
This guy is hilarious with his comments.... Except the ones about Italy beign the best. Then he is just lying to himself...
Honestabe (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Probably not the game to start the scrubs.... Men against boys.... Literally. Well played Spain. Not gonna' complain about a thing here, simply outclassed
Oddshot (Newcastle United) 5 years ago
Lettyar (Chelsea) 5 years ago
El Nino!
Bwwiley (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Why was this scheduled for the weekend before the Gold Cup?
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
Because Gulati is on Blatter's nuts.... And I can't really blame him...
Enlarged (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Yoopiii.... Torres just scored
Roo10ney (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Ya brought a smile to my face!
[account-removed] 5 years ago
I was also smiling. It really proves that Chelsea doesn't help Torres score at all! But whats important is that he feels happy!
Soccerplyr45 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Talk about horrible defence.... Almost wanna make me tear my hair out as a defender. I hate when people ball watch you can't be ball watching against a team like spain you will be left in the dirt. You. S has a long way to go. This was just another day at practice for spain.
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
Everyone's comment so far has been good then I read yours.... I was okay until I read "U. S has a long way to go".... In what? Football?

Just because USA got outclassed by a very powerful squad doesn't mean USA doesn't know how to play football.... That's like calling other countries in concacaf weak since the US have been on the top of concacaf for the past years.... (With the exception of last year's Gold Cup run)....

I'm tired of hearing US has a long way to go when the US doesn't have a long way to go at all.... Just need to polish their football more and maybe get a better manager.... Every team has their off days and besides.... The Gold Cup is around the corner.... This is a friendly.... The Gold Cup is way more important so the result hurts nothing but the pride of Americans....
Familesso (Liverpool) 5 years ago
First of all US didn't choose to play Spain because they thought they can beat Spain, they were given an offer to play Spain and they gladly took the offer because they felt honored to play against the world champs. US lost this game but that doesn't rule out the improvement the US soccer team has achieved within the past decade. Not only the team but even the fan’s awareness about soccer in US has increased dramatically in the past 10 years.
I played soccer in college and I was used to see completely empty stands in most of the games we played. Now, just 7 years later, every time I attend my old collage games, the stands are usually at least half full. Less than 10 years ago it was completely impossible for an intentional friendly like this to be sold out. I attended the USA vs. ARG friendly in New Jersey a month ago and that stadium was packed, it was the largest crowd US soccer fans have ever seen in history, and it was still cold outside. Just look at the MSL league they are packing the stadiums, they are bringing revenues like never before, they are increasing number of team. US has finally realized the value of soccer globally, and the giant is waking up faster than anyone can expect.
Spain are world champions, one Spain player cost about 5 or 6 of USA players (and trust me most of the time that cost is equivalent to tactics/talent), I was expecting Spain to win this game, period; but I also expected our guys to put up a fight, a typical never give up fight that I have seen the USA team put up in different occasions. So it’s not that USA team sucks or need much improvements, Spain was simply good, in fact too good, but on the other hand I have to admit US is way better than how they performed this Sat. And what I hate the most is when people say US soccer team is over rated.... What? By who? We know our place.
I am not saying USA will win the world cup within the next 10 years, or whatever other nonsense brag that you will hear from people who don’t understand what it takes for a team to play at the level Spain plays. But I am quite confident that the rise of soccer in US is a promising fact and in the next 10 years US will get to the level where it will be respected globally when it comes to football.
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
Finally.... Someone educated...
Dpfka0821 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Why they arranged a match between usa and spain in the first place is what I'm wondering...
7Faysal7 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Because uSA thought that they could beat Spain, because they are u>s>a lol
Someone should tell them this is not American football, you use brain here not power
Blackhands (Manchester United) 5 years ago
@dpfk0821 because USA beat Spain in the confederation cup, and drew against Argentina, a team that beat Spain in the friendly. So its only make sense to test the new squad against the best team at the moment.

