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Netherlands V Spain, Jul 11
Joe420x (Chelsea) 6 years ago
I put the rubbishes
Kiranpmody (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Joe420x (Chelsea) 6 years ago
After me
Dxhhh (Barcelona) 6 years ago
How van bommel and de jong stayed on the pitch is beyond me. Fantastic goal iniesta and barca have practically won the world cup
Marcopolott (Manchester United) 6 years ago
How did iniesta, puyol, and ramos stay on the pitch then? Sigh, fricking biased supporters
Whosmanureutd (Liverpool) 6 years ago
You honestly can't say that spain fouled as bad as Netherlands
Seanf24 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Oh shut up marcopolott, because you are the only biased here!
We are glad that Holland (the cheaters) did not win for the sake of the beautiful game!
That's why it is called the beautiful game.
So remember well.... Cheating might get you some wins, but will never get you any cups.
Get that in your head!
Cyrilyon (Olympique Lyon) 6 years ago
The Dutch were worst
LIdiots (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Marco you are the most dumb person I have ever seen
AhmadSK (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Lldiots, actually you're pretty dumb for saying most dumb because you could have just said dumbest
LIdiots (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Learn English kid. There's no such thing as dumbest. Lol
Cyrusbarca (FC Barcelona II) 6 years ago
They played well the whole cup, though they lost their first match to the swiss. Barcelonas precision passing is incorporated in the wc. They say its too much passing, but I think its their way of play organize, relax, confident, possession kind of football.... Others are outdated
Spain congratz!
Cyrilyon (Olympique Lyon) 6 years ago
And no attack with only 7 goals, poor poor poor
LIdiots (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Scoring 7 goals means they are poor? LOL. You don't know football kid
Kiranpmody (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Btw, great game. Scoreline might suggest a cagey affair, which it wasn't. I am glad Spain clinched it in the end although I would have so preferred Torres get on the scoresheet, but Iniesta works for me too.

Sort of harsh for Netherlands, feel bad for them because I didn't dislike them (unlike Argentina.... Lol). But ending finalists is a good result too I guess (I bet the players think differently)

Good end to the World Cup, at least it didn't get decided by a gay, stupid ref blunder...
Cyrusbarca (FC Barcelona II) 6 years ago
Yes, I think webb did a very great job. It was really difficult with all those karate kicks flying around. I think he really showed very well to the players and to all of us that he is the referre and he has control over the game
Robbery69 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
I disagree he almost messed up so much, but who can blame him with all the fouling, biggest thing he missed was de jong but also iniesta shoving bommel 2 the ground
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
The ref didn't do too bad, it wasn't an easy game.
Netherlands went out to destroy the Spanish style of play, so it wasn't going to be pretty, but still the best team stand as champions!
Robbery69 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Sure they might be the best, but they definitely are the best at acting, only thing that drives me nuts about spain, when they foul they try and act so innocent, tell the players to get up again they fouled, and then when the other team does a foul they start holding up imaginary yellow cards talking to th ref yelling at the other teams players.... But nothing is worse than their diving, today iniesta (the foul before villa kicked the freekick wide right) in slow motion he steps on the guys foot and then he sees he loses the ball and then jumps up himself falls and gets a free kick.... And he also pushéd odwn van bommel as a revenge foul so idk they play so well together they really don't need 2 be doin that
Cris90 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
I would let myself fall too if I get kicked the whole game....  Holland played unrespectful so they used the same weapons.
Seanf24 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Robbery69 I am sorry to say, but you don't know football!
I never liked people commenting around here and pretending to know football, while they don't even have a eye for footbal....
This guy is saying that Iniesta should have got a red, but does not remember that Van Persie could have got another yellow card in the second half when he was offside, but he kept playing the ball after the whistle was blown....
The ref forgave Van Persie, he could have given him a red card.
Van Bommel(this guy is a dirty player and should not even be allowed to be playing football instead.... Would have loved to see him play rugby to see if he still acted so tough than....) should have got a red as well, and Heitinga should have got a straight red card when he went with a high foot on Xabi Alonso, that was a disgraceful tackle could easily kill a person when wearing studs.
Gerrard4ever (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Just a correction it was robben who kept on playing when he was offside. It was him who put the ball in the net when the whistle was already blown
Robbery69 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Yea sure don't know football.... I think I hurt a nerve there and your only seeing it from a your point of view I'm guessing your spanish. Yea there could have been alot of more cards for netherlands and prob should have been more. Btw it doesn't matter what van bommel had done before if iniesta pushes him down on purpose for whatever reason its a clear red card I'm sorry, even if de jongs foul is like 12 red cards, but kill someone? .... Right.

