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True Story About This Site
Aeaglan (AC Milan) 7 years ago
Back in the days of the old footytube, It was my one and only source for football highlights & videos. I used to check 3-4 times a day for videos, I loved watching and the best goals of the week, and those showboat compilations that popped up ever month, I spent atleast a couple hours a week practicing some of those moves!

Then came a very dark time in my life. The period when footytube decided to stop updating videos and focus on rebuilding the website. I felt lost, deprived.... Searching for an alternative, some other site to fill the gap. The only site that helped a little was, but it was never as satisfying as my good old footytube. I didn't know what to think. I never contributed to the website, and I didn't know if the staff were actually working on an upgrade, or were just saying that to stall due to copyright issues. I really had no idea.

Then finally one morning after a long period of absence, I decided to log onto footytube. I was awed, amazed, and filled with joy. I started to think it was too good to be true. I started to browse through, knowing the site was still fresh, still in need of some tweaks, and users are still at minimal.

Slowly day by day, I started getting back in the habbit of logging on, with more and more people joining the community. Finally signing up to the website made a difference. I made a profile and didn't think much of it, little did I know that soon enough the all-mighty Dreamfooty League would be unleashed!

For the past 3-4 months, it is an absolute must that I log onto this website for atleast 3 hours a day. Whether I'm at home, work, my girlfriend's, or friends, it's footytube, then facebook, then gmail, then It just stomps any other website for highlights, news, and sources (although still offers fresh press).

Living in Canada, football (soccer) is not the primetime sport on TV or elsewhere (screw hockey!) so this is my asylum. I have to give the site developers all the love and respect for creating such a wonderful site that is continously getting better and better, further satisfying my football addiction.
Donnchadh (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Awesome, this is a great tribute
Matt (Footytube Staff) 7 years ago
Think I speak for all the staff when I say it's comments like this that has made all the long hours worthwhile.

Glad you like the site your feedback is appreciated
Ant (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Thank you, Aeaglan. It's very refreshing for someone to sit and write a lengthy positive testimonial about footytube! We're more used to the neverending quick comments about how much the very minor bugs annoy people.

Everyone really appreciates the time you took, so again, thank you
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
I used to go to a site soccerclips but man the highlights were so short that you wouldn't feel like it was an interesting game but when you watch the video highlights of the games on footytube, I was in awe of how great and long they were. I found this site and it was quite amazing but I never got too much into the forums until I decided that I wanted to play dreamfooty too. I was very close to going and joining the fantasy league of Sky sports but I am definitely glad that I didn't chose Sky sports and decided to come to footytube because here you have football lovers everywhere, with bunch of updated news about your team and that's simply amazing. Even I have friends here in the USA that are crazy about this site and they love coming here even though you have alot of people out here who enjoy Basketball, Baseball and American Football, they are loving this site and having a better broad idea about Football.
Brilliant job Staff, keep up the great work!
Oh I was also wondering, can someone give me a general history of how this site began? Who were the people to come up with this site? When did this site first commence?
Alen (Liverpool) 7 years ago
Very nice haha I use to do the same thing great story I use to have mightyfootball bookmarked but not anymore
Andy (Rangers) 7 years ago
A short FT history courtesy of Ben:

It all started in the summer of ’06, I was fresh off another venture which flopped (after 3 years of hard work). Demoralized, I decided to liquidate all my assets and take a prolonged break from the seemingly saturated web hosting industry. Throughout 05/06, I was astonished that no single site had emerged which could provide me with only the relevant footy videos I cared about, keeping the library up to date, organized, and free of the junk youtube was/is known to contain. With the free time I now had (being unemployed), during summer vacation (being bored), I decided to take matters into my own hands and create this very site I just described. My little experiment proved to work out superbly, and I decided to unleash it on the rest of the footy nuts (you guys) out there. The timing was just perfect to get into this untouched niche.

I registered the domain in September, the name was inspired by “Fruity Loops” a mixing programs I used back in the day, and Youtube; fuse the two together thoroughly, add a healthy dose of nut-meg (spices) and you have a name that can go a long way: footytube.

Fast forward a year and half later, after precariously juggling work, university and updating the site on a daily basis, things started to take off really well and soon close to a million users were visiting the site each month...... I started receiving emails from companies that wanted to acquire FT for large sums of money, which I disregarded. I realized flipping was not the solution, despite going through a rough patch in my personal life. When Lee reached out to me in February 2007, I immediately knew these guys had something to offer which was priceless: they were hardcore footy fans just like you and me, they had the technical knowledge and vision to take this thing to the next level, not for a quick buck, but to create something amazing out of the meager wordpress blog for the fans first and foremost.

And here we are...... I hope this fills you in on the early days, you nosy ones. Basically it was hell, but was all worth it.

Charlie, Sandez and I were among the first moderators, that was just before the site went live. The UEFA U21 Champs started in June and that was when I was given the opporunity to dabble in blogging for the site.

Then the community blossomed and a certain 'Chimp with a Limp' lead the community to greatness, becoming staff in the process and leading the valuation boards.

New releases will determine the future for footytube and given the schedule, the only way is up. Keep your eyes open for the API in particular, which is close to release
Aeaglan (AC Milan) 7 years ago
I am pleased that the staff and users enjoyed my post. It just felt like the least I can do really. I am truly grateful that there are still some people out there that are willing to put so much effort into something that would bring joy back to people's lives, as well as bringing millions together for the sake of their passion for the game!
Jman008 (Manchester United) 7 years ago
Wow, amazing stuff Ben and thanks for sharing Andy, I really was looking to read about the history of this site. Very beautiful history, I loved it and wow existed since 05/06, I thought it was just like last year but seems like you guys picked up the site more like in a year or so. Opening a site you always question will it work, will it be worth spending so much time on the site? Its working amazingly awesome so far and great to see many people joining it. Hard work has paid off
Ben, your story sounds alot similar to what me and a few of my friends are trying to start around here. We are planning on opening a site(not a footy site) and we want to see if we can expand it more or not and we are trying all sorts of stuff to make the site huge. It takes alot of time out of your studies and work and what not but if you want it to be successful in the end, got to keep on trying and after reading about the history of footytube, its very inspiring and also got to love how you came up with the name "footytube" haha

Amazing stuff guys, keep up the amazing footy work!
Diablo28 (Real Madrid) 7 years ago
Agreed.... That is the first time since I am using a fantaisy soccer site, I feel so good and learn so much. Whatever I say here can't be enough to explain how grateful and happy I am to have find footytube because not only I have fun but it also helps me in different ways as my social life etc.... It's unbelievable, has Jman008 has said, to see what you have done for about a short time.... Just wanted to thank you for your good and dedicated work
Reidscott (Fiorentina) 7 years ago
Personally.... I would be sittin in a corner babbling nonsense without this site. 3 out of 4 doctors recommended it to me.... So I had to check it out.... Besides they were always strapping me to some table and sticking things in me.... Whew, glad that's over.

Now I feel safe hangin out with all the other inmates.... Uh, I mean patients.... No, that's ah.... Fans.... Yeah, that's it.... Fans! See? I'm all better now

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