@7faysal7 just to let you know. Its easier to play Fifa done Madden. Anyway American are not good in soccer and that's a fact. Majority of the population don't care for
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
@Dpfka0821.... The somewhat none sugar coated part.... The Gold Cup is around the corner.... The US squad that took the field are none veterans with the exception of Howard and couple of lads substituting on the second half like Dempsey and Bradley.... But everyone else are pretty much a rookie to the US squad.... The real version.... Sunil Gulati is a fake ass ambassador who brought Spain to Foxborough to milk Americans with their hard earned money.... Can you say corruption?

@7Faysal7.... USA did defeated Spain remember? In an actual tournament that counted.... This is a friendly.... And stop with the "this is not American football" bull spit because no one truly cares and for your info.... Majority of admins here on footytube are from the US.... Bet you didn't know that did you? You obviously don't live here in America to notice how much the beautiful game has grown here and how many people have come to embrace football.... You're a fan of football right? Then why are you bashing on others who wants to play the same game you love?

@Blackhands.... "Americans are not good in soccer and that's a fact.... " Have you been living under a rock? So you're saying Dempsey means nothing to Fulham? And Tim Howard sucks at goal keeping? Just to name a few.... "Majority of the population don't care for? " Did you know that more people watch the MLS or any football (soccer) event here in America than baseball? Now that's a fact....

Man you people annoy the crap out of me....
Dilla (Manchester City) 5 years ago
@segaron. Ok. You're right that some of the overly negative and not-so-constructive critical comments are unnecessary. However, given the state of the game in the USA compared to the general level of athletic abilty and training institutions, the level of funding it recieves and collegiate programs, the sheer number of people playing at all levels and watching games from the MLS and Europe; it is not altogether remiss of people like myself to wonder how the game still seems like it's in it's infancy there. The USA, to me, seems like the sleeping giant of football that is still nowhere near waking up.

And yes, the USA beat spain in a proper competition. New zealand also drew with italy.... It's a fantastic result but it doesn't make them world class (or even good)
Blackhands (Manchester United) 5 years ago
@segron. USA is not good in soccer. And that is a fact. Look at the names you mentioned, and the teams they play for? Are you serious? And MLS is played in USA, a population of 400 million, and I hardly see people wearing an MLS jersey even in United States. Lets get real here. MLS is not a serious league. It is probably the only league, where the media and the fans are not hard on players who don;t put in their all. Basically, it is the retirement home for stars. The national team is poor, thank God for the physical attributes of the US players, cos if you are not 'living under a rock', you will know they have no technical flair to the team. If it wasn;t for the economical stability of the nation, USA will not cross be a match for any team. If Ghana had the money United States has, they would have beating USA convincingly in the World Cup.... And just in case you didn't know, they still beat the US. And knocked them out in 2 world cups.
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
@Dilla.... Thumbs up and I completely agree.... Man your comment is a breathe of fresh air.... The US squad have world class athletes since majority plays in top leagues in Europe.... But the US squad overall is not on the same level yet as many of the power houses of football.... This match was definitely an off day since everyone knows the US reputation on pulling an upset.... Always have been an underdog of an International squad.... I like your comment my friend and to you.... Thumbs up....
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
@Blackhands.... Let's see.... Where do I begin? USA have been winning the Gold Cup for the past years with the exception of last year.... But we're always in the final.... So I guess the nations here in concacaf who haven't been winning the Gold Cup must suck real bad.... But yet you're not bashing any of them.... Why is that? Oh right.... Because they are not USA so they're not worth bashing right?

90% of Americans who plays in Europe and other continents are in top leagues for that country.... I don't know where you're getting you're resources from....

Correction.... MLS is played in North American.... It's a league for Canada and US combined.... I don't hear you bashing Canada so this seem to justify your hatred on the US.... Either that or you really just don't know about the league at all.... I think both....

You hardly see people in the US wearing MLS jersey but yet I see at least 10 people in the near by park where I play football every afternoon wearing either an LA Galaxy jersey, a San Jose or a New York Red Bulls jersey.... Or when I go to an MLS match.... I'll take it you've never been in one....