Seeing as your most likely spanish and you didn't see the game from an objective pov. I wasnt even talking about the fouling I was talking about how the players act, everyfoul their hand is up holding up an imaginary yellow, and if you look at iniesta before that freekick its just emberassing he just steps on his oppnents foot loses the ball so he justs lifts his foot falls and he gets a freekick.... But whatever everyone has their own POV
LIdiots (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Why do retarded dutch fans come to footytube.... Robbery stop being biased
MrWolf (Ajax) 6 years ago
Shut the f up about dutch fans.... What robbery said was right and the world knows it if they see the game again.... The dutch were dirty and hard.... But spain was nasty and bitchy and iniesta was acting like it was a spielberg movie....
It should have been penaltys but the ref was to shjitty....
Fatjoez (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Iniesta is a little bitch. He steps on a players boot then fakes a dive to get the freekick.
Spain vs Germany iniesta was even bigger a bitch. Dived every chance he got to pickup free kicks.

Spain vs Netherlands iniesta deserved a red which again the s**t ref doesn't pickup.
Where the f**k is video referee.
Iniesta gets a foul so he pushes van bommel to ground?

I love how spanish supporters actually support this s**t
LIdiots (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Sigh. The Dutch dived as well. Moreover, the Dutch were supposed to get 3 people sent off. So shut up
Robbery69 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Not a very fun game 2 watch, was mainly for holland (bayern players and I can't stand spain ) horrible foul from de jong, iniesta should've seen red, and if robben lets himself fall its also a red but whatever didn't happen, congrats spain! First team after germany to get euro and WC aftereach ohter MÜller gets best youngster and golden boot
[account-removed] 6 years ago
Yeah mueller is the best! Holland was robbed in that corner and foul on elia
Lombok (Barcelona) 6 years ago
La Furia Roja is THE BEST  Congratulation espanola
Dennisrnb (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Please change your pic I don't want to see that little cheater
LIdiots (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Dennis just f**k off footytube you biased f**ker. Retarded dutch supporter
MESSl (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Congrats to Spain ~ The new Champions ! Truly deserve it ~ they control the whole game
Cyrilyon (Olympique Lyon) 6 years ago
But they didn't control VAN bommel. LOL
Orpheus (Inter Milan) 6 years ago
The world cup is over and now back to EPL, Serie A, Laliga, BUndesliga and Eredivise. Start to hate each other again.... LOL
Cyrilyon (Olympique Lyon) 6 years ago
And Ligue 1 (which is far away better than Eredivisie)
Cris90 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Truly deserved
Northstream (Tottenham Hotspur) 6 years ago
Spain World Champions and FIFA Fair Play Award, and Golden Glove to Iker Casillas.

Golden Ball to Diego Forlan (Silver Ball to Wesley Sneijder, Bronze Ball to David Villa).

Golden Boot and Best Young Player award to Thomas Müller (with 5 goals + 3 assists).
(Silver Boot to David Villa, Bronze Boot to Wesley Sneijder.)

It's all official.

