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Spain V Belgium, Sep 5
Aliko 7 years ago
Spain WAS awesome! I watched the game.... And it was lovely how Spain played! VIVA espana!
AfexUnited (Manchester United) 7 years ago
The best team in the world.... No doubt. Hope Silva join to Man United
Auguste02 (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Spain is by far the world's best team
Gigiggg9 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
+1, they are!  Great team, great finish
FORZAJUVEPIERO (Juventus) 7 years ago
Spain was amazing! However Belgium, not so much
UroFiji (Liverpool) 7 years ago
They should have scored more goals.... No doubt best team in the world. Go Spain...
Just4Fun (AS Roma) 7 years ago
Wow nice preformance from Spain....
Valencia players are doing well =P.... Happy about that
Spain are looking dangerous and scary in the WC Qua. For Euro
Hope they don't come with italy in one group =P

Btw: don't you sometimes notice that there are some stupid ratings?! Its so unfair to rate Spain "rubbish" in this game.... So in most of the videos.... Totaly unfair rates.... Grow up ppl =S
Fabregas (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Lets rock! Spain is the BEST
JKhong (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Whenever there are fans, there are haters as well.
JKhong (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I hope both David(s) join ManU...
Rei1985 (Barcelona) 7 years ago
Muy muy bonita. Thank you so much for showing such a beautiful game
Lyradpro (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Dream on JKhong
Naki77 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Great match.... Spain was awesome.... Great plays.... They created great chances and some great goals for the European Champs.... They are showing that they will be a threat as they are in full form too.... Great work from all the departments.... Great team combination too.... Keep it up...
Adlybest (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Agreeably Awesome spain!
Duartej86 (CA Boca Juniors) 7 years ago
Awesome game by Spain
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Spain ware amazing. They are the new Brazil of the decade. Thet got some amazing players
Solonenko (Chelsea) 7 years ago
Agreed on both comments!
Arsenal27 (Arsenal) 7 years ago
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
If David Villa had moved to EPL, he would score probbaly more goals than Torres

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