MLS is not a serious league? Can you please tell me what is a serious league? Define it.... Because as far as I can see MLS is growing and has been growing well since it's debut back in 1996.... More stadiums are being built.... More fans are converting from other sports.... Other folks all over the world are noticing MLS because of it's growth and the way it's embracing football.... Media outlets and sponsors around the world are joining.... So again.... Tell me.... What is a serious league? BTW.... Any MLS players including the likes of Henry and Beckham would tell you that you have to put in work day in and day out.... Beckham underestimated the league then saw it through.... Henry knew the league before he came and knows the quality of football here now compared to before.... Same goes to Marquez and others who are here now or have been here.... It ain't what used to be.... Retirement home for stars? Keep telling your self that as the MLS keeps growing.... You can't compare this league to the likes of EPL or La Liga anyway.... Those leagues have been around and have quite established themselves already.... MLS has only been around since 1996.... But yet MLS now holds their own against top flight clubs from Europe and around the world when they come here for a friendly.... I say that's a great job for being a young league....

The national team is poor? No technical flair.... OK.... I sorta agree on the no technical flair part.... Yeah.... This isn't Brazil.... This place is no Argentina or Spain for that matter.... But what I came to love about Americans and their football is their dedication and heart and the mentality of no surrender till the end.... Specially in games that counts.... People like you bash them day in and day out giving them no credit of what so ever no matter how hard they try.... And even with a great result, still get no respect from the likes of you.... As a football fan.... I don't bash on other countries who are below the level of the US.... Instead I'm hoping for them to rise so that they may be able to compete in a higher level and win something for their country so they can be proud.... You seem to have a different agenda though.... Hey, that's all on you if you're in to bashing others who loves to play football....

Your whole comment is nothing but excuses to me.... And just so you clearly understand.... I'm Catalan by blood.... An American by naturalization.... In all technicality.... My roots are from Spain.... So this here me defending Americans.... Only because I see what they are trying to do as far as football in this country.... Even though folks like you bash them everyday.... Good day to you....
Blackhands (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Ok that was long!, but let see. Concacaf. Lol Apart from Mexico, and maybe Canada(if they were not indulged in hockey), what other team in the region do you personally think is economically equipped to have a competitive league, and go as far as a contender for international competition? And I don;t bash other teams bcos they do the best they can with the resources they have. USA on the measurement scale is not a good team. There is no reason for USA not to be good at the game, but yet they are are not.
When was the last time you heard an MLS striker getting bashed by the media for not scoring a lot of goals.... I watch MLS games and commentators praise any basic move these players make. Defensive errors that will cost a player a starting position in any 'serious' league is over looked in MLS. The Mexican league has less foreign stars, and paychecks, but yet the fans and media are harder on the players. And expect more from them than in MLS. @ the moment, Beckham and Henry will be benched, or play for a bottom table club, if they played in any competitive league.
About the jerseys. Lmaoooooo, there are more EPL, La Liga, Serie A jerseys won by soccer fans in United States that MLS. Stop convincing yourself bcos you saw a piece of the minority who do.
Stop making excuses for usmnt. There is no reason why they shouldn't be a world power. But they are not. There are smaller nations with less funds/population that have more players in better competitive leagues, and even the MLS. Ask yourself why is USA not a powerhouse. Money is there, and number is there too. The team is over-rated
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
@Blackhands.... Your argument is that USA sucks.... My counter argument is that USA has been winning the Gold Cup with the exception of last year's run.... So what I'm saying, which is technically what you are stating, is that if the US have been on top of concacaf and they suck.... Then everyone below them must suck even worst but yet you only bash on the US but not the ones below the US.... You get it yet?

And why do we have to bash our players in MLS just to prove that the league is competitive? Isn't that what results are for and what MLS clubs have been doing? That's the reason why Henry came here in the first place.... To get away from that type of crap and just play his football.... The media does follow your every move even here in MLS.... Because they are the media.... But again.... Football has just now became mainstream in North America....commentators praise any basic move? Who? What club? What network? Because if you are just watching the highlights then you are not hearing everything the commentators are talking about.... One thing I do like about American sports networks are their ability to break things down.... Even in football (soccer).... You think defensive errors are overlooked in MLS? LOL.... Dude.... Let me just say this.... The MLS alone get criticized everyday by people like you.... The media don't need to do anything.... People like you do it for them.... That's a fact.... LOL....

Beckham and Henry will be benched or play for a bottom table club if they played in a competitive league? I don't care what you say.... Beckham and Henry still got it.... Beckham's loans to AC Milan has proven that....

