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Armenia V Slovakia, Oct 8
Berhcio (KKS Lech Poznan) 6 years ago
What a shame for Slovakia! What were they doing? Hundreds of inaccurate passes, loads of defensive mistakes! Ambition gone. That was a pain to watch, particularly when the quality difference was transparent!
Berhcio (KKS Lech Poznan) 6 years ago
Had all of the clear situations been transformed, the score would have been embarrassing...
Ahavor (Manchester United) 6 years ago
The best team won, Armenia did play very well, and they didn't give slovakia any chance....  Well done armenia
Hkremixboy (Fiorentina) 6 years ago
Slovakia's GK had been make the sme mistaken 2 times
Hkremixboy (Fiorentina) 6 years ago
Good game Armenia
Golaire (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Slovaks, either they play well and have some luck against an otherwise superior team. Or they are a complete embarrassment and can't string two passes together. I just don't get it...
Ahavor (Manchester United) 6 years ago
Come on Armenia keep up the good work  We are proud of you guys
Seanf24 (Real Madrid) 6 years ago
Weiss is a good player, but can not win the match by himself....  Anyways.... The better team won, which was Armenia ofcourse!
Hayko (Inter Milan) 6 years ago
Just like I expected, Armenia surprised Slowakia and still will surprise russia and ireland, and for the optimistic peoplo, who knows, they'll surprise the world and turn european champs ^^ Keep Goin' Armenia!
Arian18 (Barcelona) 6 years ago
Armenia beats slovakia.... Wow
Nyfloydart (Arsenal) 6 years ago
Nice game, I wish I could be there!
Georgio (Bayern München) 6 years ago
I was telling myself last night before I slept.... "should I wake up to watch the game? .... There gana lose, .... Eh if they win ill regret it. "

And wouldnt you know 3-1 against slovakia I was shocked!

Great ball movment by armenia, they're playing better than bayern right now.... No joke
Faffo818 (Chelsea) 6 years ago
Jan hayastan, etank finale, davayyyyyyyyy
Golaire (Bayern München) 6 years ago
Armenia has a decent team but then again the Slovaks played like zombies most of the time
Iamlegend 6 years ago
This is a surprising result maybe, but from this game I can see how armenia is showing a lot of potential. Slovakia made a lot of errors in defending.... Skertl is their defensive leaders and considering his performances for liverpool so far I can see why...
Marcinny (New York Red Bulls) 6 years ago
I am glad for Armenia. They rarely win.

The commentator was right. No excuse for the Slovaks. Great goal by Weiss but the rest was awful
Kikos (Arsenal) 6 years ago

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