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Spain V United States, Jun 24
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Usa got lucky
OzNO3 (Real Salt Lake) 7 years ago
A lucky win still equals a win
XenoJie (Chelsea) 7 years ago
It was indeed a good play from USA players
MAWTH (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Give credit where it's due. I enjoy this win only becuase every one hates on us so bad. Now I wanan run around nyc andtell every person WE WON asshole!
TheReggular (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Spain didn't play well -- that's true. But we still had to score. And we did. That's not luck, that's the ability to seize a rare opportunity
Llmatticusll (Seattle Sounders) 7 years ago
A win is a win. Be a good sport now. Everyone who knows football knows that Spain always chokes. Why be surprised?
Omar (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Goes to show how the USA is advancing in the footballing world!  A well deserved win for the USA
Garry (Bayern München) 7 years ago
USA was the better team^^
Football01 (Barcelona Guayaquil) 7 years ago
I agree. I had mentioned so many times that Spain had it all easy in group A. Now we saw how well they play
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 7 years ago
I did not think that USA would be able to defeat Spain, I predicted a 3-0 win for Spain but this just showed how much USA wanted the win and how much they are advancing in football. Now I am hoping there is a upset in the next semi-final, that would really make things interesting
Bacchus153 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Tim Howard Man of the Match IMHO
Darin (Fulham) 7 years ago
Como estan esto Bitchs, USA defeats La Furia Roja por Fin ! Go USA ! Don't tread on us motha fuckas !
Football01 (Barcelona Guayaquil) 7 years ago
Woowww! How in the hell this happened? I am speechless, However, I always go for the under dogs and US is one of them. I wish them a very good luck against Barzil or S.A now we never know
Deutschbag (Arsenal) 7 years ago
We may have gotten lucky, who know's, but this is a part of soccer. Now what we will do with this kind of result under our belt is the question. Let's go USA!
Mezaosca (Manchester United) 7 years ago
This is part of football, soccer is a made up american word. Wait for brazil 3 - 0 Remember
Garyham (Tottenham Hotspur) 7 years ago
Actually, soccer is a made up british word. According to the oed, the earliest usage is from brits, not americans. Once again, some idiot blames 'arrogant' americans of essentially bastardizing (yes, with a 'z') the language by using a word that the brits coined. It's gotten me really mad (look them up, genius). And 3-0 brazil? Bitter are we? Where were (i'll go plural for your sake. I doubt you can comprehend it otherwise) england? Why weren't the you. S. Playing england? Because spain won the european championship. Remember the euro? You may not since england didn't even qualify. And you're giving american soccer grief?
For all the non-idiotic brits, sorry about the seemingly anti-england rant. I love english football and am a major spurs and england fan; I just get riled up by the morons
Littlemeyers (Sporting Kansas City) 7 years ago
Our defending actually held up for the second half, that's one of the first times it's happened. We need to stop sitting back after the half, that's what kills us every time. Bradley's red was unfortunate, shouldn't have been red. The English had something good to say about the United States? Is it the twilight zone?
Katana (FC Porto) 7 years ago
This was clearly excess of confidence by the spanish team. The US plays crappy football in general and in this case it worked because Spain played even worse...
[account-removed] 7 years ago
Katana (FC Porto) 7 years ago
Brazil is not fall for this garbage.... With any luck the US will come out of the game with Brazil with a loss diference od two goals.... I'm counting on a 5 to 6 nil kick ass from Brazil...
Graham1983 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Can I get an 'America! f**k Yea!'
MAWTH (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Skerkel (Manchester United) 7 years ago

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