So you are saying MLS is not a competitive league? So you're saying Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger are both liars for calling MLS a quality competitive league that is growing? What is a competitive league Blackhands? Please elaborate.... I wanna know.... Maybe we can make you our commissioner for the league....

About the jerseys.... You stated and I quote "I hardly see people wearing an MLS jersey even in United States" so I said "I see at least 10 people in the near by park where I play football every afternoon wearing either an LA Galaxy jersey, a San Jose or a New York Red Bulls jersey".... Which is true.... So what I'm saying is I consistently see people wearing MLS jerseys.... From your first comment you never stated that you are comparing the numbers of overall jerseys from other leagues worn by people here in America than that of an MLS jersey.... So in that argument.... You pretty much lost.... But I will not deny that more people wear EPL, La Liga and Serie A kits in the US than that of MLS.... Let's stay consistent with our arguments though shall we?

And how am I making excuses for the usmnt? Tell me.... How? You don't like the facts that I am bringing to this argument? So now they become excuses? I don't have to ask my self why the US is not a powerhouse.... Any USA supporters know this.... Because the history of football here in the US doesn't quite run deep compared to sports like Basketball, Baseball, or Grid Iron Football.... Money doesn't make a great football team.... Numbers don't either.... What makes a great football team is believing in one another for 90+ minutes.... Playing with your heart using your feet.... Giving it your best.... The main reason why I'm backing up the US being a Catalan is because I respect them for what they are doing with the beautiful game in this country....

I don't even know why I'm arguing with you.... I'm at least open minded about football.... You on the other hand seem to hate anything about football coming out of the US.... I'm done with you.... You're a lost cause.... Enjoy football everyone....
Blackhands (Manchester United) 5 years ago
You write an essay to say you are done with the coonversation.... Lmao. You could have said that in your first line and ended it. Apart from 2000, what other nation has won the Gold Cup? Apart from USA and mexico? Tell me how that makes concacaf a competitive zone. Anyway, regardless of what we might believe in, usmnt is still not a great team. And don't make excuses for that. Let those who know the game enjoy it
Citehzen (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Wow absolute snob bullshhit from blackhands.

To illustrate segaron's point:
Australia's national team is not very good. Yet they are often competing at the top of the asian international competitions, have their own relatively new domestic league, and are relatively economically developed. Yet I doubt that you waste this much effort dissing australia and their national team. THUS your argument could be seen to be fueled simply by hatred for the us based on stereotypes.

If you had a major issue with every economically developed nation who was not very good at soccer on the international level, I would respect your position as one of the many opinions a person may hold. But at this point it is clear you simply want to bash the us and us soccer program because.... I really don't fukking know why honestly.

And the only reason your posts don't resemble segarons "essays" is because you don't use a return key to make new paragraphs!

Oh yeah and finally, supporting the most successful club in the world is really courageous dude. The real soccer fans are the ones who live and die for a team who isn't absurdly dominant
Citehzen (Manchester City) 5 years ago
And another thing blackahnds, I just looked at your profile to rival your stupid bisshass and guess what I saw? Your viewing history is ALL of the concacaf gold cup matches!

Studying up on how to diss us and our region more? Or were you simply enjoying THE fukking football YOU ass-hole
Prejsu (KKS Lech Poznan) 5 years ago
Yup, they still have it, no surprise there
Roo10ney (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Even Spain's slightly weaker team can win so convincingly...
7Faysal7 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
What a shaaaaaaaaaame lol  What a looooooooooose lol
KeizerO (Twente) 5 years ago
What a Spanish masterclass this was! The usmnt could (and should) have played so much better, I didn't expect them to win but they looked utterly hopeless
Markodon (NK Dinamo Zagreb) 5 years ago
Omg the defence?!
Blues1only (Chelsea) 5 years ago
C'mon Torres get ready for next season do us proud.    
Cali86 5 years ago
Umm.... Not gonna' happen
Toto4 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Torres is great and next season he will be scoring lots of goals!
Segaron (San Jose Earthquakes) 5 years ago
Not gonna' happen? LOL.... We'll see.... I think Torres is getting back to his old football habits.... Let's go Torres...

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