ScouserDan (Liverpool) 6 years ago
I would just like every single Spanish fan to know that there is nothing to be proud of in this game. Spain players flopping around like a bunch of amateurs. I have lost all respect I had for Spain after this game. Every time their was a foul on a Spanish player Ape man Puyol and three other defenders would crowd the referee telling him to give a yellow. Adres Iniesta win's best FLOP of the tourney for me.... Great to see cheaters lift the World Cup. Also what happened to the Howard Webb that has been so spot on in so many games I've seen him ref? He had a well below average game for me.... He was card happy like no other
Oldglory0002 (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Both teams performed poorly, with an even poorer attitude. Just for the record, this sort of play will inevitably continue until video replay is in use for World Cup matches. The diving, the cheating, the poor referee performances, all of that has to be put to a stop
Danmx (CD Chivas de Guadalajara) 6 years ago
Are you kidding? While Netherlands lost with their head held high you make them look bad now. Spain and Netherlands had a well fought game both with chances in a very hard fought game in the mid field, with fouls from both teams. Without a doubt the two best teams of the world cup showing offensive football rather than the terrible defending style displayed by most. Well deerved spain! VIVA espana!
Sebparedes (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Are you f*****g blind? Have you failed to notice what a disgraceful diver robben is? Spain thoroughly deserved to win, especially against hollands anti-football where van bommel and de jong were playing like thugs, they were lucky not to have more players sent off
Marcopolott (Manchester United) 6 years ago
@Sebparedes how do you defend spain ending that game with 11 men? You are the f*****g blind one. Actually scratch that, you're not blind, you know what happened, but you as both a spanish and barcelona supporter so wanted spain to win you didn't care how they did it, and threw your conscience away so you could enjoy fake glory
Whosmanureutd (Liverpool) 6 years ago
Marcopolott I think your the blind one.
Netherlands should have been down to 8 men by the end of the game, and after each tackle theres or spanish they were in the refs face. You really should buy a colour t. V so you can see with team it is
Marcopolott (Manchester United) 6 years ago
So netherlands = should be down to 8 men, spain = ended with 11 the right amount, and that's your unbiased opinion of the game yes? Maybe I'm wrong then.... But I was watching a colour tv, it just wasnt showing enough red, I should probably adjust the tint. I said nothing bad about Spain's abilities, about how theyplayed the game, all I'm saying is fair is fair. You can't possibly tell me you think netherlands should be down to 8 before spain was, but I'm tired of arguing anyway. I wouldnt be so pissed if arrogant spanish supporters werent harassing me constantly since the final whistle
Seanf24 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Not only it was a funny last comment, but also it was so true! Loool
People would agree to lying and cheating, because they have seen their team win in that manner and in the end they would believe that their country would become champions in this manner!
Well finally justice has been done and now people will know that playing nice will get you the win, not the other way around...
Golaire (Bayern München) 6 years ago
I started watching the match as a neutral, but I began to support the Spanish after all of the Dutch fouls. The ref went easy on the Dutch, they should be glad they did not go down to 8. The Spaniards only got carded because they were getting fed up with how dirty the dutch were playing and fought back
Robbery69 (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Meh spain coulda had atleast one red
Fatjoez (Bayern München) 6 years ago
@Sebparedes LOL robben is a diver? Go look at iniesta. Steps on a players boot then takes a dive and gets a free kick. Hit the road ya poofta. Germany vs Spain iniesta was olympic diver. Save the bias talk. Alonso deserved the karate kick to his chest. He's a dickhead anyway. Go look at his previous games. Everytime he fouls a player he doesn't even care. At least Hollands boys pick the guy up when he's down.

Both teams played aggressively. No doubt about it. But spain was no angel so save it
Auron777 (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Congrats espana!
Although I'm fan of Spain, I have to say it was the most tense, breathtaking and boring kind of game. As soon as the players start to play aggressive, the game became so boring with so many fouls and yellow cards. Other than that, Spain deserved to win. Well done!
Wenndetta (Fenerbahce SK) 6 years ago
Viva espanaaa.... )
Silverwolf (Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata) 6 years ago
Spain has won. Football has won
MrWolf (Ajax) 6 years ago
Yeah the football the dutch learned to Barca.... What means the dutch learned to spain.... What means its just not fear...

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