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Spain V Liechtenstein, Sep 6
Ali20 (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Me first
MangoEmperor (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Congrats! Lol
Vaishnav (Liverpool) 5 years ago
So? Lol
MangoEmperor (Arsenal) 5 years ago
Always fun to watch, great passing
Dreadlord (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Ramos goal looked pretty offsides. Did I miss something there?
IKENMIKE00 (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Yes you did miss something LOL  
Soccerrenz (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Sure didn't miss the net!
Refifiachraf (Barcelona) 5 years ago
I love the fact that all goals were either made or scored by Barca players
Socalsoccerkid (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Not Ramos' goal. Don't mix that capullo up with an azulgrana!
Isenblud (Barcelona) 5 years ago
Man its spain doing good ! Keep it like that, the players don't seem to have a problem with that we shudnt either
Masam12 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Xsbi alonso's delivery on that last goal was superb
Smtbgame (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Yup, absolutely amazing ! Right on the spot
McEachran (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Mata looking like a boss!
Come510 (Manchester United) 5 years ago

Yeah!Fantastic win for Spain!It's good that RM and Barca are getting along now,you can see RM and Barca players celebrating!
Sissoko (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Where is Tohess? .... That goalie seemed to be drunk or what some cheap goals letted in
Naszrick (Manchester City) 5 years ago
Tohess lolol
I4SUN (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Mata is awesome here and he can still play the way he did here in Chelsea but Torres needs to be able to play like Villa or any striker who must be able to use left foot to cause trouble for defenders. Otherwise, no matter how good Mata plays, Torres may still not score when pressure arises
Vaishnav (Liverpool) 5 years ago
Where was torres? Injured or left out?
Reventon (Barcelona) 5 years ago
He wasn't even on the bench, he doesn't deserve a spot on the team unless he starts performing
Deeppurple359 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
OK if Spain can play like they did on this game they got a chance to make it to EURO Finals
Aaron222 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Oh my lovely beautiful awesome spain! Long live spain! Villa and the rest were simply awesome!    Viva España! Qué viva España!
Aaron222 (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Though, It's a rare experience to see the Madrid and Barcelona stars having fun together. When the El Clásico kicks off again, Expect fights and Red Cards!
Clazydude (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Wow some amazing goals today, I could only check out the highlights but damn some of those goals made the keeper look silly
YNWAreds (Liverpool) 5 years ago
The keeper WAS silly, did you see him on xavi's freekick?
Clazydude (Real Madrid) 5 years ago
Yup, shouldn't a goalie kind of expect xavi going around/over the wall? He just stood there.... Haha! Oh well, amateur error I guess
Vcf1990 (Valencia) 5 years ago
3 spain rubbish votes why am I not surprised
Soccerpolo25 (Manchester United) 5 years ago
Negredo's thoughts: I'm all alone in front of the goal, I just have to place the ball calmly into one of the sides and.... Subconscious breaks through: JUST RIP THE BALL straight DOWN THE middle WITH ALL YOUR might!
RockofGbrlter (Chelsea) 5 years ago
Lol he didn't look the most composed in that one. But hey a goal is a goal
Georgio (Bayern München) 5 years ago
Good ol subconscious

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