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Spain V France, Jun 23
Rabruslik (Lazio Roma) 4 years ago
Both teams played very bad. Poor match. Spain was so uninspired. Portugal have to win spain in semifinal. Also I would like to see germany-italy semifinal(england played poor in group. Imho england has 0 chances vs germany). Italy can beat everyone in playoff stage

P. S. English isn't my native language
Auron777 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Italy still can't beat Spain
Albokk (Juventus) 4 years ago
Will see, italy is the only team in tournament who threatened spain
Spainrule (Valencia) 4 years ago
Spain were not uninspired.... They were winning, France was uninspired. Spain up 1-0 were perfectly happy to let the clock run and they did so. A boring match doesn't mean that both teams played badly. Look at the comment above you for more, it's very well put
CarlosZimmerman (Manchester United) 4 years ago
The enigma that is France will go home, once again knowing that they never really got started and didn't do themselves justice, and with the way the camp is, it could still be a long time until we see the fruits of this talented bunch ripen. Spain keep plodding on at their own pace, knowing that when you have the ball, you cannot concede. They will be happy with another clean sheet and coming out of today's game with no one banned for the semi final.

ChemicalBruva (Liverpool) 4 years ago
Yavihah (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Yup that's what I think of liverpool too...
Osman2793 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
The game was pretty crap be to honest
DaGaza (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
Yeah it was really boring
SoccerJam (Chelsea) 4 years ago
Did I just hear the commentator say 'asta LA vista'? After than penalty kick lol!

Spain won't win!, this is the year of the underdogs! Just ask Barcelona!
Come510 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
What if I say Spain WILL win lol
Osman2793 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
Benzema = flop of the tournament
Goooner04 (Western Sydney Wanderers) 4 years ago
EdTheFan (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
EdTheFan (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
At least arsenal-fans will be happy that he gets extra rest.... (same with vdv for us)
Come510 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
Told ya Spain was gonna' go in the semis lol...
Gabar (CDSC Cruz Azul) 4 years ago
What a shame and frustration, this is the most boring match of all euro thanks to the extreme fear of the french side. Instead of attack football, Blanc chose to park the bus and pray for a spanish mistake or a miracle from Benzema and Ribery. Les blues deserve this, and let's hope that Portugal will not play like them, they have the momentum and can defeat Spain

Dzivri (Barcelona) 4 years ago
It was not boring, it was actually quite magical. T was fun to watch Spain's superiority and France's frustration and inability to make 2 passes. Portugal naturally play more opened, and have hopefully learned that if you only concentrate on defence and counters against Spain, you're getting crushed
Dabowlski (Sporting CP Lisbon) 4 years ago
It may have been fun to watch for a Spanish fan because Spain never looked in trouble, but believe me, for the neutral this game was a snore fest. Not blaming Spain, just saying it was not an exciting game, as sometimes possession football can be boring, especially for the neutral
Vanido (Real Madrid) 4 years ago
I hate this passing game
EdTheFan (Tottenham Hotspur) 4 years ago
Not a great match- but what a great way for XABI alonso TO EARN his 100th CAP! Congratulations to him, the unsung hero of the Spanish armada
MarkoPollo (Borussia Dortmund) 4 years ago
Missed the match so I decided to pay the $2 to see the full replay on Man I could've had two McDoubles for that. Biggest waste of money. This game was unbelievably boring. It seemed like a friendly in which neither team cared about the outcome
Osman2793 (Arsenal) 4 years ago
What does del-bosque have against llorente. What does he have to do to get a game. Villa is injured and Torres is out of sorts yet Spain ignore Llorente, maybe there is something going on behind the scenes
Ilovefootball (Bayern München) 4 years ago
Spain is just impressive. I don't think it was a boring game and I don't think france was that bad either. Spain is just outstanding and their technique is compensating the lack of goals
Bjarni10 (Manchester United) 4 years ago
This takes the cake for most most boring game of the tournament(so far). Sooooo boring I almost fell asleep
OBIsquare (AC Milan) 4 years ago
Wow Spain just busted my Euro 2012 bracket. So boogi. I really didn't expect them to go through any further. Why was Nasri on the bench? This French team is such a disgrace to the legendary generation before them. I had so much belief in them.

Spain plays the most boring soccer. Ruining the beautiful game
Gabar (CDSC Cruz Azul) 4 years ago
I'm no fan of the spanish team, but France was a total disgrace today, they never demanded a change or were capable of threatening Casillas...
Azzurri07 (Juventus) 4 years ago
Just lucky spain

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